Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update and the Bookstore breedings

I've had to change the layout of the blog because it was brought to my attention that the comments feature was not working on the blog. So if you guys have been trying to leave comments and it didn't work, I do apologize and if you haven't maybe you should, I would love to hear what you think.

So, I'm sitting here in my hotel room as I got done with my training a little early today and decided that since my asshole is STILL tender I would write about the bookstore breeding's from a week ago.

Before I had even left to go home a few weeks ago I had contacted a regular fuck bud of mine who was interested in taking my hole to one of the local bookstores and whoring me out. I was game and told him I would get the details as soon as I got back. As soon as I got back I sent him a text and set it all up for the next day.

I arrived at his place and we then took his car to the bookstore in the south part of Austin. I had never been to the XXX bookstore before and my fuck bud, Lee, gave me some insight into what they were like and all that good stuff. We arrive and walk in and I notice a few older guys trolling around only one or two of them looked promising. We do a quick walk through of the place and head upstairs. We quickly find an empty booth and put some tokens in. I go strait for his cock and get him hard. This goes on for a few minutes and he face fucks me for a little bit. He has a nice cock. It's about 7inches and about average thickness so it's easy to deep throat. I get him going and he then decides he wants to fuck my hole. He leans me over the bench, lubes his cock and glides into my hole. I moan out in pleasure for two reasons: 1) It felt good as fuck to feel his raw cock in my hole and 2) I figured if I moaned loud enough I would get the attention of other guys in the bookstore and get them interested in our booth. Lee goes on and fucks me in the position for only about 5 minutes when the door to the booth opens. I don't see who it is but hear Lee say, "Come on in. He'll suck your dick while I fuck him."

Lee then instructs me to turn and suck his dick. I get a good look at him. The guy was in his late 20's, Hispanic with a nice solid build. He had on a tight pair of jeans, a white v-neck t-shirt and a red baseball cap. He grins down at me and opens his jeans to release his cock and what a cock it was. Red Cap unleashed his meat and it was about 7inches and it wasn't fully hard yet. I smiled on the inside and dove straight into his crotch and was determined to give Red Cap the best blow job he had ever gotten. Within seconds his cock was fully hard and was very difficult to deep throat and he was getting a little aggressive since Lee was egging him on.

"That's it you whore, suck his cock good. Get him hard so he can fuck your cunt."

So I sucked him harder and faster as Lee fucked my hole and then abruptly stopped as Lee pulled out and told me to get on Red Caps cock. I had no objection and turned around and backed onto his thick meat. Red Cap grabbed me by the hips and guided my hole to his cock. My ass give a little bit of resistance but Red Cap pulled my hips onto him and didn't give me any time to protest. He was tearing me apart and I loved it. I ground my ass onto his fuck stick and squeezed my as slips around it, make him give out a small moan.

"Yeah, boy, ride that dick." Is what Lee said before he grabbed my head and put it onto his cock. I was getting spit-roasted and did my best to work both cocks as best as I could. I took Lee's ass into my hands and pulled him further down my throat and worked my hole around Red Caps cock. Red Cap was picking up the pace so I knew he was about to unload. I got off of Lee's cock and started the dirty talk with Red Cap.

"Load me up man, juice my guts. Give me that seed."

Within seconds he grabbed my shoulders and let out a grunt and unleashed his seed into my hungry hole. This was exactly what I wanted. I began to milk his cock but didn't get to do so for very long as he pulled out, slapped my ass.

"Thanks, slut." Was all he said before he buttoned up and left the booth.

"That was hot. My turn. Come get on this cock."

So, once again, I turned around and back my ass onto a cock. Lee began fucking me, working Red Cap's load deeper into my gut.

"Damn, boy, your cummy hole feels great."

Lee pushed me up against the wall, put one hand around my throat and fucked me hard. He pulled all the way out and then drove it all the way back in. Every time I tried to moan out, he squeezed a little tighter on my throat which got me going even more. I absolutely love it when tops are controlling and dominant. He fucked me good and deep for what seemed like hours but was probably only about 20 minutes. He let go of my throat and brought me up to meet his mouth. I went to kiss him and he devoured my face, working his way down my neck then went to my ear and whispered, "Here comes my load bitch. Do you want it?"
"Yes sir, give it to me." One hand grabbed my hip while the other took hold of my shoulder and he dropped load #2 into me. Lee let me milk his cock for a few seconds before he said we should go out and find more cocks for my hole.

We both got dressed and took another walk around the book store but Lee didn't find anyone that he wanted to fuck my hole.

"Do you want to go to another bookstore?" He asked
"Sure, I've got nowhere else to be."

We then jumped back into his car and headed to a different bookstore on the other side of town. It started off the same, we got our booth, I sucked him until he got rock hard but as I was sucking him the door opened and in walked in a white kid who didn't look a day over 18. He was wearing slightly baggy clothes and a black hat turned backwards. He stood there and just watched stroking his cock through is loose shorts. Lee made the first move and grabbed the dude by the shirt and pulled him closer. He was slightly surprised but went with it.
"Let him suck your cock." Lee told him. The dude unbuckled his belt and his shorts hit the ground. His cock was hard by this time and it was a decent 6.5, maybe 7 with a slightly above average thickness. Somehow it felt that this guy hadn't had much experience so I made a note to not suck him too good because I wanted his load in my ass. I took him in my mouth as Lee watched, his cock in my face. As soon as I took the guy in my mouth and deep throated him he let out and "Oh my God." and I knew I had him. I sucked him for a few more seconds before I got up to meet his eyes and told him to fuck me. All he said was "Okay." But he made no movements to do it. Lee then took charge and told the guy to sit on bench. He guy sat down and looked up not really knowing what to expect. I walked over to him and straddled him and then I saw it dawn on him. His eyes got bigger and he then licked his lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and lowered myself onto him. The guy was in another world. He closed his eyes and his mouth fell open as I my hole met his nuts. I had im completely inside and he was still in a different world. All he said was a faint and distant, "Fuck" It was almost a whisper. I worked my ass up and down his cock, squeezing in all the right places only now working to get different facial expressions from him. While I worked his cock I then felt Lee probing my hole with his cock. The guy opened his eyes, not knowing what was going on or what was about to happen. Lee pushed in and up a little further guiding his cock with the other and he was in. The guy on bottom was again in a different world,

"Holy shit, that is amazing. I'm going to cum soon." I bent down and began to kiss him, trying to push him over the edge. It worked. He released the kiss and thrust his hips up and let out a moan.

"Fuck yeah man, give me that load."

Lee picked up his pace and fucked me harder. The dudes cock was still in me and I didn't feel it getting softer.

"Holy fuck man, I am going to cum again." The young dude said and again he shot a load deep in my hole in less than 4 minutes and that triggered Lee to unload. Three loads total in a very hot fuck session. The young guy got up and began to get dressed and asked if he could have my phone number. And of course I said yes and he programed it into his phone. As he walked out I asked him how old he was and he said that he had just turned 19 two weeks ago. He said he would call and walked out with a smile.

I got another load that day but it was nothing special. It was a very quick pump and dump that lasted about 2 minutes from a muscular Hispanic looking dude who I had a feeling was mostly straight and only wanted a hole to get off in. I gladly accepted his seed.

So that is the bookstore adventure, so to say. I'm still out of commission until my hole feels better. I'm pissed at the whole situation because I'm horny but don't want to be in utter pain while I'm getting fucked. But I hope to have a story up this weekend as I've got a top here who wants to seed my hole. But it might do more damage as his cock is HUGE, about 10inches. But I think I'm going to throw caution to the wind and let him fuck me. Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. Shit that is hot as fuck. It sounds like this kid might have been completely cherry with a guy.