Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a month...

Worked has kept me uber busy like you couldn't believe. I took a job working at a military base and often find myself working 7 days a week. Wake up at 4am, workout until about 6:30am, shower and clean up and be at work by 8. Work until 6pm, come home, relax, eat dinnner and sleep. Wash, rinse and repeat X 7 days.

So, with that schedule I have had virtually no time for sex.

And it doesn't help that I will more than likely continue to work 7 days a week. And on top of all this, work is sending me to Oklahoma for 2 weeks in mid February and then going to Washington state for the entire month of April...

Oy vey.

But amidst this hustle and bustle that is the military life I was able to hook up once, breifly.

A fuck bud of mine stopped by and bred my hole a few saturdays ago.

And he wasn't shy about it.

He had me spread eagle on my living room for and practically had me yelling out loud things like: "I'm your cum-dumb sir." "Fuck me with that big dick." and "Breed me with your poz load."

I am very certain my neighbors heard me because if he didn't think I said it loud enough he would push the side of my face into the carpet and wouldn't let me up until I said it loud enough.

After 45 minutes of some very intense fucking my bud finally shot his poz load deep up my fuck chute and left me on the floor regaining my breath as he got dressed and left.

I am hoping to pick up on my lack of sex and hopefully hooking up with a hot military guy while I'm in Oklahoma in a few weeks.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First fuck of the new year

The new year has proven to be busy as all hell for me. No time for sex make me a dull boy.

Woke up to a text: "You awake?"

Seeing that it was a from a fuckbud with an amazing cock, I replied, "Yes."

He has a very hectic work schedule and is out of town a lot and so I haven't been able to meet up with him in months so I wasn't going to miss my chance.

He was knocking at my door in less than an hour later.

He at my ass like a champ and had me clawing at the carpet before he lubed his thick cock and had my ass swallowing it.

He fucked me doggy, missionary and everything in between.

He finally had me doubled over and was jack-hammering my hole when he announced he was going to shoot.

He pumped in and out for a few more minutes before he pulled out and I squeezed my hole shut to keep his load inside me.

We made out for a little bit longer and he was shortly on his way.

Let the new year begin!