Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My recent trip

Hey guys, how have ya'll been? First off, sorry for the hiatus, I just got super busy with work, sex and life itself. But I'm back and will try to keep my sex life open to the public. I got rid of the load counter as I have no clue how many loads I've taken this year. But I can tell you, with about 98% certainty that on my recent trip I had, I believe, 9 loads busted in my guts. The numbers are okay. 4 days, 12 guys, 9 loads, a few drinks and yes, eeek, parTy supplies. I know a lot of you don't agree with parTying but I do it from time to time and have even slammed a few times. If you aren't familiar with slamming then look it up, it's intense had as provided for some of the most cum-filled, no holds barred, wilder than wild sex I have had. So, I went on a trip for work and ended up having a great time but one stud stood out because he was totally my type: older daddy, 45ish, tall, swimmers build and into leather. I show up at his place and we chit chat and he offers me the pipe filled with Mrs. Tina. After about 15 minutes of hitting the pipe we go to his bedroom which is already prepared for my arrival. The four post bed had ankle and wrist restraints attached, a blindfold and dildos are set out and some hot, nasty bareback porn is playing. I wish I had it video taped because it's hard to get all the details as I was pretty high. I was on all fours and he was rimming the hell out of me, making me moan and groan when he asked if I wanted a booty bump. Hell yeah I said. He left, was gone for about 3 minutes and came back and all he said was, "You're going to beg me to fuck the living hell out of you after this." He inserted the booty bump and what happened next was 6 hours of hardcore fucking. He had me tied down and fucked me and fucked me and fucked me and all I could do was beg for more. It was an amazing feeling. And I'm still pissed I didn't video tape it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm Back!

Sorry for the long time being gone, but I'm back.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Weekend - Part 2

One of the standout fucks from that evening was rather unexpected. It was from a 19yo twink who, in his short time on this earth, knew how to fuck like a champ. He stood about 5'10, 120lbs, brown hair, dark eyes and had a very nice cock of what felt like 8 inches.

Right off the bat he knew he was in control and had my head in his hands and was pushing me down to his crotch as he sat on the couch. Within seconds I had this thick, white meat out of it's prison and down my throat. As a cock sucker I always try to elicit moans from the top as I take them down my throat without a gag reflex and that is just what I got from the young stud. Having my head between his legs got me all hot and bothered like I haven't felt before and was horny as all hell to get him in my man cunt.

I worked his cock over and got it nice and wet and in a fluid motion I stood up, straddled the 19yo and lowered myself onto his rock hard cock and watched his eyes roll back into his head as I worked my hole, flexing around him.

I slid up and down on his pole until he told me to stop as he said he was about to cum and didn't want to just yet. So he had me get on all fours and he went at his own pace, sometimes withdrawing all the way and shoving it back in one thrust. When I yelped in pain, he hooked two fingers in my mouth and did it over and over about 10 times. I knew he wouldn't last too long so I had him fuck me missionary so I could draw him in deeper into me with my legs and kiss him and look into his eyes as he loaded me with his DNA. He didn't give much warning other than, "I'm cumming" as he shot deep in my hole. I wrapped my legs around him and flexed my hole like never before. He collapsed on top of me and I let him rest for just a second before I pushed him off and did the gentlemanly thing of cleaning his cum covered cock off with my mouth.

He was a great fuck; haven't had him since but have been texting back and forth and hopfully I get to have him in me before I head to Indianapolis on Monday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More writing to cum

I owe y'all some writing here pretty soon but I am so busy with work it's crazy and I've started training so it's even more hectic than usual but trust me, I'll get something posted soon.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy Weekend

And I am sure what most of you can guess what my "busy weekend" entailed. But to be fair it was actually Sunday and Monday. I got back from my trip on Saturday afternoon and just relaxed the rest of the day will full intentions of sexual depravity the following days.

And that is exactly what I got.

I can only imagine what my neighbors thought, if they even noticed, the men cumming and going from my apartment.

Grand total: 8 men, 12 loads. Very respectable if I say so myself. If y'all want details just say so and I'll divulge but I need to get running as I have to prepare for 2 tops that will be here soon.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tennis Court breeding session

I have had some really great fucks over the past few months and I hope to get to them soon but the breeding session that took place yesterday afternoon is one for the books as well is the one that happened later in the evening.

I've slowly been getting back into playing tennis and the fact that Wimbledon is now going on has fueled that fire. As none of my friends or workout buds play tennis I have been going by myself and either finding pick-up games or simply just practicing on my serve.

There was no one around when I was there yesterday so I was practicing on my serve when a car pulled up and out walked the best thing I had seen all day. 6'-ish of tan man meat with long hair held back by a bandanna, no shirt and a nice looking torso. As he walked closer I realized it was one of my prior fucks from over a year ago.

Holy fuck, what kind of luck do I have?

He gets closer and I see the realization on his face and he smiles, grabs his crotch and walks directly toward me.

"Hey man, long time no fuck, what brings you out here?" he asks.

"I'm caught up in the World Cup frenzy so I decided to come out and play some tennis."

The joke was obviously lost on him and we made small talk and asked if I had anyone coming to hit around with. I said no and he said the same. So we hit around for about an hour, getting a good workout in when he told me he wanted to take a break.

We sat in the shade and he point blank asks if I wanted to get my ass bred..."You feel like getting that cunt of yours fucked right now?"

Dirty talk is a huge turn on for me and I began to get hard almost instantly.

"Yeah. Sounds good to me."

He got up and walked around the fence down a slight embankment where a overgrown shrubs and plants were. He found a spot with a slight incline where we could keep an eye out.

I went to work almost immediately. I grabbed his shorts and pulled them down and took his soft, spongy cock in my mouth and had him hard in a short time. I took him down all the way to the balls and let my throat do some work as he let out a few moans. (I've been working on my deep throat skills over the past few months!) I deep throated him - up and and down, up and down for about 10 minutes. He pulled me up from my arm pits, kissed me and said he was going to fuck me now. He told me to brace myself against the embankment, he spit on my hole and slowly slid into me in one, slow, fluid motion.

7inches of his hard, poz cock were deep in my guts and I worked my ass on it. We didn't have much time considering the location and car zooming by just out of sight. He fucked me hard, my hands sinking into the moist earth as I bucked my hips back, my body begging for his sperm to white wash my insides. He was nibbling my neck, sometimes pulling my head back to kiss me and spit in my mouth. I was in pig heaven.

"You want my seed?"

I didn't say a word but instead worked my ass ring and muscles in a frenzy to let him know what I wanted. And in a few moments he gripped my hips and moaned into my ears, "Fuck. Oh fuck. Take my load."

He rested on my back for a brief moment before pulling out and being the gentlemen that he was, he pulled my shorts up for me since my hands were covered in dirt and mud. I turned around and he kissed me again and then looked down at his cock and told me to clean the cum off his cock. (A good bottom is always prepared and I was glad I cleaned out before I headed to the courts). I took his cum slicked cock in my mouth and cleaned him off. I didn't remember him being a that big into kissing but as I cleaned him off he kissed me again, using his tongue to probe my mouth, getting any last remnants of cum that remained.

"Good game. I gotta get going." He playfully grabbed my ass and helped me back up the embankment. We got to our gear and he pulled out a pen and gave me his number and told me to call him. I plan on it.

Load number two of the day came from a date I had with a soldier I met online but we ended up knowing some of the same people in both his and my battalion. The date went well and he looked even better. Typical soldier look: close cropped hair, great jaw line, defined body and a go-fuck-yourself kind of attitude. We went to a movie (Toy Story 3 was great) and he grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch and I rubbed his cock through his shorts and gave him a slight hand job during the show. The credits rolled and he said we needed to go back to my place to finish what I started. I was down. We got to my place and he let it be known he was in charge. He slapped me, not hard but hard enough to startle me. "Suck my dick." As usual, I didn't need to be told twice so I got his semi-hard cock out and went to work. In a blur of shit talking (Fucking faggot whore, etc...etc...), spitting, slapping pushing, pulling he was lying on my bed with me lowering myself onto his cock. I had both hands on the bars of my head board using them as leverage as I fucked my ass on his cock. Up and down I went, watching his eyes roll to the back of his head. I took a seat on his cock, worked my ass and he took that moment to lean forward and kiss me and simultaneously roll me onto my back all the while staying lodged in my hole. Hands on my ankles and spread wide he pounded hard until I felt him pick up the pace. He maneuvered his underneath my arm pits and did a grabbed my shoulders from underneath and pulled me deeper into him as he let out a cry of pleasure as load number 2 of the day was unleashed in my cunt.

He told me to milk his cock as we made out and, for the second time that day, I was told to clean off a cummy cock with my mouth.

I already had his number and he told me to call him so we could make plans for the 4th of July.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Comment section now works.

In the past I was having issues with people not being able to leave comments but I do believe that that issue has been resolved.