Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Poz load in my hole

First off, I want to thank ya'll for taking the time to read this blog. It may not be the most technically sound or even the most vibrantly written but I appreciate the comments.

I will be changing the blog slightly sometime in the near future so hopefully that will fix the comments feature.

Now, for the good stuff.

Met a guy off Adam4Adam a few weeks back and exchanged numbers to get together sometime. For one reason or another we didn't have time to get together...until about an hour ago.

Nice body and great cock. But he had amazing blue eyes that transfixed me. I couldn't help but not look into his eyes as I devoured his dick.

No words were really said but our actions spoke louder. He had me on my knees and teased me with his cock head. He wasn't rough at all but rather gently. He placed his hand under my chin and slowly pulled me forward as he slid his cock down my throat. "Yeah, suck that cock." was all he said as he continued that maneuver over and over.

After a few minutes of taking his cock down my throat he said he wanted to see my ass. I went to all fours as he walked around and examined my jockstrap clad ass. He positioned himself behind me, fingered my hole just a bit to make sure I was lubed as he had instructed me to be and slowly, oh so slowly, slid into me.

He cock felt great. As he slowly slid in, it was as if I could feel every aspect of his cock: the head, the bulging veins and finally his neatly trimmed pubes as they rested against my cheecks.

He kept me in the doggy style position or in a slight variation of it. One hand on my shouler, both hands on my shoulders or around my neck. Pulling me in deeper as he dug his fingers into my hips, making me moan. Or pulling me up so I was on my knees with his chest to my back with his arm across my chest. It was an amazing fuck to start the day.

He pushed me down so my chest was on the ground and my ass slightly up and he picked up the pace and I heard the all too familiar sound of his breath getting shorter and more laboured. He didn't announce he was shooting his poz load in me with words but his gasps and thrusts and hand pressure let me know.

He pumped in and out of me for a few mintues, allowing me to milk his cock until he pulled out with an audible *pop* and walked around to my head and told me to clean him off...his cum slicked cock tasted even better than before.

He gave me a pat on the head, dressed and left. Half an hour later I recieved this text:

"You've got a nice mouth and a great fucking hole man. I am going to drop you a line this afternoon."

Round 2 hopefully comming soon.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Almost a threesome - 2 great fucks instead.

Had a great workout this morning and was pretty horned up after looking at all the eye candy at the gym. So what is a sex fiend like me to do??

Well, I went online and prowled and narrowed my search for a fuck to two tops. As I was deciding which one would be worth my time the most one of them mentioned a 3-way. Bada-bing!

Bud, 6'1" white, shaved head, muscular build 8inches cut, headed over to my place at 1pm and Randy, the other top, 5'10ish, black hair, 7inches cut, lean build would head over shortly after.

Bud showed up and we got right to it. No pretense at all. He pushed my shorts down, lifted my shirt and put me on my knees and within moments I had a thick ass cock gagging me. He was a pro at having his cock sucked. He held my head at his crotch until I gagged a few times and then let me up for air. This went on for quite a while as his cock was getting slobbered on and slobbered on.

"Yeah, that's right. Get that cock nice and wet so I can slide it in."

I was placed on all fours and was a little hesitant to take his cock because it was one of the thicker ones I've had all year. With just a little more spit and shoved it in in one thrust. My eye balls shot out of my head and I was off that dick in a split second. But being the good cum slut that I am I reached for my poppers, took a massive hit and told him, "Fuck the hell out of me." And for the second time he shoved his cock in my hole but this time I welcomed the onslaught and boy did he slaughter my hole.

After half an hour, as I was getting plowed doggy style, I began to wonder where Randy was. So with Bud's cock still balls deep in my cunt, I reached for my phone and sent out a series of text messages with the end result being Randy would be late.

Bud didn't have much more time to stick around so he found it time to breed my hole. He put me face down, pulled my head back by my hair with one hand and with the other arm he put me in a light choke hold.

"You're going to get my cum deep in your pussy, boy!"
"FUck yeah, give it to me."

ANd he did just that. He shot his load inside me and I was flooded. His thick cock pulsed inside me and I did the best I could to milk every last drop of cum out of him. He then worked a finger inside my hole and got it nice and cum slicked and made me clean it off before forcing me down to clean up his cock.

And just as he arrived, he left. No small talk, just "Thanks for the lay. I'll keep in touch." And he was out the door. And not 10 minutes later, Randy was at the gate asking to be let in and I was more than happy to let him in.

I told him Bud had just left and he reached back and stuck a finger in my hole and a huge grin flashed on his face. He pushed me against the door, turned me around and dry humped my cum slicked ass until I could feel his rock hard cock through his jeans. I heard him fumbling with his belt buckle and soon his pants were around his ankles and I was being pinned against my front door as he fucked me.

He pulled me away from the door and put me on all fours (pants still around his ankles) and continued to fuck me. He had no special technique but we definately had some chemistry and I arched my back and bucked my hips to meet his strokes. I worked my hole as tight as I could around his cock as he withdrew and relaxed as he entered. We worked in tandem and he was letting out moans and "oh fucks!" and "damn, that's great"'s as I did my best to get that load out of him. It didn't take too long for him to cross over the point of no return. Hands on my shoulders, he pulled me onto his cock and let the seed spew into my hole.

All in all it was a great afternoon. I now sit here contemplating if I should get a few more loads in me or not. If I do, you lot will be the first to know. Have a great weekend :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not for least for now

I broke up with the b/f.


Well, because he was boring and I really hate having to share a bed for the mere act of sleeping. Maybe one day I'll be ready but for now I'm very happy being single.

Met a hot military stud today with plans to meet up next week.

I'll keep ya'll posted.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

3 loads while the BF was at work

Yes, you read correctly: I do have a boyfriend...sort of.

I'm not the emotional type and really do not get close to people but it is good sometimes to have someone to do just sleep next too.

He has no idea (I do no think) about this blog or my "extra cirricular" activities.

He trusts me 110% and I believe he honestly cares about me. Do I care about him the same way? I do not think I do. I find it hard to deal with the "ooey-gooey" feelings but he is a good looking guy with a very nice body so I guess I will just let it play out and see where it goes. But in the mean time I will continue to play with others. If he finds out then he finds out, if he does not find out then all is well, I guess.

But now the matter at hand...

A fellow military dude hit me up on A4A on wednesday and simply said he wanted to fuck. I very rarely have time during the week these days so I told him to save the loads if he wanted to get together after I was done with work on Friday. His reply: "My place. 7pm." He gave me the details and I waited patiently until 7pm Friday came.

I rushed from work to my place to shower and clean up and in no time I was headed to his place.

I knocked, walked in and we got down to business. I got between his legs on his leather couch, got him hard and he slid in shortly after.

The next two hours was a series of positions, moans and grunts. Every time he shot his load in me it was with my legs at my ears and he bore all his weight down on me making sure to push each previous load deeper and deeper into. It was my mission to keep them in me until this morning (Saturda) so I would be able to be around all the military men with a 3 cum loads inside but I had to let them go this morning.

I am sorry these posts are not very detailed, but as I have said before, I have been very busy. I am about to head out to a Christmas dinner with some good friends and with any luck I will get a few loads in me before monday morning comes.

Side note: My personal trainer is a hot Italian guy with a HUGE bulge. Every workout all I can think about is him fucking me. He is as straight as they come...I think.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Fucker

Once again, I do apologize for taking so long to post an update. The following took place two weekends ago and left me with a black eye.

I got off work around 5pm and texted The Fucker, black guy, 160, 6'2, 8.5cut and a very dom/aggressive additude. I told him I would stop by my place, clean up and then head over.

Half an hour later I was at his door step, ready to go. He let me in and we started the party. Within an hour he had me on my back, both ankles by my ears and was pounding away like there was no tomorrow. He rotated me on my side, grabbed my shoulder and shot load number one deep in my hole.

He then led me to his bedroom, blindfolded me and told me to get comofortable. About 20minutes later I heard a knock on his door and knew what was about to happen. The bedroom door opened and within a few minutes I was getting my hole fucked by one of his friends whom I coudldn't see. (The Fucker later showed me the text that he sent to his friend and I almost shot right there)

The Friend fucked me with me on my stomach and just pumped in and out until he shot his load.

The rest of the weekend was a series of random sexual positions with my hole getting used and abused and filled with seed. I limped home sunday night a very satisfied cum slut. Here is to the holidays!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm baaaack....

Whew, it's been a long time since I've posted something. Well, I realized that I'm not ready for a relationship and celebrated my once-again-singleness with some sex. I'm headed out to work right now but don't fret, I'll post something real soon. But, like always, it involves me taking a load and having a great time. Cheers!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Never thought this would happen...

I do apologize for neglecting my writings and whatnot; I have had a lot going on in terms of my professional life and have had even more going on in my personal life.

I have not had as much sex as I would have liked but with my schedule I will take what I can get. One particular top sticks out and here is what went down. Due to unforeseen circumstances I have had to delete my A4A account and began using Craigslist again. I put up a simple ad in regards to my hole needing to be bred. It was straight to the point but yet I still got those guys who were shocked and stunned when I mentioned bareback sex. But after I weeded out the less competent people I was left with 3 tops who were looking for the same thing as me. I threw out the bait and asked each of them if they were into groups; they all were but wanted a one on one session at that time. So I turned down 2 guys and asked if I could get back to them in a few days and they agreed.

The top of choice was a heavily tattooed stud who I had seen online on various sites before. He had complete sleeves, a few on his neck and he had a very nice Greek fighting scene on his chest. I was drawn in simply from his tattoos and his attitude. He had that in-charge thing I like about my tops. We exchanged emails and pics and I was not disappointed. A tight body but not overly muscled, a good looking cock that had a slight curve left and it was just the right size: about 7-7.5 with a thickness where I could just barely get my entire hand around it (all this I gathered once we met, not from mere pictures)

We emailed 4 of 5 more times and I began to think he was just going to flake but then he sent one last email that got me excited: "I live at XXXX. Jump in the shower and clean up. Be here in 45minutes or less. If you are one minute late, the door will be locked and you can move on. Wear as little as possible and be ready to get fucked."

"Wow" was all I thought. I quickly jumped in the shower and within 15 minutes I was good to go. I put on a pair of gym shorts that were a little shorter than most and a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and a pair of flip flops. I jumped in my car, plugged the info into my GPS and was on my way. I looked down at the clock and was making great time. I had 15 minutes to get to his place and the GPS said it would only take 8.

I arrived and was excited to get down to business. The house was very nice and seemed like it was in a great neighborhood. I parked in the driveway and made my way to the front door and rang the doorbell. He never really said I should just walk in so I decided to be polite. After a few seconds I took the lead and just walked right in. "Get naked" was all I heard and it came from my left; the living room I assumed. I stripped down and was hard instantly.

"Get in here. Now" I walked to where his voice was coming from and he was sitting on a huge black leather sofa in just a pair of jeans, sipping from a glass of something watching what looked like T.I.M. porn. As I walked around the couch I got a much better view. This guy was stunning and I could see the bulge in his jeans. Messy blond hair, green eyes framed by some very fashionable glasses and his bare chest and tats were driving me crazy though I played it cool.

"Get down here" and he motioned with his class to his crotch. I got on my knees between his legs and began nudge his bulge with my nose and mouth. "Not yet. Look at me." I looked up at him.

"Right now, in this place, you understand that I will fuck the living hell out of you. You will like it and you will enjoy it so much that you will contact me again. Suck my dick."

I opened his fly and saw that his dick was not quite completely hard and I took it in my mouth and began to work it as best as I could. Within a minute I had him fully hard and was beginning to deep throat him like a champ. I would work the head and then plunge all the way down and deep his shaft in my throat as I contracted my muscles to elicit his moans. I worked my hands over his abs and onto his chest and tweaked his nipples and looked up to see his head was thrown back as I did the best job I could.

And as fast as it started, it stopped. He got up, grabbed me by the hand and led me into his bedroom. A very nice four poster bed with lube and a towel on the nightstand. He bent me over the bed and began to eat my hole and he did it like a pro. He pulled my cheeks apart and spit in me and began to flick his tongue in and out, teasing me before diving deep inside. His stubble rubbed the sensitive parts and had me squirming. As he was eating my hole I heard a small *click* and then his cock was at my hole. He had applied a small amount of lube and was about to mount my ass. He handed me some poppers.

"You might need these." And then I felt him at my hole. I knew there would be a slight amount of pain but hit the poppers and relaxed as best as I could. The head was in and I was breathing harder. He had one hand on my left shoulder and the other on my right hip. Slowly he was balls deep. It took about 3 minutes before he had his chest on my back and was nibbling on my next, gently pistoning in and out of me. I followed his lead and clenched my ass as he withdrew and bucked back as he entered.

"You like that, don't you? I think it's time to really make you like it."

He lifted me onto the bed completely and was in me again; me doggy style and him back inside me and for the next hour and a half he fucked me relentlessly. From doggy, to missionary, to me on my side and then to me riding him.

He was propped up against the headboard as I rode his cock facing away from him. He reached up and pulled me back and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tight against his chest.

"You want my seed?"
"Yes, what?"
"Yes sir. I want your seed in my hole."
He turned my head sideways and we locked lips as he thrust his cock harder and harder into my hole. We made out passionately as I heard small gasps and moans come from his mouth as I probed it with my tongue. He threw his head back, squeezed my chest tighter and let loose deep in me.
"FUCK!" was all I yelled as he flooded my guts. He stayed inside me for a little while longer, slowly getting soft until he withdrew. We got up and showered together, him washing me and gently kissing me. He then dried me off, gave me his cellphone number and said for me to call him sometime. I promised I would and was on my way. I kept his load in me all night.

And now to the "I never thought this would happen" part of my post. I hooked up with TatMan two more times but while we had our trysts I did meet someone. I do not know what will come of this but it is more than a sexual desire with him. I am caught between focusing on him only but also my lust for sex is driving me nuts. I am not quite sure what to do.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


It has been a busy weekend and I don't have much time to write at the moment. But I did hook-up with Dom Top from my last post and he took me over to a friends house and I ended up taking 3 loads. It was a hot time.

I will not be having sex for about a week as I am going to Colorado for somethings and I will be leaving on Monday the 12th.

And on a very high note, I met someone who has shown great interest in me.

Until next time...

Monday, October 5, 2009

18 hours of fucking...(I lost the load count after hour 8)

Has the title of this particular post got you interested? I sure hope so. All of this occurred from 6pm Saturday evening to noon on Sunday. And just to get your cocks stirring just a little more I am writing this with two freshly deposited loads in my hole. Guy one was not sure about his status and guy two was poz.

I hooked up with this guy named Tony about a month ago. Tony's A4A profile lists him as 6'1" and weighing 170lbs and when he showed up the first time he lived up to his stats and pics. But it is his cock that is memorable. It is about 8.5 inches but it is slightly thicker up top than at the base, so it reminds me of a baseball bat or a club. It's shape isn't that extreme but just enough to catch notice. The first time he fucked me he showed up late at night and we went at it for about 3 hours and I finally gave in and told him he had to hurry because I had an early morning. Wham-bam, he bred me. We texted back and forth after never getting a chance to hook up until Friday.

Over the course of those texts he said he wanted to see if I could handle "pig" sex. And of course I thought I could even though I had never really, truly experienced that scene before. He told me to be at his place at a specific day and time and I was.

I arrived at his place wearing a running shoes, gym shorts, a jock, t-shirt and my aviators. I barely had my shoes off when he told me to take everything off.

"Everything? Even my jock?" Most guys like fucking me in my jock and I expected him to say, "No, you can leave the jock on." But instead he replied with, "Did I fucking stutter? Take EVERYTHING off or I'll hold you down and use scissors to cut them off."

I was stunned. I knew we talked about him being in control but the first thing that came to my mind was "Holy fuck, this bitch means business." I stood there for just a few seconds and he said, "Fine, have it your way faggot." And he reached into a table drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. I had never needed a reason to anything faster in the past year and I was out of my clothes in less than a second. My mind was reeling: I was turned on beyond all belief as this guy was truly going to control me and use me however he wanted. Never in my life, in all my fucks, has a guy committed his all into that Dom role and I loved it.

"Sit down on the couch," he demanded. He was still fully clothed as he rummaged around in his kitchen all the while as I sat there naked. I wasn't sure what to do. So I just sat there like a child and resigned myself to the fact that whatever he told me to do, I would probably have to do. He came back with a few things in his hand and it dawned on me that I was going to be in for a lot that evening. Tony brought out the parTy favors. I am not a prude or judgemental person but in all my sexual history I had only played with Tina once before and it was so-so. I've been with tops who have used it then fucked me but I always kindly refused. But that night was a different story (And a note to readers: please keep the negative comments to yourself. I'm a grown ass man who is very aware of the choices I am making and their consequences)

I think Tony sensed my hesitation as he sat on the couch next to me. "Suck my cock while I prepare this hit for you." I did as I was told and after about a minute he asked if I was ready and I told him I needed refresher. He gave me a pleasant smile and was a very patient teacher, "Okay, here is how you are going to do this..."

And it is like something else took over. The next 4 hours I was in a state of sexual bliss. He was still in control of my actions but I completely gave into sexual desires. I sucked his cock, he fucked me in every position all over the house all the while he was getting me higher and higher. At one point he made it clear, "If you have any worries, put them aside. I'll make sure things don't get too out of hand." We fucked more and more and it got more intense. He was building up, slowly to be the dominant, controlling top I told him I wanted to experience.

He had me face down on the kitchen floor when he gave me his first load. He shot it deep inside my hole and stayed inside me, gently thrusting as I moaned oh so softly. He got up and when he was off me I began to push myself up when his foot pushed me back down. "Stay where you are, I'll be right back."

I heard him walking back in and he knelt down next to my head and said, "It's time." He then put a leather collar around my neck and yanked me up by the chain. He then put one of those thick leather chest harnesses on me. I was getting more and more turned on. I immediately thought of Matt Sizemore in his leather chest harness and couldn't wait to see what else he had in store for me. He grabbed me by the harness and pulled me into the living room again. He pushed me down and tossed a bag at me. I caught it but knew better than to open it until he said so.

"I am going to get things ready for the rest of the night. I want that whole thing in by the time I get back in here." And he disappeared down the hall. I was still tingling with sexual energy and opened the bag as soon as possible and was not surprised by what I found: A 12inch black dildo that was about as thick as a beer can and a bottle of Gun Oil. Being a good little bottom, I did as I was told. I lubed it up and worked it me. When he got back into the living room, I was riding that dildo as I watched some hot HDK porn that he had playing.

"Good boy." He walked in front of me and without being told I took his cock in my mouth. I was sucking him and riding the dildo with all I had when he grabbed me head held it tight against his groin. His cock was down my throat and I expected the onslaught of a brutal face fuck, but it never came. What happened next was a first: I felt warm fluid began to fill my mouth and I realized, very quickly, he was pissing down my throat. I tried to pull off but he had a firm grip and then he began to slowly step back. So I was either going to be dragged by his crotch as he pissed down my throat or I had to crawl on my knees with him. I was gagging and piss was coming out the sides of my mouth and even my nose and I had tears running down my face but there was nothing I could do. It seemed like it lasted forever but in reality it only lasted about 30 seconds. (And this shows how much he was into this because there was piss all over his floor) He finally let go of my head and I was off his cock as faster than I had my clothes off when I walked in. I had never been so angry and I was about to get on my feet when he slapped me across the face and said, "That's for getting piss all over my floor." Not only was I more angry but I was more turned on. I looked at him and his dick was rock hard and he just glared down at me as I sat on his floor covered in piss. And it wasn't until I sat back just a little that I realized the dildo was still in my ass, and that is all it took.

I was rocking back and forth again giving myself pleasure. He yanked me up by the leash and told me to take out the dildo. He then pulled me into him and began kissing me. I was surprised, it was passionate and intense and amazing. I wanted nothing more than for him to fuck me again. I reached down and stroked his cock to let him know what I wanted. He instructed me to put my arms around his neck and then jump to wrap my legs around his waist as he stood. He then pushed my ass up with one hand and positioned his cock at my hole with the other and then let gravity take over. He walked to the front door and with my back to the door, he gave me my second load.

All I kept thinking was how fucking amazing this man was making me feel. Two loads in me and all I could think about was more, and that is exactly what I got. After he came he walked us over to the couch and laid me down and pulled out. Again, I was instructed to stay put. He came back shortly, pulled me up by the leash and led me down the hall into a room. The only thing in the room was a mattress, 4 lamps with red bulbs and a small shelf with towels, lube and other sex toys.

"Spread eagle on the mattress," he said. As I did so, I noticed that there were restraints attached to the mattress. He put a leather cuff around each wrist and attached it to the restraint chain.

He left and when he came back there was a glass of what I thought was water with a straw and told me to drink all of it and then said, "Remember what I said, nothing bad is going to happen to you. See you in the morning." I wasn't quite sure what he meant until whatever was in the water kicked in.

I have vague images of the night/morning: other men in harnesses, the sensation of being fucked, someone spitting in my mouth and, I think someone saying, "Yeah, breed his fucking cunt."

When I woke up I was in Tony's bed and the alarm clock read just a little past 10:30am. I was surprised that I was awake that early but from what Tony said, I probably wasn't really asleep and that the real tiredness would hit me later. But he was lying next to me in bed too reading some book.

"You were great last night. And if you were wondering, you had a lot of fun." It was a very surreal moment and the only thing I could think of doing was to kiss him. I knew that the dom top was gone when his lips touched mine. It was a tender kiss that turned into one of the best fucks of my life. He fucked me slow but with a passion I had never felt before. The entire time our eyes were locked onto each others but no words were said. We let our bodies do the talking and when he came inside me he leaned in closer to drive the point home as his eyes stayed lock with mine. It is hard to put into words exactly and the best way, again is to say intense.

And that was that. We stayed in bed for a little while longer and I decided I had to go because I left my contact lenses in and my eyes were beginning to get really irritated. I showered, dressed and had my things and was at the door when he gave me one last kiss and held the door open for me. I got home, took my contacts out and sat on my couch thinking about Tony and that entire night. Something had indeed changed inside me. I received a text message a few hours later from Tony and it simply said, "Friday. Dinner at 8. Be here at 6:30."

(I do want to apologize for not being able to recall the entire time span, especially when I was restrained. As far as totals goes, it breaks down like this, according to Tony. 14 TOPS and 21 loads. I'm not sure how accurate this is but I am taking Tony at his word. And lastly, if anyone reads this and you realize you were there PLEASE comment and let me know. I would love to hear your perspective on this.)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fear not...

Well, I'm out of my funk. I'm working on a hot post that happened yesterday. I'm one to try things at least once before I knock it and last night introduced me into a "piggier" side of sex. It was hot, raw, sweaty and lasted 16 hours. I still haven't slept yet and I don't think I could make it throught the whole post without falling asleep. I'll have it up by tuesday at the latest.

Friday, October 2, 2009

In a funk

I'm not sure what is going on with me lately but I'm in a funk, a rut. I feel fine in terms of health; have actually been doing some pretty brutal workouts and am seeing some great improvements.

Family issues have come up and work is getting stressful, but as soon as I get a few loads in me I am sure I'll be back to my old self again.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Updated load count

I have been fairly busy and haven't had much time to blog and I do apologize. Over the past week I took 3 loads. As much as I love rough, wild and nasty/piggy sex, these sessions were fairly tame. Each lasted only an hour with a little dirty talk peppered in during the fuck session. Though, the hottest comment came from top who gave me load #2: We were face to face, my left leg was over his shoulder, he had one hand on my throat and the other on the headboard and was doing some serious work on my fuck chute. The whole time it was BAM-BAM-BAM, from the get go. Either this guy was straight and didn't quite have the finesse of a gay top buy or he just didn't give a fuck.

I think it was the latter because as he told me he was going to cum, he came down to my face and I wrapped my legs around his waste to keep pull him deeper inside me and he said, "Yeah, that's it, take my toxic seed, take me DNA." We had our eyes locked and I grabbed him by the side of the head and we shared a very animistic make out session. He nibbled my lip, I nibbled on his chin, he spit in my mouth. I tried reaching down to get some of his cum out of my hole to put in his mouth but wasn't able to. I am hoping these next two weeks will be fuck-filled because on around October 11th I am going to be gone for about 9 days.

So yeah, I guess the fucks this week weren't so vanilla after all, now that I think about it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

12 loads in one night

I am tired, sore and hungover but I celebrated my birthday in true bareback fashion: a buddy of mine hosted a gangbang and I had my hole fucked by 9 different guys and took 12 loads.

I arrived at my friends place, I'll refer to him as Max, and we hung out, had some drinks and got in the mood. I stripped down to my jock and watched some porn as Max sent out the emails and texts telling the guys that I was ready to go.

I won't go into all the fucks but I'll mention a few.

I was on all four taking a ROUGH fucking from a latin top, at this point in the night he was the 5th guy to fuck me and was making a show of it. He would stop, pull out, eat my ass, make me suck his cum-slicked dick and then fuck me some more. Max had already shot one load inside me and was sitting down stroking, next to another guy there waiting his turn. When latin guy pulled out I got up really fast and sat on the other waiting top's cock. He slid in easily as cum makes the best lube. Without missing a beat, latin top got up, pushed me down further on the cock I was riding and shoved his dick deep inside me too.

"You fuckin' slut. You got two dicks in your hole." He was really into the dirty talk and kept calling me a slut and a whore, telling me that I was born to take cum in my hole. It got me going. Those two pounded my hole relentlessly for what seemed like an hour. After having them both in my hole latin top said he was getting close and wanted to cum at the same time as the other top. Other top picked up his pace and after about 5 minutes I had loads 6 and 7. I hopped off the cocks and went back to Max. Max fucked me for a few minutes and said he didn't want to cum again since he wanted to be the last one to breed my hole once everyone left.

Later in the night I was pleasantly surprised when a fellow Army buddy showed up. It was awkward at first; he almost walked out but changed his mind when I said, "It'll be our little secret." He told me to get on my knees and take care of his cock. I didn't have much of a choice as he grabbed my head and put it to his still covered cock and I felt it growing and growing and growing. I had hit paydirt with this guy. Coworker/fuck bud with an amazing cock. I unbottoned his jeans and saw that he was wearing a jock and began to nibble and nuzzle his cock through the fabric. "Suck it." was all he said and I got down to business. I pulled his jock to the side and was rewarded with one of the most amazing cocks I have ever seen. A solid 8inches with a thickness that had my hole twitching. I took him in my mouth and down my throat as fast as I could. He didn't try to face fuck me but instead he let me do my own thing and I was grateful as I wanted to savor his cock for as long as possible. He reached over and began to finger my hole and gave his approval when he noticed the loads that had already been deposited. He pulled off his shirt and I heard the unmistakable sound of dog tags tinkling against each other and I got turned on as all hell.

He told me to get on my back. I looked at him and told him to breed my hole.
"Breed me, man. I want your DNA inside me." He stroked for a few seconds, spit on his cock and eased inside of me. He closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip to show his approval. He leaned over and his dog tags were dangling in my face and I got lost in our fuck. He fucked me for a long time in every position I could think of. He had me bent over the kitchen table when he gave me his first load.

"You asked for my seed and now you are going to get it." He grabbed hold of my hips and rewarded me with his seed. He stayed the rest of the night and ended up giving me 2 more loads. I couldn't have been happier because he was a great fuck and promised to make it a regular thing.

Overall, it was an amazing night. I was fucked eight ways from sunday and enjoyed every minute of it and have passed the 100 load mark this year.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feedback responses

I have gotten a lot of feedback in response to the Devil's Dick dilema I had and am still unsure on what to do as far as the load count goes. I think I will just keep that in a seperate category since I did have those loads in me for a while; the butt plug made sure of that.

I have a three some to report about that occured last night but also, as the 18th is my birthday, I have a little something planned and hopefully I can get my load count over 100 in a single night. I'll let you guys know how my weekend went.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Need some feedback.

I am not quite sure how to update my load count and I need some advice on the subject, if ya'll don't mind.

I recently played with a Devil's Dick and was told that it was made from between 15-20 loads. And I am pretty sure they were POZ. So right off the bat, I was aching to have it in me.

Do I count those loads as loads taken or is it considered something different. When the fuck session was done, my fuckbud put a buttplug in me to keep the loads in my hole until I got home.

When I got home, I stripped down and jumped in the shower and those loads came gushing out like nothing I've experienced before.

So what do you guys think? Let me know. In the upper right hand corner is a way to leave comments.

And on a side note to a fuck bud I play with: If you don't want me posting our play sessions, I would be more than happy to oblige. But if it's cool, let me know. I'll keep you totally anonymous.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tired, but in a good way

I know I still have some recent fucks to write about from a week ago, but I couldn't help but fast forward to the top who just fucked me; his load is still in my hole as he only left my place about 10 minutes ago. He is another new top that I met from my now favorite website, Adam4Adam.

I'll call him Lou as he is a tall, semi-muscular Italian guy. It was plain and simple. He asked if he could come over and breed my hole and I said yes.

He showed up on time and we went straight to business. We made out and I admired his lightly hairy chest and defined torso and then he pulled out a blindfold. He put it on me and made me suck his cock. And it grew, and grew and grew. Before long it was hard as steel and fairly thick. He face fucked me as I have never been face fucked before. He shoved his cock down my throat until I had his balls resting on my chin, all the while telling me to "get that cock hard and sloppy".

I did my best to do so and I would like to think I succeeded. I nursed his huge mushroom head when he spun me around and began the assault on my hole. I knew he wasn't going to go easy so I took a huge hit of poppers to help prepare for the onslaught. And I was right; with one HARD thrust he was in me and my hole felt like it was on fire but he didn't let up despite my moans and gasps. He kept up his pace for a good half hour, ramming me doggy style as the sweat began to drip off of him onto me. He then put me on my back and I could tell by his moans and groans that his cock was getting exactly what it wanted. He had one leg on his shoulder and the other was wrapped around his waist and then he rotated my leg up and off his shoulder and I was getting fucked on my side. Then he asked:

"You want my load inside you."
"Yes, sir" I replied.

And with very little fan fair he shot his load in my hole to rest along side the one that was shot earlier in the day by a guy traveling through. I milked him and he pumped me a few more times before he got up and go dressed. He took the blindfold off and said I could keep it. He kissed me again, slapped my ass and was on his way.

It's been a good day so far. I spoke to a POZ top earlier this morning and he says he is going to stop by and give me his load when he gets off work. So, we'll see if that pans out.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lucky me

I had promised to write about part two of my Adam4Adam experience on friday night but since then Adam4Adam has provided me with a few more tops and a few more loads. I am liking that site very much. But stories are in the works and I'll keep you guys posted. I just wanted to let you guys know that my sex life and load count are on the rise. I was hoping to get at least 100 loads by the end of the year and by the looks of it I will.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


As many of you know I have been working a lot lately and it has been putting a serious damper on my sexual activity. I work very odd hours and will continue to do so until this mission is complete. So my schedule has been to wake up early, go workout, chill and relax, get ready for work and then get home exhausted around 11pm. So naturally, that leaves very little time for sex.

Two days ago I was chatting with some guys on ManHunt when one of them mentioned Adam4Adam. I didn't think anything of it until later that night when I decided to check it out and boy did it turn our great. Within my first hour of registering and being on line with A4A I had two guys lined up to come to my place and breed my hole.

The first guy was in his late 20's/early 30's. He was on the lean/muscular side with a huge cock; one of those that has a nice thickness but swells at you get closer to the head. He said he wanted to come over, smoke a joint and take it from there. I had no objection.

Guy shows up and looks exactly like his pictures. We sit on the couch and make small talk as we pass the joint back and fourth as Halloween 2 is playing in the background. With the joint now nothing but a roach we start getting handsy with each other and eventually end up on my bed. We kiss, make out and all that stuff for a few minutes before I work my way down to his crotch. I was amazed by how thick his cock was and knew I would have trouble taking him down my throat. It took a few tries for me to deep throat him, but I did but I wasn't able to do it for very long. I guess he must have been horny as hell because the next thing I know, I am on all fours with a spit-lubed hole and he is slowly pushing in. It felt great as the first half of his cock entered me, but once he push the thicker part into my cunt, I felt like my hole was on fire. I had him stop to hand me the poppers and took a big whiff and told him to "just do it."

And he did. Within a few seconds he was balls deep in my hole and moaning in pleasure. By this point I had given up all my tricks and just took his pounding. Luckily he didn't last too long and after about 15 minutes he asked where he should cum.
"Inside me." And without another word, he grabbed my hips and gave his cum a new home inside my ass.

He lingered inside me for a little bit before pulling out and getting his things together to leave. I thanked him and he said he would want to do it again.

I showed him out and texted the other top who wanted to fuck me but seemed to be playing a few games so I sort of wrote him off. I was just dozing off when he texted asking where I lived. I told him and he said he would be here in half an hour...45minutes later he was still MIA. So I figured he was a game player and resigned myself to the one load and went to bed. Again, just as I was dozing off, he called and said he was here.

Part 2 will be posted later today or tomorrow. I have to go shower and clean up for work.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend fun - 3 loads

I don't hit the clubs too much as I am fairly busy and am beginning to take my gym routine much more seriously but I took this past weekend off and had a good time with my friends. But besides some drinks and good times with friends, I also managed to hook up 3 times but it was the 3rd load that was the best of the 3.

A few weeks ago some friends came into town and I bonded with this girl pretty quickly. I ended up coming out to her but what is interesting is that she told the friend she came with that I was gay which I didn't know about until this past weekend. James, the guy she told, is a hot guy. A little over six feet tall, about 180lbs with tattoos covering both arms and with a fair amount of muscle. The moment I saw him I couldn't stop thinking about having sex with him but I wrote it off almost instantly as I thought he was straight as they come.

Fast forward to Saturday night. We all get back to my buddies apartment around 4am from a night out on 6th Street and it turned out that me and James were the odd men out and had to crash in the living room. I thought nothing of it, at all. The only sort of hint that I got from him was that he would make gay jokes directed toward me a few times throughout the night.

I stripped down to my boxer briefs, grabbed a blanket and laid on the couch, ready to call it a night. I am just about to doze off when I feel James' presence standing right next to me. He is in a pair of gym shorts with no shirt and is just staring down at me.

"What are you doing?"
"Lauren told me you were gay."

I was alert instantly but tried to hide it and was at a loss for words. I sat up and waited.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. How could I when I've been guilty of the same thing too from time to time."

And again I was floored. This alpha-male muscle guy had been with guys!?!

"You're gay?" I asked him.

"Ha. Not even close but an ass is an ass if I am able to get off in it."

I was beginning to get more confused as the conversation continued but it also began to dawn on me that I had a chance of hooking up with him as all of our friends were asleep around the apartment unknown to what could happen.

With those words, he stepped between my legs and sort of nudged them apart and I instantly knew we would have sex though my mind was racing.

"Don't get the wrong idea, I just want to get off, that's it."
"That's fine with me."

Before I was even finished with the sentence he grabbed my head and shoved it into his crotch and I felt like I was home. I hooked my thumbs into his waist band as I nudged his cock with my face through his shorts and then pulled them down and was pleasantly surprised. Out sprang a decent sized cock with just the right amount of thickness. I took him into my mouth instantly and let my throat do it's magic.

He skull fucked me for a while as drool and spit dribbled out the sides of my mouth, all the while he played with his nipples. He abruptly pulled out of my mouth, picked me up and bent me over the arm of the couch.

"I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

I thought to myself, "I doubt that."

He positioned his bare cock at my hole and just left it there. I was about to look back and see what he was doing but just as I did so, he grabbed my left arm and twisted it behind my back, causing a lot of pain and instantly he shoved his cock in my hole. He knew I would yell out so with his other hand he shoved my face into the couch. Holy fuck! I was caught between literal pain and pleasure. I wanted him to let go of my arm but I knew if he did the sensation in my ass would end with it. But luckily it didn't last too long as he seemed to be getting close pretty fast. He let go of my arm, grabbed my hips and hammered into me hard and fast. He pulled me up to his chest and whispered,

"I am going to cum inside your faggot hole."

And he did. He spasmed and his cock twitched and he let loose his load in my hole. And very unceremoniously, he pushed me back onto the couch, pulled on his shorts and lay down on the makeshift bed on the floor.

"Thanks, slut. This is just between you and me." And he went to bed.

I was dumbfounded and lay there, bareassed bent over the couch wondering if that really happened.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tag Teamed

It has been a very busy past two weeks. I have been working 7 days a week and will continue to do so until the end of October. But regardless of my work schedule, I found time to set up a three-some with me being the only bottom. It was with two brand new tops who I never hooked up with before so it was a good experience. Top1 and Top2 were two friends visiting from out of town who I messaged on Craigslist. They were of the bear-daddyish type and they had my mouth watering. Each had a cock that was 7inches and fairly thick. Top1 was cut while Top2 was uncut. We exchanged emails and pics and told me to head over. I took a little extra time to clean up and was knocking on their hotel room door about an hour later.

Top2 greeted me and I walked in to find Top1 on the bed, naked and jacking his cock. Without even stripping down I was on the bed taking his hard cock in my mouth. I worked his cock over as Top2 came from behind and pulled down my gym shorts to expose my jockstrapped ass. I sucked on Top1 as Top2 ate my ass. It was a hot chain we had going on with Top1 and Top2 changes places getting my hole lubed with their spit.

It had been a while since my last 3some so I enjoyed sucking on their cocks as long as possible. I told them to lay next to eachother so I could go back and forth between the two as they played with their nipples. I went from deepthroating Top1 to taking Top2 down my throat in one swift swallow.

I had satisfied my appetite so I got off of Top2 and straddled the other and lowered myself on Top1 very slowly. I wanted to feel as much of his cock as possible and closed my eyes and felt him as he entered me. The head was at my cunt's opening and I pushed down just a little harder and he popped in. I looked around and found some poppers on the night stand and told Top2 to help me out. I had him douse some poppers on a cloth and hold it over my face and push me down on his friends cock at the same time. Top2 held the cloth hard against my face and at the same time Top1 thrusted up and Top2 pushed me down. I was in pain but was in my element. Top2 let go of me and began to finger my hole as Top1 had his cock slide in and out of me.

"You want both our cock's inside you, boy?"

"Yes sir. Double fuck me."

Top2 was behind me in a flash and was inside me even faster. Taking a cue from earlier, he held the cloth over my face and shoved his cock inside my aching hole in one, hard, punishing motion. I screamed out and he took the chance to shove the cloth in my mouth.

I didn't put up any fight at all as this is what I wanted. It was hard to work my hole around the two cocks as they stretched my hole in every direction, but I tried. I bucked up and down, getting lost in the fuck until Top1 said he was going to cum.

"Take my load."

I pushed myself down as far as I could on his cock and waited for his load. Top2 picked up the pace as Top1 let loose. Top2 was still pounding away when Top1 squirmed out from underneath and had me clean off his cock as Top2 let me know he was getting close.

So, within 3 minutes I had two loads in my hole and was cleaning off two cummy cocks. I quickly got dressed as I had to get home and rest for work.

I've been talking to two POZ guys and will hopefully be taking their loads sometime soon. I'll keep ya'll posted.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Anonymous load

I had a fairly busy day yesterday and decided that I would forward my emails to my phone so I could correspond with contacts throughout the day. I went for a run, fixed a few things around my place, made dinner and vegged out and relaxed. It was around 11pm when I lay down to get some rest when my cell phone chimed to inform me I had received an email. I was, at first, pissed that I forgot to turn off the forwarding system because I didn't want to hear that chime all night.

So I decided to check it before I went to bed and it turned out it was from a guy I had been talking to on MH for about two weeks. We had never met but exchanged some pretty hot emails and a few pics. Earlier in the week he had wanted me to go to his place so he could work over my hole with his array of toys and shoot his poz load in my hole but our schedules never got in sync.

In the email he asked if I wanted to head over for some play but I couldn't but offered him a different idea. I said I would be in bed, in my jock with the door unlocked and he could come in, no talking or anything, drop his pants, fuck me and then shoot his poz load deep in my cunt. As I thought, this excited him and he agreed. I cleaned up and told him to head over.

He got to my place and I opened the gate via my phone and jumped in bed and waited. A few seconds later I heard the door open and close and heard footsteps making it to my bedroom. All I then heard was, "Fuck yeah."

From the rustle of his clothing I was guessing he had gotten completely naked. I heard him jacking his cock to get it hard and saw his hand reach to the lube and poppers I kept at my bedside. Within seconds his cock was lubed and he was inside, working his poz cock in and out of my hole, holding the poppers under my nose to send me over the edge. He got my ass going as I squirmed and bucked to meet his strokes and every now and then I reached back to pull him deeper inside of me.

This went on for about 15 minutes and he said he was getting close. I worked my ass muscles the best I could around his cock and that sent him over and he pushed me down with one hand and grabbed my shoulder with the other and shot his poz load deep inside my cunt. I milked him as best I could and collapsed on the bed, panting as I heard him get dressed and leave.

I got up, locked the door, turned off the light and slept with his poz cum in my cunt all night.

I this morning with an email: "Hot time last night. You milked my cock like a champ. Can't wait until next time."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot fuck!

It's hard to put this encounter into words as it was like most but the chemistry was amazing. Quite possibly one of the best fucks I've had all year.

I met this guy online, as usual and we exchanged emails, pics and numbers and set something up for later in the day. I showered, cleaned up and was on my way with my new poppers in hand. I arrived at his place and he was in his boxers and we began to make out immediately. We made out for what had to be about 15 minutes all the while disrobing leaving both of us naked except for my red jock. He had some really hot BB porn playing in the back ground but I didn't need it to get excited.

I worked my way down to his nipples and took his cock in my mouth and worked it over really slowly. I sucked on the tip and marveled at the thickness. It wasn't the thickest cock I have ever taken but it is for sure in the top 3. I slobbered on the shaft and worked my way up and down until he was nice and spit-lubed and I took him all the way down my throat; and he loved it. He began to face fuck me and I played with it. I don't know if it was the poppers or what but we were all over each other. He ate my hole as I bent over the couch he ate my hole as I sucked his cock in a 69 until he was ready to fuck my cunt. He spit on his cock and slowly slid in. I thought it was going to hurt a lot but my hole gave way for his cock and he fucked me into a state of bliss over the next half hour until he asked me if I wanted his load and of course I said yes. He grabbed onto my hips and let loose his sperm into my guts and I loved it. He pulled out and I turned around and cleaned him off. I got what was left of his cum down my throat, got up, dressed and left. I hope to hook up again with him soon.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Apartment complex FB

Isn't it funny how things work out sometimes? I was fairly busy over the past week and half getting my apartment together, getting called in by the military and a few other things that I had not found either the time or the stamina to hook up, but all that ended this afternoon.

I was on MH and was cruising the profiles. A few caught my eye so I cast a wide net to see what would bite. As I live in a different part of town now I will get to experience the local flavor...

I got hit up by a few guys but at this point I was looking for something closer to home and that narrowed it down to one. We got to talking and it turned out he lives in the exact same apartment complex as me; I couldn't have asked for a better situation. He was good looking, a nice, thick cock and loved to shot a load into an eager bottom.

I was caught up in the moment and told him what apartment number I lived in and told him to head over in about an hour. Now that I think about it, I am not sure if that was the best idea. I am sure he won't drop by when he feels the need as I feel most people these days have a sense of decency. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

So Apartment Guy shows up and I am very impressed though it looks like he just got up off the couch and headed over. Fairly tall, about 6'4", 200lbs with a nice, solid build. We made small talk, I offered him a beer and we sat and watched t.v. for a few minutes when he made the first move. He reached for my crotch and I was hard in an instant. He put his beer down and went for my crotch as I swigged my beer. In a few seconds he had my cock in his mouth. If none of you have ever gotten head while drinking beer, I suggest you do it. It was amazing.

After a few minutes he lifted me off the couch and we stood in my living room making out, stripping the clothes off of each other and in no time we were on the floor, naked, making out. I glimpsed his cock and knew I was in for a ride. He was about 7inches, cut but was very thick. I rolled him on his back and mouthed my way down to his cock and slowly took him in my mouth. My jaw was stretched to the max but I was able to deep throat him. As he hit cock bottom, he grabbed my head and held it down on his crotch as I worked my throat around him and I could hear that he was loving it. But I think he loved it too much as I was starting to gag and had the need to come up for air, he simply held me there. I was a little forceful and grabbed his hands and separated myself from his dick.

"Sorry." Was all he could say as he put his hands on the my neck and nudged me back onto his cock. And as I never say no to sucking cock, I went back down and did my mouth magic and had him moaning oh so gently. My ass was feeling neglected to I rotated around into a 69 position and he fell for the bait and began to eat my hole as I devoured his cock. I was writhing as he worked my hole with is tongue. He then put both hands on my ass and pushed me forward and I was in a sort of doggy position but not all the way as my legs were stretched out all the way. He spit a few times on his cock and once on my hole. He put one hand on my neck and guided his cock into my hole with only his spit as lube. I knew it was going to be painful but I was prepared to take it. Luckily he was aware of his thickness and entered me slowly, ever slowly. It was hot as hell. He leaned forward and was whispering as he entered me.

"You're taking my bare dick with nothing but spit as lube. You like that?"

I tried to reply but my breath was taken away as he stretched me as I had never been stretched before. After about 5 minutes he was all the way in and stopped all movement and began to flex his cock in my hole and it drove me crazy. All I was thinking was how my poppers were on my nightstand in my bedroom.

"Damn man, you've got a tight hole."
"I haven't been fucked in almost two weeks."

And that got him going. He grabbed my hips and began the fucking. He slowly with drew, almost all the way out, then entered me in one fluid motion. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and let my body take over. I began squeezing his cock as he withdrew.

"That feels amazing."

I began to get used to his dick and started to fuck myself on it, meeting his thrusts with my hole. We stayed in that position for about 15 minutes when he said he was about to cum.

"Not yet, flip me over."

He did what I asked and had me in missionary and began to plow my ass good and hard. My legs on his shoulders and he leaned in to kiss me and told me he was over the edge and was about to fill my hole.

"Do it stud, fill me up."

And he did. He must have orgasmed for about 2 minutes because my ass felt full like never before. We made out as he was still in me until he slowly withdrew and I did my hardest to keep my hole clenched tight but he was so thick a few gobs of cum leaked out. He reached down, scooped them up, fed them too me and kissed me. We passed his cum back and forth for a few seconds. He got up and we both got dressed. I showed him to the door, we shared one more kiss and he said he can't wait to do it again.

Short and sweet and not much effort. This could be a regular thing.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lack of sex

It has been a very busy past few days and my sex life has suffered. I have moved from my old apartment complex where I had two roommates to a different place where I now live alone. I can't wait to break in the new place with a stud to come by and breed my hole. I've just barely gotten around to getting more of my things put away but I've got a military obligation for the rest of the week so I don't know when my next fuck will be. I am hoping to have a few load in my hole by Friday. Wish me luck.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The results are in...

I recently had some tests done at a local clinic here and I am still HIV negative. Some people always see this as a taboo subject in terms of having bareback sex, taking poz loads and HIV testing. Not everyone agrees with how I live my life but as it is my life they shouldn't care all that much. I am happy with who I am and when the time comes I will man up and face the consequences. I don't think I will change the way I do things so the stories will keep coming and if the day comes in which I do test poz, you all will be the first to know.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Roadside sex

I usually don't find too many hook-ups off of but I had some luck earlier this week. I ran into his ad and he was interested in plowing my hole in uniform, which worked perfect as I was doing some work out of town on Monday. So I worked out the details with him, we'll call him Toby. He sent some pics and I was impressed. Toby was a tall guy with decent definition to his frame and a nice 7incher to go along with it.

As my lunch hour came closer I texted him to set up the details. I was going to pick him up at his place, drive to a remote area and he would seed my hole, plain and simple.

I arrived at his place and he jumped in. He was dressed for the occasion, gym shorts, flip flops and a tank. As we drove he kept feeling me up telling me how hot it was that he was going to breed a military guy. He then took out his cock as we drove and he got it to full hardness and he had me salivating. I couldn't find a good place so I just decided to pull over on a side road with a good view of any cars that came our way. I then leaned over and took him in my mouth. And he sat back and enjoyed a 10 minute blow job as I worked his shaft and balls as good as I could. He gently peeled me off his cock and motioned to the back seat. I kneeled on the backseat and faced the rear window and dropped my pants to expose my ass. He shimmied toward the back and ate my ass as best as he could in the cramped space. This didn't last too long as I soon left the head of his cock push against my hole. I relaxed as he slid in, my hands braced against the headrests. He placed his chest on my back and began thrusting inside me, opening me up and working his shaft in my hole really good. I knew I could let out moans and yells since it was a pretty private area. So I let out my moans to let him know he was hitting the right spot. We were both working up a sweat but it felt great. He pushed my legs further apart with his knees and leaned back against the center console and pulled me back onto his chest and I rode his cock as best as I could in that strange position but I think it was just right as he announced that he was going to cum in my hole. I rode him harder and faster until he held on tight and let his seed loose in my hole. As soon as he was done he lifted me off his cock and pulled up his shorts. I followed suit shortly after and began the drive back to his place. I dropped him off and he thanked me.

It was a short and sweet fuck and I went back to work with his load in my hole unbeknownst to the the rest of the soldiers around me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July is brought in with a bang

I finally have a few minutes to write about my very eventful 4th of July.

I went out the night before to celebrate my friends birthday and wasn't in too festive of a mood on the morning of the 4th, but I sucked it up and went about my planned routine. I posted an ad stating I was looking for a few tops to breed my hole that night while my roommates/friends where out on the town. I left the ad to it's own devices and headed to a bbq and pool party.

The whole time I couldn't think of anything more than who had responded to my ad. I finally got home and immediately jumped online and checked my email and received a fair amount of replies. I sifted through them and found some very promising ones but decided on one that got my attention quick.

"Hey stud, me and some of my friends are looking for a hole to breed tonight as part of our 4th of July celebrations. Attached is a pic, the other 3 guys are pretty similar to me, all total tops. Get back at me so we can get this going."

Attached was a pic of a leather daddy type. He had a hairy chest full of thick black curls, a half harness and a solid 7inch cock with a silver cock ring at it's base. I thought if the rest of the guys looked like him I would be just fine with having my hole used and abused. I quickly responded and set things up. I showered and cleanup in record time and was quickly on my way.

I arrived at the house but gave a quick call to make sure it was the right one and was told to go to the side gate, into the back yard and strip by the door. I got nervous and hard at the same time and did as I was told. By now, I think most of you realize that I get turned on by being dominated. I strip at the back door, leaving only my jock and step inside.

"In here boy." Is all I hear coming from what I think is the living room. I step in and see 4 leather daddy/bear type guys sitting on a long couch, stroking their cocks as they watch a porn, I'm thinking it was a Treasure Island Media flick as I recognized some of my jack off material. I was in awe. I recognized Guy1, who emailed me and he was right, the rest looked pretty much like him. Guy2 was larger and less hairy with what looked like a 6.5cut cock, Guy3 was pretty much like Guy1 with a 8inch uncut cock and Guy4 looked the meanest of them all. He had a gut, but one of those muscular guts and a black mustache and stroked a 7inch cut cock. I didn't know who to go to first until Guy1 told me to get on my knees and crawl to his cock. Let the games begin!

I sucked down Guy1 and got him nice and slippery as he sat on the couch and enjoyed my deep throating. He sat between 2 and 4 and I jacked them as I sucked 1. I think since 3 felt left out he got down and ate my ass which caused me to gobble down 1's dick and he began face fucking me. 3 was lapping at my hole and poking a finger in every now and then until he had one in and was pistoning it in and out.

"More!" was all I could say and I felt him begin to work more fingers in my hole. I got off 1's dick and went to 4 and he spared no time in taking control of my throat. He had me in kind of a choke hold and forced his cock down my throat even as tears began to form in my eyes. And then I felt a cock prod at my hole. I wasn't sure right away who it was as 4 wouldn't relent on his vice grip on my throat and neck, but whoever was fucking me was doing a great job. He had his hand on my lower back, pushing me down and he lets his balls slap against my cheecks as I tried to push back to meet his strokes.

4 finally let me loose and I took that chance to look back to see 1 fucking me. Damn, this guy knows how to fuck, I thought. I then went back and worked over 2's cock. For the next hour or so, the 4some took turns plowing my hole, holding off on cumming. At this point I didn't care how long they fucked me as long as I got their loads in my waiting hole. 2 and 3 were taking a break as 4 fucked me. True to form, all night, he was aggressive as all hell. Slapping, biting, punching; total dominance of my entire body. He wrapped his hands around my throat and began choking me and coming to my ear to whisper,

"I'm going to seed your hole tonight. You ever taken poz cum?"

My eyes widened and I began to work my hole around his cock, trying to get more into me.

"I'll take that as a yes!" And 4 gave a weird laugh. He withdrew, slapped my ass and told me to ride him. I turned around and sat on his cock and began working over his nipples.

"Scoot up." I looked back and 1 had his dick in his hand and it was obvious what he wanted to do. I lowered myself onto 4 to get chest to chest to make room for 1. I braced myself for the pain and it came shortly afterward but was gone just as soon. 1 grabbed my shoulders and began laying pipe. He rode my hole hard as 4 thrust up inside me. I tried as hard as I could to clench my hole but it was hard as one cock was pushing up and the other pulling down, but I gave it my best. 1 then grabbed my hair and announced he was going to cum. I didn't really feel anything because 4 picked up his pace and began fucking me harder as 1 slipped out of me. 4 then rocked up and over and I was on my back as he gave me a true fucking. I was on my back as he held my legs wide and plowed my hole.

"Here comes my seed. Take it all!" And he gave a few weird thrusts and collapsed on top of me. 1 then came and kneeled next to me and told me to clean him off. I gladly did. 4 did the same as one left my mouth, but he was gentler this time. Cupping my chin in his hands as I licked the mix of cums and ass juice off his cock.

"Good boy. You got a nice hole." I thought I would take a break but 2 and 3 jumped up and stated it was their turn. They double fucked me in the same fashion as 1 and 4 but it was less intense and lasted longer. Though neither one came in that position. 2 fucked me doggy style as 3 stroked his cock and 2 tensed up, gripped my shoulders and annouced he was cumming in my hole. He stayed in me quite a while and slowly worked his cock in and out, mixing the 3 loads. He pulled out and I clenched down to keep all the loads in me. I cleaned off his cock too as 3 took his turn on my hole. He didn't last as long as the others and I was enjoying the taste of 2's cock, 3 unleashed in my hole but he kept his pace up. He fucked me more then stopped, saying he didn't think he would be able to cum a 2nd time. So I whipped around and cleaned off his cock too. It was a great suck and fuck session. I went back outside and grabbed my clothes and thanked my host and exchanged phone numbers. I hope to do it again soon.

I tried as hard as I could to keep those loads in me all night but it was just too much cum. I scooped out quite a bit and tasted it and it had a sweet-tangyish taste to it.

I am moving into my own place soon so I won't have to worry about roommates so my load count should go up quite a bit over the next few months.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Group action

I had some really hot group action on the 4th. As soon as I get the time, hopefully tomorrow, I will recap.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope ya'll have some fireworks of your own today. It's early as hell but I figure some of you are already celebrating by fucking and sucking. I've got plans today so let's see how those pan out.

But I've got an idea for all you readers out there: I want to hear from you! I want to know your wildest, craziest story. Let the games begin, I can't wait to hear from ya'll.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two fucks - One bad, one pretty interesting

The Bad - It started off as a great time. I met this Italian guy on Craigslist and he said he was down for some hot bareback fun. So I arrive at his house and he answers the door in some sweatpants and a tank top. He had a good body. Nice and solid with some good definition. We began making out right there and he then led me to his bedroom. He stripped his clothes off and I saw a great looking cock. It had to be a little over 8 inches with an average thickness. I knew this was going to be a great fuck, but I was wrong. I sucked him for a little bit and then he wanted to fuck me. He put my legs over his shoulders and slammed into me in one motion. I was breathless but it felt great. He was hitting places that hadn't been touched in a while. We switched positions a few times and then I rode him. He was loving it, playing with my nipples as I jacked my cock. I was just about to cum when he sort of pushed me off his cock to the side of his bed and just laid there. He was motionless for a few seconds and then he started jacking his cock and eventually came all over his stomach. I was pissed. WTF? I got up, got dressed and left. It's not so much that he didn't cum in me it's the fact that I was thrown off his cock and the fucking lasted only about 15 minutes. Maybe I'm just being a whiny bitch but that wasn't my cup of tea, but the next story is. It happened yesterday.

The Good

A friend of mine came home for mid-tour leave from Iraq so I decided to take a little trip to his Army post to hang out with him. As I was getting ready he texted me telling me the plans for the night: dinner with him and his fiance and then we would hit the bars. Then he told me that a friend of his fiances would join us and that he was gay but he hadn't came out to anyone and was trying to hide it but most people knew. I figured if he was good looking I would try to get him to fuck me. I hopped in my car and drove to meet up with my buddy.

I finally got there and started pounding the beers until his fiance got home from work. Details were worked out and we headed out to pick up his fiances gay-but-not-gay friend. We got to his place and he came walking up to the truck and I made up my mind right there that I would somehow get him in me. Mike stood probably just over 5'10 with blond hair cut to fit army regs and from what I could tell he had a nice body. He wasn't a buffed out, gym rat but he had something going on. And he had a pair of tight jeans on that showed off a slight bulge. He got in the truck and flashed a killer smile and off we went.

The night was filled with lots of drinking, mechanical bull riding and dancing. I began to think about Mike and the situation I was in. I haven't come out to many people so I was wondering if my friends knew about me like they knew about Mike. So with the liquid courage going through my veins, I made the very loud announcement,
"I'm gay!"

It was right out of a movie, it seemed as if I made that announcement as the music stopped and heads turned toward our table. I was slightly embarrassed but more relieved that I was able to tell my friends. But I was more concerned with getting at Mike. I figured with that revelation it would give him a way to start a conversation or something. The guys and girls got up to dance leaving me and Mike at the table and he went right into conversation
"So, you're gay, huh?"
"Yep, it seems so."
And we continued to talk as they danced and he confessed that he was bi but leaned more toward men. It seemed to open up avenues of conversation and he asked what kind of guys I like and I said, "Guy like you." He flashed his killer smile again and said, "You aren't so bad looking either. So, what are two guys to do?" And then I knew he would fuck me that night. I don't know too many of the details as we continued to drink more and more but I remember him rubbing my leg under the table a few times and grabbing my crotch in the cab home. Mike told my buddy he would just crash at his place so the cab wouldn't have to make two stops. Everyone had rooms except me and Mike so we were told we would have to sleep in the living room. I remember all the lights going out and feeling Mike next to me on the couch. One thing led to another and he was fucking me missionary style on the couch as quiet as he could. He leaned down and whispered, "I am going to cum inside you." He then shot is load in me as we made out a little. He pulled out and went back to his sleeping bag on the floor and went to sleep and I slept with his load in me.

I woke up with a huge headache and then it dawned on me that Mike actually did fuck me. I was the only one up and decided that I should head out. I jumped in the shower and cleaned up. I got out of the shower and went to tell my buddy that I was leaving and when I returned, Mike was awake, sitting on the couch and he had my cell phone.

"I'm just putting my number in here since you have to call me to ask me to go to the lake this weekend for the 4th of July."

I was dumbfounded. Part of me was torn. I don't do the relationship thing but he obviously wanted to hang out. I decided to just go with it and see what happens. As it turns out we have been texting each other all day and he is coming to the lake with me this weekend. If it isn't love at least I'll get one more fuck out of it but I'll attempt to be sober so I can give you guys better details.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4 hour Tag Team session.

I received some feed back from Dan (Matt and Dan's Sexual Adventures) about posting on the gang bang I had a while back. I had every full intention of writing about it but I sit here now, just getting home from 4 hour tag team session, and what do I have to show for it: 5 loads in my hole, bite marks, newly forming bruises, scratches, red wrists from being restrained and a VERY sore asshole. So, all in all, it was a GREAT 4 hours.

I friend of mine came into town to visit and as me, him, his fiance, my best friend and his girl were eating lunch I received a text from a hot fuck bud of mine, SC.

"Can you cum over now? I have a friend who wants to play!"

It was not the most opportune time to head over and get fucked as I was eating with some friends. I texted him back saying later if he was free. He replied that he would be free around 9pm and to head over then. I agreed as it gave me 8 hours hang out with my friends.

8:30 rolled around and I jumped in the shower to clean up as he always compliments me on how clean and welcoming my hole always is. I head on over and in no time I'm at SC's place. He answers the door naked and ushers me in where I see his friend standing in the living room, who was clothed from the waist down but seeing them two standing there got me hornier than all hell. SC is a muscled out, punk rock dude with tons of tats covering both arms and a few on his back and stomach. Even with the stomach tats he has a very defined 8pack that drives me crazy. And swinging between his legs is a 7 inch, cut cock that has worked my hole over really well in the past. His Friend is no slouch in the looks department either. He has a slightly hairy chest with great definition and really hot nipples and I'll found out later that his cock is just barely smaller than SC's but it is uncut with a great hood to cover the head. We get straight to business as SC knows I love it rough, hard and raw. He starts barking orders for me to suck his Friend's cock which I gladly do. Though his friend wasn't feeling the "dom" vibe at first but quickly learned to abuse me just as well as SC was. I sucked him good and hard, with SC telling me to "work for that cock, show this guy how big of a cock whore you are." I get him hard, working my tongue under his foreskin, making him buck his hips. I was horny as fuck and was ready for a good ride so I released my self and straddled his cock and lowered myself on it with only my lube as spit and did he love it. He fucked me hard in that position, thrusting his cock deep in my hole as I lowered myself onto it each time. SC then stood on the bed and skull fucked me as Friend plowed my hole: Load #1 was in my hole in about 15 minutes from walking in the door. Friend grabbed my hips and held my down on his cock as he unloaded. I let him stay in me for just a little bit before I decided to get off and clean it up with my mouth.

As I was sucking, noticing him getting harder, SC entered me. He sort of pivoted me around to the side of Friend and had me flat on the bed. He placed one arm at my throat and the other on my neck and slowly choked me as he pumped my hole. I was lost in the moment, just barely hearing words "Cunt, whore, cum slut" and a few others but I took his cock like a champ. I knew he was getting close because his arms clamped harder down. I was having just a little trouble breathing but not enough to cause any alarm. He then removed his arms and planted both hands on my head and shoved it into the pillow as he gave me load #2.

"TAKE IT YOU FUCKING WHORE!" He yelled pretty loud and then he spit on me. He grabbed me by the hair and put my mouth on his cock and made me clean him off. SC then wanted to get a little more physical. He was hard again in record time and had me ride him. As I rode him, he started just lightly jabbing me in the chest with his fist. I sort of knew I had the upper hand as I was on top riding him, so I placed one hand on his throat and squeezed and the other I gently slapped him. The harder he punched me, the harder I slapped him. We were going wild. I love nothing more than hot, raw, abusive sex. So we went at that for a while as his cock was buried deep in my hole then Friend stepped behind me and began to enter me too. At that point I just gave up and let SC do whatever he wanted to me. SC told Friend to grab my arms and put them behind my back. So there I was, my legs locked between theirs and Friend had my arms held behind my back as I had two raw dicks in my hole. So I said the only thing that I could think of:

"I want both of your loads in me."
"Yeah?" SC said.
Then whack, he slapped the hell out of me and I couldn't do anything as I was pretty much immobile.
"Yes, sir."
"That's more like it you fucking cock whore. Squeeze your hole and let us know how much you want it."

I flexed and clenched my hole like it was going out of style and did everything I could to get those loads in me. Friend eventually let go of my arms and placed his hands on my hips and rocked me back and forth on the two cocks inside me. At this point I had lost track of time, simply being lost in the fuck. Friend announced first that he was about to cum and SC asked him to hold off for just a few seconds so he could get close and SC then pumped his hips harder and faster and with in moments my guts were juiced with two more warm loads.

We disassembled and SC order me to 69 with Friend so he could taste my freshly loaded hole and so I could clean off his cock. As I did this, SC got up and left the room for just a few minutes but then came back with leather restraints. I got off Friend's cock to get a better look when I was rewarded with a back handed slap on my cheek.

"Keep sucking his cock, boy. Put your hands out in front of you."

I did as I was told and felt the thick leather envelop my wrists and heard a click as he locked them in place. I tested them to see if they were sturdy and sure enough, they were. SC was serious about me not moving my arms. He then told Friend to roll me off of him and I rolled across the bed, face down and SC secured my wrist restraints to the metal frame of his bed. As I laid ass up, Friend said he was done and needed a break. SC, always the gracious host, did not object and told him sit back and enjoy the show.

And what a show it must have been. From somewhere SC pulled out a leather flog and began working my back, legs and ass over. He didn't wail on me, but just hard enough to make me wince every time. I'm not sure how long he did this but after a while it felt good. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Friend jacking his cock and then SC got up on the bed and told me to bite down on the handle of the flog, which acted like a gag. He then entered my hole and used every bit of the metal bed frame as leverage to get deeper and deeper into my hole. He rode me good and hard and then told Friend to come over and finger my hole as he fucked me. I felt a slight pressure of one finger enter me along with SC's cock then the pressure built as SC egged him on to add another and another. Eventually I had four of Friend's fingers in my hole along with SC's cock. I was in slight pain but it felt great.

"Yeah man, jack my cock inside his hole."

I did the best I could to buck my ass to meet their strokes. At this point all of us are dripping with sweat and I can hear Friend jacking his cock with his free hand and out of nowhere I get that feeling and I had a no hands cum and shot a huge load into my jock. My orgasm caused me clench down on SC's cock even more and that put him over the edge, giving me the 5th load of the evening. He collapsed on top of me and Friend removed his fingers. One last time, SC worked his way up to my mouth and forced me onto his cock to clean it off.

He then let loose the restraints, tousled my hair and began one of the most sensual make out sessions I had ever been a part of. Our mouths met and it was like we had become one. It's hard to explain but there was a pure connection when we kissed unlike any other I have ever felt.

I got up to get dressed and noticed that I had been there for 4 hours and had my entire body worked over like never before. One of the best fucks I have ever had, period. I'll be seeing him again once my hole feels better.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome back - now suck my dick

I finally got back home and in record time I had a fuck-date set up with one of my regular fuck buds: LV. I get home and relax a bit, talk to my roommate/best friend about the goings on while I was away and then quickly make my exit to get ready for LV's thick dick. I had to wait a few hours as LV has a boyfriend and has to wait for him to go to work until we can play. I find that in itself really hot. So I put on my trusty red jock, red gym shorts and a sleeveless tee and head over.

I get to his place and knock and wait...and wait. It must have been about 2 or 3 minutes I was waiting outside when I heard the bolt unlatch and he opens the door completely naked which was a first as he is usually very quick to open the door and usher me in before anyone can see. As usual we strip down and go right to business as he has some hot BB porn playing in the back ground. From the get go this was a different kind of encounter. It seemed more sensual. I quickly took his dick in my mouth as he sat on the couch and enjoyed every second of it. Soon enough his cock was rock hard and stretching my jaw with it's thickness. I took a break and straddled him and began to make out. We kissed for a while then I nibbled his neck, earlobes and gently bit his shoulder as I ground my ass into his crotch. Then I began to work his nipples which caused him to thrust his cock along my ass crack. He grabbed my face and said, with a grin,

"Welcome back. Now suck my dick."

I went back and worked his cock over slowly. Licking up the sides and getting it nice and wet with my spit. I employed the hand and mouth method where I suck the head and jack the shaft which he really likes. That went on for a few minutes before he wanted to have a go at my ass. He laid on the ground and told me to suck his cock while he ate my ass. He tore into my ass with his tongue like a wild animal. I had to stop deepthroating him because it felt so good and I just wanted to enjoy it. He had my cheeks spread and dove deep as I ground my hole onto his face. I knew I was in for a good fucking. I got up and bent over the couch and told him to fuck me. LV grabbed his lube and told me to fuck myself on his cock. He positioned it at my hole and I slowly backed my ass up on it. I looked back and his hands where on his head and his eyes were closed. I clenched my hole as tight as I could just to see his reaction. His eyes shot open and then, "Fuck, you've got an amazing hole." And then he took over.

LV grabbed my shoulders and rode me good, slapping my ass, snapping my jock waist band to make it pop against my lower back. He then bunched it up and used it as a handle to fuck me. And then he went in to my favorite deep-dicking position: he had me pinned against the couch and he hoisted one leg up near my head and the other near my rib cage and pile drove my ass like never before. It wasn't long before he announced,

"You want my cum, boy?"
"Yes sir, load my hole."
"You got it!"

LV slammed into me a few more times and let out a yell as he filled my guts with his juice. He stayed in me for a few seconds longer then sat on the couch and I went directly for his cock to clean it off. I could taste my ass juice and his cum and I loved it. I nursed his cock on and off between making out with him. I was sucking his cock when I felt him start to go hard again so I went at it harder and faster. Eventually I got him rock hard again and it was time for round 2.

He put me on the ground, pinned my hands above my head with one hand and with the other he guided his cock into my cum-slicked hole. I love rough sex so I encouraged him.

"Yes sir, take my hole. Fuck it good. It's yours to use."

He gave my ass a few slaps and dicked me good and hard calling me a whore and a cum slut, as usual. From previous encounters I knew he would cum quicker than the first time so I worked my hole around his cock: clenching, unclenching and milking. This time there was no pretext about me wanting his cum.

"Take my cum you fucking slut!" And with both hands he pushed down on my shoulders and unloaded into my hole. I bucked up to meet his cock, hell bent on getting every last drop in my cunt. He collapsed on top of me and kissed me.

"I'm glad you're back. I missed your hole."

I gave his cock one last squeeze before he pulled out and again, I went down on him, tasting more cum than before. I quickly got dressed and left as I hadn't had anything real to eat in about 10 hours.


I went for a run and then hit the gym earlier and when I got back I had an email from him saying he is going to plan a gang bang for me this weekend. I hope it all works out. I haven't had a gang bang in about 4 months.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Comment issues.

So there have been a few issues with leaving comments and I found the best way would be to use a guesbook service. In the upper corner of the blog I have a link in which you guys can leave comments, suggestions or pretty much anything you want me to see. Hope to hear from all you sleazy fuckers.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1st Known POZ load

As the title states, this blog post is about the first known poz load I took.

It occur ed about a year ago when I was on active duty and stationed in a different state. I logged on to and began chatting with a few people with hopes to find a future fuck buddy. A few minutes into some conversations I got a message request from this guy who's only picture was of his bare torso and it was enough to get my interest. What I saw was a muscular, smooth torso that had all the muscles in the right place. We began chatting and soon the conversation turned to sex and I let him, Steve, know that I was into bareback fucking and that is when he told me he was poz.

At this point in my life I had never knowingly taken a poz load and his revelation turned me on. Something inside me stirred and I replied with, "It's cool, we can still fuck bareback." We emailed pics back and forth and I knew he was going to be a good fuck. Steve was in his mid 30's and smooth all over with a fantastic build. He had a swimmers body but with more muscle and his cock looked amazing. It was a solid 8incher with an average thickness, maybe a little thicker than most but not by much. He had me hooked.

We emailed back and forth for about two weeks before I finally got the courage to finally take his load. I cleaned up and put on my jock, gym shorts and a zip-up hoodie and drove over to Steve's place. I rang his apartment and he buzzed me up. He opened the door wearing only a pair of worn jeans and welcomed me in and I immediately noticed the odor of marijuana. He noticed and said he is allowed to grow medicinally and offered me a joint which I gladly accepted to help me relax.

After about half an hour of smoking he grabbed me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. As we walked I noticed he had a nice home gym set up in one of his rooms. (I smile at this now because I got quite the workout on his bench a few sessions later). We got to his room and his inner animal came out. He began to maul me and stripped me of my clothes in a matter of seconds all the while kissing, biting and nibbling my neck and face. At this point I let him take control as that is what I prefer. He had me completely naked except for my jock and pushed down on my shoulders. I got the hint. Before my knees hit the ground his pants were down and he was at full attention, his cock just grazing my face. I wanted him to know that I wanted it bad so I deep throated him in one quick motion and he began to fuck my face. He grabbed the side of my head and forced his cock down my throat over and over. Spit and drool began to leak out of my mouth as he used my throat.

In my sexual experience there are cocks that seem to be made for my throat and ass and Steve's cock was made for both. The shape, size and curvature made him great to deep throat. Just the right amount of gagging and swallowing. He was down my throat for a good twenty minutes before he lifted me up and put me on the edge of the bed on my back. He lowered himself and kissed me again. As Steve was kissing me he reached to his bedside and got some lube and lubed up his cock and my hole as his tongue explored my mouth. I wrapped my arms and legs around him began to make out fiercely, feeling his hardness against my hole.

"You still want my bare cock?"
"Fuck yeah, give it to me!" I moaned as I released myself and pulled my legs to my chest to give him full access to my hole. With one hand he grabbed and ankle and with the other he guided his lubed fuck me into my now slick hole. He entered me in one fluid motion; not too fast or hard, but with just enough force to make it feel good. My back arched, I closed my eyes and let out one of the most guttural moans that I can remember. I was loving it, knowing I had a bare, poz cock up my hole and at that moment I gave myself to him. He had warned me earlier that it took him a while to cum and that he could fuck for hours. I ran my hands over his body, noticing that he didn't have that "wasted" look that some poz people have. He was thin but the fact that he worked out on a constant basis made up for it.

Steve fucked me for almost 2 and a half hours. And he fucked me in every position I could have imagined. Toward the end he had me kneel on his couch backwards to expose my hole to him. He slid in and put on leg on the arm of the couch and with the other he placed right next to my rib cage and grabbed the back of the sofa and fucked me hard. He used the couch as leverage and fucked screams and moans out of me. I reached down and began jacking my cock, noticing the huge amount of pre-cum that had soaked through the cloth of my jock. He noticed my jacking and smacked my hand away and switched positions. He sat on the couch and had me ride him with my back to on his chest. I leaned back and let him thrust in and out of me. My hands reached back to grab his neck and he began to jack my cock. It only took a few strokes before he had me cumming volley after volley. Steve scooped up most of it, pushed me flat onto the ground and smeared my hole with my own cum. He climbed on top and again picked up where he left off, pumping and thrusting my hole. This entire time the dirty talk was flying left and right.

"You're going to get my poz load, you cum slut."
"Yes sir, load me up with your seed."
"You fucking whore, your cunt is mine."
"All yours, however you want to take it."

By this time my throat and ass were getting sore but I didn't want him to stop. I wanted him to stay in me for a few more hours but I knew it wouldn't happen. So I began to work my hole around his dick, flexing and squeezing at the right moments, milking his cock and gripping him with all my strength. This got him going.
"You're going to make me cum baby. You want my load?"
"Yes sir, give it to me. I want it bad."

With that he put both hands on my shoulders and began to thrust harder into me. With long strokes he exited all the way and dropped back into me making me yell out even more.

"Here it cums, whore!"

And with that he let out a low scream and let loose is poz load. I felt his cock twitch inside my hole as he thrust his cock and I bucked my ass to meet his thrusts. All the while I was gripping his cock, trying to milk all that poz cum out of him that I could. Steve finally collapsed on top of me and stay there for a few seconds before sliding out of me leaving me feeling empty, sore and juicy. He dove down and began to eat my hole which felt great. Then I felt a slight sucking and realized that he wanted his cum out of my hole. I obliged and let the cum flow from my hole into his waiting mouth. He then came back up to my face and shared his cum with me, forcing it from his mouth into mine. Back and forth it went, with bits of it oozing out the sides of our mouths mixed with saliva until I swallowed most of it.

He gently slapped my ass and began to get dressed. I did the same and thanked him for the hot time. After that we became regular fuck buddies and I actually plan to visit some friends in his city and he has already said I could crash at his place. The funny thing is, that after taking his poz loads I never caught "it". The last time we fucked about 10 months ago and I've been tested a few times since. So as of a few weeks ago, I am still neg.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hot vid even though the top is wrapped up.

Though the top is wearing a condom, he seems to know how to work an ass over. It seems that all I have done for the past few days is look at porn as my supply of tops is very limited here. Though training is going great, I am becoming sexually frustrated. I lost my virginity at a young age compared to most (19) but it seems that even from that time I mainly barebacked. Very few times have I been fucked or fucked wearing a condom. So, sitting in this hotel room with nothing to do really except watch porn and go to the gym, I've been thinking about my past fucks.

My very first fuck was raw and he fucked me multiple times and dumped multiple loads in my hole over a two day period. We met online and he flew down from Seattle to meet me here in Texas. We traded pics before hand and I didn't really know what to expect. I just knew that he liked me and wanted to fuck me. So he, Scott, arrived at his hotel and told me to head over.

So as soon as I got off work I headed for his hotel. I gently knocked on his door sort of hoping he wouldn't hear and I could simply leave but he heard and invited me in. I took in the sight of what would be my first fuck and began to wonder if I had taken up the many chances to have had my hole fucked over the past few years if it would make this experience different. I had many chances prior to that night to have lost my virginity but didn't follow through. But once I had my head cleared by a few beers I knew I wanted Scott. He was a firefighter up in Seattle and he had a great body. He was dressed in gym shorts and a tank top and it showed off his muscles. As we got to drinking more and more he took off his tank top and I think I might have actually have drooled.

He had no hair on his body whatsoever and he was sculpted. He had a very defined chest, arms and abs. He had that sexy V-shaped torso and to top it all off he was a red head. So instantly I wanted to know if the carpet matched the drapes. Yeah, I was a slightly moronic teenager but I was horny as hell. I don't remember all the details but I do remember him telling me that, once I was naked, he was going to abuse my virgin hole and give me his loads. I didn't really know what barebacking was but he said he was going to plow me raw. And he did.

I remember various positions ranging from A - Z and he fucked me good. He even made me give him road head as we drove to get food that next morning. The weekend was filled with sex, booze and the occasional need to eat something other than ass or cock.

He left early in the morning two days later and as I stepped out of his rental truck and onto my lawn I remember being really sore and hoped that my roommates didn't see me because all I wanted to do was nap and take a seat in our hot tub.

We kept in touch and he flew down and fucked me a few more times and he introduced me to one of my favorite fuck buds who also happened to be part of a threesome where I had my ass double fucked for the first time.

Until I get out of this place, which will be in about a week, I'll post stories from my past fucks that left an impression. And as soon as I get some new loads in me I'll make sure to let you guys know. I already have a fuck session planned with a regular of mine who, as he says, is going to "annihilate my hole." I sure hope he does.