Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Poz load in my hole

First off, I want to thank ya'll for taking the time to read this blog. It may not be the most technically sound or even the most vibrantly written but I appreciate the comments.

I will be changing the blog slightly sometime in the near future so hopefully that will fix the comments feature.

Now, for the good stuff.

Met a guy off Adam4Adam a few weeks back and exchanged numbers to get together sometime. For one reason or another we didn't have time to get together...until about an hour ago.

Nice body and great cock. But he had amazing blue eyes that transfixed me. I couldn't help but not look into his eyes as I devoured his dick.

No words were really said but our actions spoke louder. He had me on my knees and teased me with his cock head. He wasn't rough at all but rather gently. He placed his hand under my chin and slowly pulled me forward as he slid his cock down my throat. "Yeah, suck that cock." was all he said as he continued that maneuver over and over.

After a few minutes of taking his cock down my throat he said he wanted to see my ass. I went to all fours as he walked around and examined my jockstrap clad ass. He positioned himself behind me, fingered my hole just a bit to make sure I was lubed as he had instructed me to be and slowly, oh so slowly, slid into me.

He cock felt great. As he slowly slid in, it was as if I could feel every aspect of his cock: the head, the bulging veins and finally his neatly trimmed pubes as they rested against my cheecks.

He kept me in the doggy style position or in a slight variation of it. One hand on my shouler, both hands on my shoulders or around my neck. Pulling me in deeper as he dug his fingers into my hips, making me moan. Or pulling me up so I was on my knees with his chest to my back with his arm across my chest. It was an amazing fuck to start the day.

He pushed me down so my chest was on the ground and my ass slightly up and he picked up the pace and I heard the all too familiar sound of his breath getting shorter and more laboured. He didn't announce he was shooting his poz load in me with words but his gasps and thrusts and hand pressure let me know.

He pumped in and out of me for a few mintues, allowing me to milk his cock until he pulled out with an audible *pop* and walked around to my head and told me to clean him off...his cum slicked cock tasted even better than before.

He gave me a pat on the head, dressed and left. Half an hour later I recieved this text:

"You've got a nice mouth and a great fucking hole man. I am going to drop you a line this afternoon."

Round 2 hopefully comming soon.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Almost a threesome - 2 great fucks instead.

Had a great workout this morning and was pretty horned up after looking at all the eye candy at the gym. So what is a sex fiend like me to do??

Well, I went online and prowled and narrowed my search for a fuck to two tops. As I was deciding which one would be worth my time the most one of them mentioned a 3-way. Bada-bing!

Bud, 6'1" white, shaved head, muscular build 8inches cut, headed over to my place at 1pm and Randy, the other top, 5'10ish, black hair, 7inches cut, lean build would head over shortly after.

Bud showed up and we got right to it. No pretense at all. He pushed my shorts down, lifted my shirt and put me on my knees and within moments I had a thick ass cock gagging me. He was a pro at having his cock sucked. He held my head at his crotch until I gagged a few times and then let me up for air. This went on for quite a while as his cock was getting slobbered on and slobbered on.

"Yeah, that's right. Get that cock nice and wet so I can slide it in."

I was placed on all fours and was a little hesitant to take his cock because it was one of the thicker ones I've had all year. With just a little more spit and shoved it in in one thrust. My eye balls shot out of my head and I was off that dick in a split second. But being the good cum slut that I am I reached for my poppers, took a massive hit and told him, "Fuck the hell out of me." And for the second time he shoved his cock in my hole but this time I welcomed the onslaught and boy did he slaughter my hole.

After half an hour, as I was getting plowed doggy style, I began to wonder where Randy was. So with Bud's cock still balls deep in my cunt, I reached for my phone and sent out a series of text messages with the end result being Randy would be late.

Bud didn't have much more time to stick around so he found it time to breed my hole. He put me face down, pulled my head back by my hair with one hand and with the other arm he put me in a light choke hold.

"You're going to get my cum deep in your pussy, boy!"
"FUck yeah, give it to me."

ANd he did just that. He shot his load inside me and I was flooded. His thick cock pulsed inside me and I did the best I could to milk every last drop of cum out of him. He then worked a finger inside my hole and got it nice and cum slicked and made me clean it off before forcing me down to clean up his cock.

And just as he arrived, he left. No small talk, just "Thanks for the lay. I'll keep in touch." And he was out the door. And not 10 minutes later, Randy was at the gate asking to be let in and I was more than happy to let him in.

I told him Bud had just left and he reached back and stuck a finger in my hole and a huge grin flashed on his face. He pushed me against the door, turned me around and dry humped my cum slicked ass until I could feel his rock hard cock through his jeans. I heard him fumbling with his belt buckle and soon his pants were around his ankles and I was being pinned against my front door as he fucked me.

He pulled me away from the door and put me on all fours (pants still around his ankles) and continued to fuck me. He had no special technique but we definately had some chemistry and I arched my back and bucked my hips to meet his strokes. I worked my hole as tight as I could around his cock as he withdrew and relaxed as he entered. We worked in tandem and he was letting out moans and "oh fucks!" and "damn, that's great"'s as I did my best to get that load out of him. It didn't take too long for him to cross over the point of no return. Hands on my shoulders, he pulled me onto his cock and let the seed spew into my hole.

All in all it was a great afternoon. I now sit here contemplating if I should get a few more loads in me or not. If I do, you lot will be the first to know. Have a great weekend :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not for least for now

I broke up with the b/f.


Well, because he was boring and I really hate having to share a bed for the mere act of sleeping. Maybe one day I'll be ready but for now I'm very happy being single.

Met a hot military stud today with plans to meet up next week.

I'll keep ya'll posted.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

3 loads while the BF was at work

Yes, you read correctly: I do have a boyfriend...sort of.

I'm not the emotional type and really do not get close to people but it is good sometimes to have someone to do just sleep next too.

He has no idea (I do no think) about this blog or my "extra cirricular" activities.

He trusts me 110% and I believe he honestly cares about me. Do I care about him the same way? I do not think I do. I find it hard to deal with the "ooey-gooey" feelings but he is a good looking guy with a very nice body so I guess I will just let it play out and see where it goes. But in the mean time I will continue to play with others. If he finds out then he finds out, if he does not find out then all is well, I guess.

But now the matter at hand...

A fellow military dude hit me up on A4A on wednesday and simply said he wanted to fuck. I very rarely have time during the week these days so I told him to save the loads if he wanted to get together after I was done with work on Friday. His reply: "My place. 7pm." He gave me the details and I waited patiently until 7pm Friday came.

I rushed from work to my place to shower and clean up and in no time I was headed to his place.

I knocked, walked in and we got down to business. I got between his legs on his leather couch, got him hard and he slid in shortly after.

The next two hours was a series of positions, moans and grunts. Every time he shot his load in me it was with my legs at my ears and he bore all his weight down on me making sure to push each previous load deeper and deeper into. It was my mission to keep them in me until this morning (Saturda) so I would be able to be around all the military men with a 3 cum loads inside but I had to let them go this morning.

I am sorry these posts are not very detailed, but as I have said before, I have been very busy. I am about to head out to a Christmas dinner with some good friends and with any luck I will get a few loads in me before monday morning comes.

Side note: My personal trainer is a hot Italian guy with a HUGE bulge. Every workout all I can think about is him fucking me. He is as straight as they come...I think.