Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4 hour Tag Team session.

I received some feed back from Dan (Matt and Dan's Sexual Adventures) about posting on the gang bang I had a while back. I had every full intention of writing about it but I sit here now, just getting home from 4 hour tag team session, and what do I have to show for it: 5 loads in my hole, bite marks, newly forming bruises, scratches, red wrists from being restrained and a VERY sore asshole. So, all in all, it was a GREAT 4 hours.

I friend of mine came into town to visit and as me, him, his fiance, my best friend and his girl were eating lunch I received a text from a hot fuck bud of mine, SC.

"Can you cum over now? I have a friend who wants to play!"

It was not the most opportune time to head over and get fucked as I was eating with some friends. I texted him back saying later if he was free. He replied that he would be free around 9pm and to head over then. I agreed as it gave me 8 hours hang out with my friends.

8:30 rolled around and I jumped in the shower to clean up as he always compliments me on how clean and welcoming my hole always is. I head on over and in no time I'm at SC's place. He answers the door naked and ushers me in where I see his friend standing in the living room, who was clothed from the waist down but seeing them two standing there got me hornier than all hell. SC is a muscled out, punk rock dude with tons of tats covering both arms and a few on his back and stomach. Even with the stomach tats he has a very defined 8pack that drives me crazy. And swinging between his legs is a 7 inch, cut cock that has worked my hole over really well in the past. His Friend is no slouch in the looks department either. He has a slightly hairy chest with great definition and really hot nipples and I'll found out later that his cock is just barely smaller than SC's but it is uncut with a great hood to cover the head. We get straight to business as SC knows I love it rough, hard and raw. He starts barking orders for me to suck his Friend's cock which I gladly do. Though his friend wasn't feeling the "dom" vibe at first but quickly learned to abuse me just as well as SC was. I sucked him good and hard, with SC telling me to "work for that cock, show this guy how big of a cock whore you are." I get him hard, working my tongue under his foreskin, making him buck his hips. I was horny as fuck and was ready for a good ride so I released my self and straddled his cock and lowered myself on it with only my lube as spit and did he love it. He fucked me hard in that position, thrusting his cock deep in my hole as I lowered myself onto it each time. SC then stood on the bed and skull fucked me as Friend plowed my hole: Load #1 was in my hole in about 15 minutes from walking in the door. Friend grabbed my hips and held my down on his cock as he unloaded. I let him stay in me for just a little bit before I decided to get off and clean it up with my mouth.

As I was sucking, noticing him getting harder, SC entered me. He sort of pivoted me around to the side of Friend and had me flat on the bed. He placed one arm at my throat and the other on my neck and slowly choked me as he pumped my hole. I was lost in the moment, just barely hearing words "Cunt, whore, cum slut" and a few others but I took his cock like a champ. I knew he was getting close because his arms clamped harder down. I was having just a little trouble breathing but not enough to cause any alarm. He then removed his arms and planted both hands on my head and shoved it into the pillow as he gave me load #2.

"TAKE IT YOU FUCKING WHORE!" He yelled pretty loud and then he spit on me. He grabbed me by the hair and put my mouth on his cock and made me clean him off. SC then wanted to get a little more physical. He was hard again in record time and had me ride him. As I rode him, he started just lightly jabbing me in the chest with his fist. I sort of knew I had the upper hand as I was on top riding him, so I placed one hand on his throat and squeezed and the other I gently slapped him. The harder he punched me, the harder I slapped him. We were going wild. I love nothing more than hot, raw, abusive sex. So we went at that for a while as his cock was buried deep in my hole then Friend stepped behind me and began to enter me too. At that point I just gave up and let SC do whatever he wanted to me. SC told Friend to grab my arms and put them behind my back. So there I was, my legs locked between theirs and Friend had my arms held behind my back as I had two raw dicks in my hole. So I said the only thing that I could think of:

"I want both of your loads in me."
"Yeah?" SC said.
Then whack, he slapped the hell out of me and I couldn't do anything as I was pretty much immobile.
"Yes, sir."
"That's more like it you fucking cock whore. Squeeze your hole and let us know how much you want it."

I flexed and clenched my hole like it was going out of style and did everything I could to get those loads in me. Friend eventually let go of my arms and placed his hands on my hips and rocked me back and forth on the two cocks inside me. At this point I had lost track of time, simply being lost in the fuck. Friend announced first that he was about to cum and SC asked him to hold off for just a few seconds so he could get close and SC then pumped his hips harder and faster and with in moments my guts were juiced with two more warm loads.

We disassembled and SC order me to 69 with Friend so he could taste my freshly loaded hole and so I could clean off his cock. As I did this, SC got up and left the room for just a few minutes but then came back with leather restraints. I got off Friend's cock to get a better look when I was rewarded with a back handed slap on my cheek.

"Keep sucking his cock, boy. Put your hands out in front of you."

I did as I was told and felt the thick leather envelop my wrists and heard a click as he locked them in place. I tested them to see if they were sturdy and sure enough, they were. SC was serious about me not moving my arms. He then told Friend to roll me off of him and I rolled across the bed, face down and SC secured my wrist restraints to the metal frame of his bed. As I laid ass up, Friend said he was done and needed a break. SC, always the gracious host, did not object and told him sit back and enjoy the show.

And what a show it must have been. From somewhere SC pulled out a leather flog and began working my back, legs and ass over. He didn't wail on me, but just hard enough to make me wince every time. I'm not sure how long he did this but after a while it felt good. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Friend jacking his cock and then SC got up on the bed and told me to bite down on the handle of the flog, which acted like a gag. He then entered my hole and used every bit of the metal bed frame as leverage to get deeper and deeper into my hole. He rode me good and hard and then told Friend to come over and finger my hole as he fucked me. I felt a slight pressure of one finger enter me along with SC's cock then the pressure built as SC egged him on to add another and another. Eventually I had four of Friend's fingers in my hole along with SC's cock. I was in slight pain but it felt great.

"Yeah man, jack my cock inside his hole."

I did the best I could to buck my ass to meet their strokes. At this point all of us are dripping with sweat and I can hear Friend jacking his cock with his free hand and out of nowhere I get that feeling and I had a no hands cum and shot a huge load into my jock. My orgasm caused me clench down on SC's cock even more and that put him over the edge, giving me the 5th load of the evening. He collapsed on top of me and Friend removed his fingers. One last time, SC worked his way up to my mouth and forced me onto his cock to clean it off.

He then let loose the restraints, tousled my hair and began one of the most sensual make out sessions I had ever been a part of. Our mouths met and it was like we had become one. It's hard to explain but there was a pure connection when we kissed unlike any other I have ever felt.

I got up to get dressed and noticed that I had been there for 4 hours and had my entire body worked over like never before. One of the best fucks I have ever had, period. I'll be seeing him again once my hole feels better.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome back - now suck my dick

I finally got back home and in record time I had a fuck-date set up with one of my regular fuck buds: LV. I get home and relax a bit, talk to my roommate/best friend about the goings on while I was away and then quickly make my exit to get ready for LV's thick dick. I had to wait a few hours as LV has a boyfriend and has to wait for him to go to work until we can play. I find that in itself really hot. So I put on my trusty red jock, red gym shorts and a sleeveless tee and head over.

I get to his place and knock and wait...and wait. It must have been about 2 or 3 minutes I was waiting outside when I heard the bolt unlatch and he opens the door completely naked which was a first as he is usually very quick to open the door and usher me in before anyone can see. As usual we strip down and go right to business as he has some hot BB porn playing in the back ground. From the get go this was a different kind of encounter. It seemed more sensual. I quickly took his dick in my mouth as he sat on the couch and enjoyed every second of it. Soon enough his cock was rock hard and stretching my jaw with it's thickness. I took a break and straddled him and began to make out. We kissed for a while then I nibbled his neck, earlobes and gently bit his shoulder as I ground my ass into his crotch. Then I began to work his nipples which caused him to thrust his cock along my ass crack. He grabbed my face and said, with a grin,

"Welcome back. Now suck my dick."

I went back and worked his cock over slowly. Licking up the sides and getting it nice and wet with my spit. I employed the hand and mouth method where I suck the head and jack the shaft which he really likes. That went on for a few minutes before he wanted to have a go at my ass. He laid on the ground and told me to suck his cock while he ate my ass. He tore into my ass with his tongue like a wild animal. I had to stop deepthroating him because it felt so good and I just wanted to enjoy it. He had my cheeks spread and dove deep as I ground my hole onto his face. I knew I was in for a good fucking. I got up and bent over the couch and told him to fuck me. LV grabbed his lube and told me to fuck myself on his cock. He positioned it at my hole and I slowly backed my ass up on it. I looked back and his hands where on his head and his eyes were closed. I clenched my hole as tight as I could just to see his reaction. His eyes shot open and then, "Fuck, you've got an amazing hole." And then he took over.

LV grabbed my shoulders and rode me good, slapping my ass, snapping my jock waist band to make it pop against my lower back. He then bunched it up and used it as a handle to fuck me. And then he went in to my favorite deep-dicking position: he had me pinned against the couch and he hoisted one leg up near my head and the other near my rib cage and pile drove my ass like never before. It wasn't long before he announced,

"You want my cum, boy?"
"Yes sir, load my hole."
"You got it!"

LV slammed into me a few more times and let out a yell as he filled my guts with his juice. He stayed in me for a few seconds longer then sat on the couch and I went directly for his cock to clean it off. I could taste my ass juice and his cum and I loved it. I nursed his cock on and off between making out with him. I was sucking his cock when I felt him start to go hard again so I went at it harder and faster. Eventually I got him rock hard again and it was time for round 2.

He put me on the ground, pinned my hands above my head with one hand and with the other he guided his cock into my cum-slicked hole. I love rough sex so I encouraged him.

"Yes sir, take my hole. Fuck it good. It's yours to use."

He gave my ass a few slaps and dicked me good and hard calling me a whore and a cum slut, as usual. From previous encounters I knew he would cum quicker than the first time so I worked my hole around his cock: clenching, unclenching and milking. This time there was no pretext about me wanting his cum.

"Take my cum you fucking slut!" And with both hands he pushed down on my shoulders and unloaded into my hole. I bucked up to meet his cock, hell bent on getting every last drop in my cunt. He collapsed on top of me and kissed me.

"I'm glad you're back. I missed your hole."

I gave his cock one last squeeze before he pulled out and again, I went down on him, tasting more cum than before. I quickly got dressed and left as I hadn't had anything real to eat in about 10 hours.


I went for a run and then hit the gym earlier and when I got back I had an email from him saying he is going to plan a gang bang for me this weekend. I hope it all works out. I haven't had a gang bang in about 4 months.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Comment issues.

So there have been a few issues with leaving comments and I found the best way would be to use a guesbook service. In the upper corner of the blog I have a link in which you guys can leave comments, suggestions or pretty much anything you want me to see. Hope to hear from all you sleazy fuckers.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1st Known POZ load

As the title states, this blog post is about the first known poz load I took.

It occur ed about a year ago when I was on active duty and stationed in a different state. I logged on to gay.com and began chatting with a few people with hopes to find a future fuck buddy. A few minutes into some conversations I got a message request from this guy who's only picture was of his bare torso and it was enough to get my interest. What I saw was a muscular, smooth torso that had all the muscles in the right place. We began chatting and soon the conversation turned to sex and I let him, Steve, know that I was into bareback fucking and that is when he told me he was poz.

At this point in my life I had never knowingly taken a poz load and his revelation turned me on. Something inside me stirred and I replied with, "It's cool, we can still fuck bareback." We emailed pics back and forth and I knew he was going to be a good fuck. Steve was in his mid 30's and smooth all over with a fantastic build. He had a swimmers body but with more muscle and his cock looked amazing. It was a solid 8incher with an average thickness, maybe a little thicker than most but not by much. He had me hooked.

We emailed back and forth for about two weeks before I finally got the courage to finally take his load. I cleaned up and put on my jock, gym shorts and a zip-up hoodie and drove over to Steve's place. I rang his apartment and he buzzed me up. He opened the door wearing only a pair of worn jeans and welcomed me in and I immediately noticed the odor of marijuana. He noticed and said he is allowed to grow medicinally and offered me a joint which I gladly accepted to help me relax.

After about half an hour of smoking he grabbed me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. As we walked I noticed he had a nice home gym set up in one of his rooms. (I smile at this now because I got quite the workout on his bench a few sessions later). We got to his room and his inner animal came out. He began to maul me and stripped me of my clothes in a matter of seconds all the while kissing, biting and nibbling my neck and face. At this point I let him take control as that is what I prefer. He had me completely naked except for my jock and pushed down on my shoulders. I got the hint. Before my knees hit the ground his pants were down and he was at full attention, his cock just grazing my face. I wanted him to know that I wanted it bad so I deep throated him in one quick motion and he began to fuck my face. He grabbed the side of my head and forced his cock down my throat over and over. Spit and drool began to leak out of my mouth as he used my throat.

In my sexual experience there are cocks that seem to be made for my throat and ass and Steve's cock was made for both. The shape, size and curvature made him great to deep throat. Just the right amount of gagging and swallowing. He was down my throat for a good twenty minutes before he lifted me up and put me on the edge of the bed on my back. He lowered himself and kissed me again. As Steve was kissing me he reached to his bedside and got some lube and lubed up his cock and my hole as his tongue explored my mouth. I wrapped my arms and legs around him began to make out fiercely, feeling his hardness against my hole.

"You still want my bare cock?"
"Fuck yeah, give it to me!" I moaned as I released myself and pulled my legs to my chest to give him full access to my hole. With one hand he grabbed and ankle and with the other he guided his lubed fuck me into my now slick hole. He entered me in one fluid motion; not too fast or hard, but with just enough force to make it feel good. My back arched, I closed my eyes and let out one of the most guttural moans that I can remember. I was loving it, knowing I had a bare, poz cock up my hole and at that moment I gave myself to him. He had warned me earlier that it took him a while to cum and that he could fuck for hours. I ran my hands over his body, noticing that he didn't have that "wasted" look that some poz people have. He was thin but the fact that he worked out on a constant basis made up for it.

Steve fucked me for almost 2 and a half hours. And he fucked me in every position I could have imagined. Toward the end he had me kneel on his couch backwards to expose my hole to him. He slid in and put on leg on the arm of the couch and with the other he placed right next to my rib cage and grabbed the back of the sofa and fucked me hard. He used the couch as leverage and fucked screams and moans out of me. I reached down and began jacking my cock, noticing the huge amount of pre-cum that had soaked through the cloth of my jock. He noticed my jacking and smacked my hand away and switched positions. He sat on the couch and had me ride him with my back to on his chest. I leaned back and let him thrust in and out of me. My hands reached back to grab his neck and he began to jack my cock. It only took a few strokes before he had me cumming volley after volley. Steve scooped up most of it, pushed me flat onto the ground and smeared my hole with my own cum. He climbed on top and again picked up where he left off, pumping and thrusting my hole. This entire time the dirty talk was flying left and right.

"You're going to get my poz load, you cum slut."
"Yes sir, load me up with your seed."
"You fucking whore, your cunt is mine."
"All yours, however you want to take it."

By this time my throat and ass were getting sore but I didn't want him to stop. I wanted him to stay in me for a few more hours but I knew it wouldn't happen. So I began to work my hole around his dick, flexing and squeezing at the right moments, milking his cock and gripping him with all my strength. This got him going.
"You're going to make me cum baby. You want my load?"
"Yes sir, give it to me. I want it bad."

With that he put both hands on my shoulders and began to thrust harder into me. With long strokes he exited all the way and dropped back into me making me yell out even more.

"Here it cums, whore!"

And with that he let out a low scream and let loose is poz load. I felt his cock twitch inside my hole as he thrust his cock and I bucked my ass to meet his thrusts. All the while I was gripping his cock, trying to milk all that poz cum out of him that I could. Steve finally collapsed on top of me and stay there for a few seconds before sliding out of me leaving me feeling empty, sore and juicy. He dove down and began to eat my hole which felt great. Then I felt a slight sucking and realized that he wanted his cum out of my hole. I obliged and let the cum flow from my hole into his waiting mouth. He then came back up to my face and shared his cum with me, forcing it from his mouth into mine. Back and forth it went, with bits of it oozing out the sides of our mouths mixed with saliva until I swallowed most of it.

He gently slapped my ass and began to get dressed. I did the same and thanked him for the hot time. After that we became regular fuck buddies and I actually plan to visit some friends in his city and he has already said I could crash at his place. The funny thing is, that after taking his poz loads I never caught "it". The last time we fucked about 10 months ago and I've been tested a few times since. So as of a few weeks ago, I am still neg.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hot vid even though the top is wrapped up.

Though the top is wearing a condom, he seems to know how to work an ass over. It seems that all I have done for the past few days is look at porn as my supply of tops is very limited here. Though training is going great, I am becoming sexually frustrated. I lost my virginity at a young age compared to most (19) but it seems that even from that time I mainly barebacked. Very few times have I been fucked or fucked wearing a condom. So, sitting in this hotel room with nothing to do really except watch porn and go to the gym, I've been thinking about my past fucks.

My very first fuck was raw and he fucked me multiple times and dumped multiple loads in my hole over a two day period. We met online and he flew down from Seattle to meet me here in Texas. We traded pics before hand and I didn't really know what to expect. I just knew that he liked me and wanted to fuck me. So he, Scott, arrived at his hotel and told me to head over.

So as soon as I got off work I headed for his hotel. I gently knocked on his door sort of hoping he wouldn't hear and I could simply leave but he heard and invited me in. I took in the sight of what would be my first fuck and began to wonder if I had taken up the many chances to have had my hole fucked over the past few years if it would make this experience different. I had many chances prior to that night to have lost my virginity but didn't follow through. But once I had my head cleared by a few beers I knew I wanted Scott. He was a firefighter up in Seattle and he had a great body. He was dressed in gym shorts and a tank top and it showed off his muscles. As we got to drinking more and more he took off his tank top and I think I might have actually have drooled.

He had no hair on his body whatsoever and he was sculpted. He had a very defined chest, arms and abs. He had that sexy V-shaped torso and to top it all off he was a red head. So instantly I wanted to know if the carpet matched the drapes. Yeah, I was a slightly moronic teenager but I was horny as hell. I don't remember all the details but I do remember him telling me that, once I was naked, he was going to abuse my virgin hole and give me his loads. I didn't really know what barebacking was but he said he was going to plow me raw. And he did.

I remember various positions ranging from A - Z and he fucked me good. He even made me give him road head as we drove to get food that next morning. The weekend was filled with sex, booze and the occasional need to eat something other than ass or cock.

He left early in the morning two days later and as I stepped out of his rental truck and onto my lawn I remember being really sore and hoped that my roommates didn't see me because all I wanted to do was nap and take a seat in our hot tub.

We kept in touch and he flew down and fucked me a few more times and he introduced me to one of my favorite fuck buds who also happened to be part of a threesome where I had my ass double fucked for the first time.

Until I get out of this place, which will be in about a week, I'll post stories from my past fucks that left an impression. And as soon as I get some new loads in me I'll make sure to let you guys know. I already have a fuck session planned with a regular of mine who, as he says, is going to "annihilate my hole." I sure hope he does.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Freshly fucked - 11:40pm

I just took one of the biggest cocks in my history of fucking. As I stated earlier, I had put off getting fucked due to the extremely rough fucking I got two weeks ago. But as I went through my daily training here my hole eventually felt 200% better and decided to jump back into my old, cum-whore ways.

Before I even left to come to this military training, I put an ad out and got quite a few responses but I had no doubts I wanted the 10-incher that just fucked me first.
I got a few pictures from Big Dick but they didn't seem to do it justice. I was hesitant at first that he was maybe lying about his endowment but decided that I would give it a go and see what the deal was.

Big Dick and I texted back and forth over the past few days and he decided he would get a motel room and leave a key for at the front desk. So after work today I went to my hotel room, cleaned up and headed to the designated motel. There was no problem getting the key. I immediately stripped down and put on my red jockstrap and lounged around for a few hours. It was only 5pm and he wouldn't be free until 11pm. So I jumped on line, looked at porn and finally decided to get a little bit of sleep.

10:50pm came around and he said he was on his way. So I began to get ready. I placed a pillow underneath my hips and put a blindfold on. A few minutes later I hear the key card enter the door and it opens. All I hear is a "Fuck yeah!" and the rustle of clothing. Big Dick then goes straight for my hole and begins eating me out. Every now and then he gives a nibble and puts me in the zone. He goes at this for about 10 minutes all the while getting off my hole and giving a good hard slap to my ass as he says, "Just so you know who is in charge."

He then climbs up on me and whispers in my ear, "I'm going to fuck you down good and hard!"
He then removes the blindfold and slides it down to my mouth and tightens it, making a gag, grinding his cock into my crack, making me moan for it. He takes off the gag and tells me to suck his dick. I turn around and I take him in for the first time. Big Dick is a big black man about 6'3, 250, solid, muscular build with nipple piercings, shaved head and a huge, huge cock. He was indeed not lying about his cock size.

I pride myself on being an extremely good cock sucker, always able to deep throat any and all cocks but I knew this was going to be a challenge. I did the best I could. I licked up and down the sides first to get it good and slick and began working the head. He didn't face fuck me like I thought he would which made me happy because I probably would have choked to death. I gradually worked my way down his cock, minutes at a time; hearing him moan in pleasure. After about 10 minutes I knew I was getting close to taking him fully down my throat. I knew the time was coming and as I lifted off his cock, working the head, I relaxed my throat and took him fully down my throat. He sat up, just a little bit and said "Fuck yeah man, work that cock." I deep throated him for a few more minutes before he took me off his cock and said he wanted my ass. He laid back on the bed and told me to ride him. I grabbed the lube, slicked up his cock and my hole and began to lower myself onto his cock. I was nervous at first since the last time I got fucked I was sore for two weeks. I felt the pressure on my hole and stopped. I told him to fucked me on my stomach. In one fluid motion he flipped me over, lubed up my hole some more and began pushing inside of me. It felt great and and horrible all at the same time. He took it slow and let me get used to it, all the while biting my neck and ear slowly pushing deeper and deeper.

After what seemed like an hour he was balls deep in my hole and began working me good. He made me moan louder than I had ever moaned before and I wouldn't be surprised if I woke the people next door. Over the next hour he fucked me in every position. Eventually I rode him and that was the hottest position. There was a mirror right in front of the bed and he made me look as his cock slid in and out of my hole. By this time all the pain and stopped and it was all pleasure. I pulled him up to a sitting position and wrapped my legs around his waist and rode him that way for a little while longer. He scooted to the edge of the bed and told me to hold on tighter. I had an idea of what he was going to do but it took me by surprise. He lifted me up, legs and arms wrapped around him and walked over to the door, cock buried deep inside me and fucked me against the door standing up. He was able to sort of thrust me off his cock and let gravity do the rest, getting deeper than before. At this point, sweat was pouring off of both of us, my jock soaked in pre-cum, lube and sweat and I knew he was close. He put me back on the bed, face down and entered me swiftly. He laid on top of me and began thrusting harder, making my eyes flutter and he then announced he was going to cum. And instead of it being a loud, shattering orgasm, it was quite tame. He pushed me down and and let loose his load in my hole. He stayed inside me for about 5 minutes before getting soft. He quickly cleaned up and told me I could stay in the room if I wanted and said we would do it again in two days.

So I'm sitting here with a nice warm load in my hole, which is slightly sore and can't wait for the next time. Big Dick said he has an 8inch white buddy who is interested in a 3some. I hope it works out.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update and the Bookstore breedings

I've had to change the layout of the blog because it was brought to my attention that the comments feature was not working on the blog. So if you guys have been trying to leave comments and it didn't work, I do apologize and if you haven't maybe you should, I would love to hear what you think.

So, I'm sitting here in my hotel room as I got done with my training a little early today and decided that since my asshole is STILL tender I would write about the bookstore breeding's from a week ago.

Before I had even left to go home a few weeks ago I had contacted a regular fuck bud of mine who was interested in taking my hole to one of the local bookstores and whoring me out. I was game and told him I would get the details as soon as I got back. As soon as I got back I sent him a text and set it all up for the next day.

I arrived at his place and we then took his car to the bookstore in the south part of Austin. I had never been to the XXX bookstore before and my fuck bud, Lee, gave me some insight into what they were like and all that good stuff. We arrive and walk in and I notice a few older guys trolling around only one or two of them looked promising. We do a quick walk through of the place and head upstairs. We quickly find an empty booth and put some tokens in. I go strait for his cock and get him hard. This goes on for a few minutes and he face fucks me for a little bit. He has a nice cock. It's about 7inches and about average thickness so it's easy to deep throat. I get him going and he then decides he wants to fuck my hole. He leans me over the bench, lubes his cock and glides into my hole. I moan out in pleasure for two reasons: 1) It felt good as fuck to feel his raw cock in my hole and 2) I figured if I moaned loud enough I would get the attention of other guys in the bookstore and get them interested in our booth. Lee goes on and fucks me in the position for only about 5 minutes when the door to the booth opens. I don't see who it is but hear Lee say, "Come on in. He'll suck your dick while I fuck him."

Lee then instructs me to turn and suck his dick. I get a good look at him. The guy was in his late 20's, Hispanic with a nice solid build. He had on a tight pair of jeans, a white v-neck t-shirt and a red baseball cap. He grins down at me and opens his jeans to release his cock and what a cock it was. Red Cap unleashed his meat and it was about 7inches and it wasn't fully hard yet. I smiled on the inside and dove straight into his crotch and was determined to give Red Cap the best blow job he had ever gotten. Within seconds his cock was fully hard and was very difficult to deep throat and he was getting a little aggressive since Lee was egging him on.

"That's it you whore, suck his cock good. Get him hard so he can fuck your cunt."

So I sucked him harder and faster as Lee fucked my hole and then abruptly stopped as Lee pulled out and told me to get on Red Caps cock. I had no objection and turned around and backed onto his thick meat. Red Cap grabbed me by the hips and guided my hole to his cock. My ass give a little bit of resistance but Red Cap pulled my hips onto him and didn't give me any time to protest. He was tearing me apart and I loved it. I ground my ass onto his fuck stick and squeezed my as slips around it, make him give out a small moan.

"Yeah, boy, ride that dick." Is what Lee said before he grabbed my head and put it onto his cock. I was getting spit-roasted and did my best to work both cocks as best as I could. I took Lee's ass into my hands and pulled him further down my throat and worked my hole around Red Caps cock. Red Cap was picking up the pace so I knew he was about to unload. I got off of Lee's cock and started the dirty talk with Red Cap.

"Load me up man, juice my guts. Give me that seed."

Within seconds he grabbed my shoulders and let out a grunt and unleashed his seed into my hungry hole. This was exactly what I wanted. I began to milk his cock but didn't get to do so for very long as he pulled out, slapped my ass.

"Thanks, slut." Was all he said before he buttoned up and left the booth.

"That was hot. My turn. Come get on this cock."

So, once again, I turned around and back my ass onto a cock. Lee began fucking me, working Red Cap's load deeper into my gut.

"Damn, boy, your cummy hole feels great."

Lee pushed me up against the wall, put one hand around my throat and fucked me hard. He pulled all the way out and then drove it all the way back in. Every time I tried to moan out, he squeezed a little tighter on my throat which got me going even more. I absolutely love it when tops are controlling and dominant. He fucked me good and deep for what seemed like hours but was probably only about 20 minutes. He let go of my throat and brought me up to meet his mouth. I went to kiss him and he devoured my face, working his way down my neck then went to my ear and whispered, "Here comes my load bitch. Do you want it?"
"Yes sir, give it to me." One hand grabbed my hip while the other took hold of my shoulder and he dropped load #2 into me. Lee let me milk his cock for a few seconds before he said we should go out and find more cocks for my hole.

We both got dressed and took another walk around the book store but Lee didn't find anyone that he wanted to fuck my hole.

"Do you want to go to another bookstore?" He asked
"Sure, I've got nowhere else to be."

We then jumped back into his car and headed to a different bookstore on the other side of town. It started off the same, we got our booth, I sucked him until he got rock hard but as I was sucking him the door opened and in walked in a white kid who didn't look a day over 18. He was wearing slightly baggy clothes and a black hat turned backwards. He stood there and just watched stroking his cock through is loose shorts. Lee made the first move and grabbed the dude by the shirt and pulled him closer. He was slightly surprised but went with it.
"Let him suck your cock." Lee told him. The dude unbuckled his belt and his shorts hit the ground. His cock was hard by this time and it was a decent 6.5, maybe 7 with a slightly above average thickness. Somehow it felt that this guy hadn't had much experience so I made a note to not suck him too good because I wanted his load in my ass. I took him in my mouth as Lee watched, his cock in my face. As soon as I took the guy in my mouth and deep throated him he let out and "Oh my God." and I knew I had him. I sucked him for a few more seconds before I got up to meet his eyes and told him to fuck me. All he said was "Okay." But he made no movements to do it. Lee then took charge and told the guy to sit on bench. He guy sat down and looked up not really knowing what to expect. I walked over to him and straddled him and then I saw it dawn on him. His eyes got bigger and he then licked his lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and lowered myself onto him. The guy was in another world. He closed his eyes and his mouth fell open as I my hole met his nuts. I had im completely inside and he was still in a different world. All he said was a faint and distant, "Fuck" It was almost a whisper. I worked my ass up and down his cock, squeezing in all the right places only now working to get different facial expressions from him. While I worked his cock I then felt Lee probing my hole with his cock. The guy opened his eyes, not knowing what was going on or what was about to happen. Lee pushed in and up a little further guiding his cock with the other and he was in. The guy on bottom was again in a different world,

"Holy shit, that is amazing. I'm going to cum soon." I bent down and began to kiss him, trying to push him over the edge. It worked. He released the kiss and thrust his hips up and let out a moan.

"Fuck yeah man, give me that load."

Lee picked up his pace and fucked me harder. The dudes cock was still in me and I didn't feel it getting softer.

"Holy fuck man, I am going to cum again." The young dude said and again he shot a load deep in my hole in less than 4 minutes and that triggered Lee to unload. Three loads total in a very hot fuck session. The young guy got up and began to get dressed and asked if he could have my phone number. And of course I said yes and he programed it into his phone. As he walked out I asked him how old he was and he said that he had just turned 19 two weeks ago. He said he would call and walked out with a smile.

I got another load that day but it was nothing special. It was a very quick pump and dump that lasted about 2 minutes from a muscular Hispanic looking dude who I had a feeling was mostly straight and only wanted a hole to get off in. I gladly accepted his seed.

So that is the bookstore adventure, so to say. I'm still out of commission until my hole feels better. I'm pissed at the whole situation because I'm horny but don't want to be in utter pain while I'm getting fucked. But I hope to have a story up this weekend as I've got a top here who wants to seed my hole. But it might do more damage as his cock is HUGE, about 10inches. But I think I'm going to throw caution to the wind and let him fuck me. Keep your fingers crossed.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

So I am off for a few more weeks of military training. I'll have access to a computer so I might be able to upload a story of two as I have already lined up a few tops to fuck me while I am in their town. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though my asshole is pretty tender at the moment from the last fucking I had a few days ago. The dude really did a number on my hole since he didn't use any lube, just spit. But it was hot as hell. I attempted to put a video on here but as I am not great with computers I kept getting an HTML error message. I'll have to figure it out soon. Happy hunting and I'll keep you guys as up to date on my raw adnventures as I can.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sorry for the interruption

I know I was going to write about my few hours at the book stores on Monday but I just had a pretty intense fuck from a new top, the two loads he shot in my hole are still in me. So, I'll get back to the book store fucks some other day but for now here is the story of the new top who fucked me not even an hour ago.

I've been trying to get with this guy for months now. He responded to a craigslist ad I posted a long time ago and we've been playing email tag ever since. He is an older guy, early 40's maybe with a solid, muscle build. He sent me numerous pics of his cock and body and I've wanted to take a ride on it ever since.

I emailed him when I got back from my little road trip with hopes that I would get lucky and find a chance to get his cock in me. I emailed him and nothing worked out, until today. I got back from the gym and checked my email and it was simple,
"I'm working from home today if you want to stop by and get fucked."


I replied back that I would be there at 1pm and quickly jumped in the shower to get ready. I put his address into my GPS and was on my way. When I got to his street I couldn't see any house numbers so I drove down the block and parked and gave him a call. About twenty feet in front of me I see a guy walk out of his garage, answering his phone and I realize that that is him. I tell him I am on my way and I pull forward into his driveway. When I stepped out of my car, I swear that my asshole must have twitched because this guy was a serious stud. He was standing there in a blue tank top and khaki shorts. He stood about 6'2 and must have weighed about 215lbs, solid muscle. He lifted his shirt to wipe is brow and exposed his tight stomach. I wanted to go down on him right there in his front yard.

We made small talk as we walked into his house, which was quite nice. Though I think he was in the process of remodeling, but that's besides the point. We walk down the hall into his bedroom. It's a big room with a king sized bed and a chair at the foot of the bed facing a mirror. I only have a few seconds to look around when he grabs me and starts making out with me pretty hard. I was taken by surprise but just go with it. We are feeling each other up through our clothes, getting lost in the make out session. He turns me around and grabs me by the chin and makes out with me from behind. One hand on my neck and the other hand pulling down my gym shorts, exposing my red jockstrap. I kick out of my shorts and he lifts me shirt off of me and continues to grind into my waiting hole.

He then sits down in the chair and tells me to suck his cock. He helps me lower his shorts and he pulls off his tank top. I slowly take is cock in my mouth and feel it getting bigger. I suck on it for a few seconds before I release to see it at it's full size. He was about 7-7.5cut and THICK, probably a little smaller than the width of a beer can. I feel myself smiling as I go back down on his cock, getting him hornier and hornier. All the while I'm on his cock he is calling me "boy".

"That's it boy, that feels good."

I continue for a few more minutes before he gets up and says to get on the bed where we continue to make out a little more. I straddle him, feeling his hard cock beneath me as I kiss him, long and hard. He tells me to get back to sucking his cock, which I do with question. I'm in heaven, sucking on his cock and pinching his nipples at the same time.

He scoots up and tells me to lay flat on the bed as he gets behind me and begins eating my hole like it has never been eaten before. I'm moaning like a bitch in heat, squirming my ass in his face, begging for more and more. I'm clutching the mattress so hard my knuckles are going white as he devours my hole. I then hear and feel him spit huge gobs of spit into my hole and my hole gladly takes it. He spits some more onto my hole and he spits again but on his cock as I didn't feel anything hit me. He then pushes me deeper into his bed, pushing my legs together as he enters me in one smooth motion using only his spit as lube. I cry out in pleasure and he shoves his fingers in my mouth and tells me to suck on them. I do.

He started off slow. Easing in and out in smooth strokes. But it wasn't until I began rocking back to meet his strokes that his rhythm changed. He slapped my ass and said,
"Stay still boy. Your ass is mine and I'll make it move if I want it to move."
He then put one hand over my mouth and the other over my eyes and drilled me deep and hard. I'm trying to scream out in ecstasy but my cries are muffled by his hand. He then lets go and pushes the side of my head into the mattress while the other is holding my neck and he begins to pump faster and harder. At this point I'm begging for it, telling him to give me his load.

"Don't worry boy, you're going to get it." And then he puts both hands on my shoulder and shoves me down and pumps into my hole and tells me he is giving me his load. I egg him on, telling him to seed my hole with is cum all the while clenching my hole around his cock like a vice grip, not letting a single drop of cum go to waste.

"That's a good boy, milk my cock." And I do, we work in sync as he withdraws I wrap my cunt around his meat and squeeze, getting it all deep inside me. He lays on top of me gently thrusting in and out of me. He asks if I want another load.

"Fuck yeah, sir. Load me up, please."

He then gets back into rhythm and goes crazy on my hole. He hooks his arms under my arm pits and over my shoulder and fucks the living hell out me. I get lost in a series of curse words and phrases until he lets me know that he is giving me load #2. And same as before I milk him dry, not letting it go to waste. He lays on top of me again but for about 5 minutes this time, going soft in my hole until he pops out gently. He gets up and grabs a towel so we can clean up. We get dressed and promise to meet again and he shows me out. As I step out his door, he grabs me one more time and kisses me hard and slaps my ass. Quite possibly, one of the best fucks I've had as of late.

I will try to get my bookstore breeding story up here before I leave on saturday, if not you will have to wait as I will be gone for 3 weeks for more military training.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sex on the road and bookstore breedings

First off, I apologize for not updating lately. A few weeks ago I decided that I would take a trip home since I am going to be gone most of June doing some military training. As it turned out I drove home last Wednesday and finally got back to Austin Sunday afternoon.

Being the person that I am, I posted an ad on craigslist attempting to find some fun while home. I received numerous replies but finally decided on a mid-30's leather daddy type. Leather Dad had red-brownish hair, a muscled bod that left the impression he used to be an athlete and a 8inch cock with an average thickness but with an above average sized head. It ended up being decent fuck but it started off really odd. I put his address into my GPS and I'm on my way. I pull into his driveway and almost instantly Leather Daddy steps through his front door and tells me that his daughter is inside getting some things for her trip. I tried to play it cool but inside I was saying, "What the fuck?!?"

I put my reservations aside as I was horny and needed a good fuck. So we head inside and I see his daughter walking around the house, smoking a cigarette. She introduces her self and says, "I'll just be a few minutes and I'll be out of ya'lls way."

It was a strange situation so I just sat down on the couch as Leather Daddy helped his daughter move along so we could get down to business. Eventually she leaves and when Leather Daddy returns he locks the door and looks at me and says, "Get over here and suck my cock, boy." I'm not one to turn down that kind of order so I head over and go down on him, nuzzling his cock through his jeans, feeling up his body through his t-shirt. As I feel for his pecs and nipples I feel that he is wearing a leather harness underneath and that gets me going even more. I unbutton his jeans and release his cock and take him all the way down my throat in one motion. He let out a load moan and that started the dirty talk.
"Suck that cock boy...you cock sucking whore."
Some guys don't like that kind of talk but I love it. I love being degraded and talked to like that. So I, again, suck his cock the best I could and his moans let me know I was doing good. He face fucks me, forcing my head into his crotch and holding it there until I was gagging.

Finally, he pulls me off his cock and tells me to get to his room and get on all fours on his bed. I do as I'm told and wait patiently on all fours on his bed. I wait for about 3 or four minutes and I look over my shoulder and see him completely naked except for his leather harness and I wanted him right then and there. His toned and slightly muscled torso looked fucking great in his harness. He smiles down at me and slaps my ass and then I notice he has a long leather strap in his hand. He slaps my ass again, this time harder, making me wince and spits on my back and tells me to turn around. At this point I knew this was exactly what I wanted and knew it was going to be a good fuck. I turn around and feel him put something around my neck and realize what he had was a collar and leather leash. He tugs on it making jerk back slightly and he slaps my ass again. Leather Daddy spreads my cheeks and dives right in. He had that slight stubble that I just love when I'm getting my hole eaten. It's not too rough but enough to give a good sensation. He eats my hole like a champ. Tounge fucking and gently nibbling which made me beg for more.
"You want more?"
"Yes sir! I want you in me."
"Okay, boy, here it comes."
I felt a shift in the bed and felt him climb up behind me. He spit onto my hole and began rubbing his cock around it. Then I felt the unmistakable pressure on my hole as one hand grabbed my hips and the other tugged on the leash. With all that combined, he pulled me onto his cock while he pushed forward. It was an incredible feeling and his raw cock felt great in my hole. He was balls deep within only a few seconds. He pulled harder on the leash and bent down to whisper in my ear.
"I'm going to give you a nice warm load in your cunt. Tell me you want it."
"Give me your load, I want you to breed me."

The dirty talked lasted about 10 minutes as he fucked me doggy style. We never changed position and he just pounded me until he let me know he was getting close. He pushed me down onto the bed and gave me a serious fuck. He pushed down on my shoulders/upper back and gave it to me harder than I could remember.
"Here it comes!" He yelled and thrust, multiple times in my ass as I bucked back to meet his thrusts. I'm not sure how many volleys of cum he shot inside because I was lost in the fuck and it felt like a big one. He laid on top of me for a few seconds then unclasped the leash and got up. We cleaned up and he told me to call him next time I was in town. I promised myself that I would and went to meet my aunt and uncle for lunch with his load inside me.

That was my only fuck while I was at home. I arrived back in Austin and hit up a buddy of mine and asked if he wanted to get together. He said for me to meet him at his place and he would take me to a local bookstore to whore me out. I didn't need to be told twice. So, here ends this part and I'll finish with the bookstore breedings on my next post.