Monday, August 31, 2009

Lucky me

I had promised to write about part two of my Adam4Adam experience on friday night but since then Adam4Adam has provided me with a few more tops and a few more loads. I am liking that site very much. But stories are in the works and I'll keep you guys posted. I just wanted to let you guys know that my sex life and load count are on the rise. I was hoping to get at least 100 loads by the end of the year and by the looks of it I will.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


As many of you know I have been working a lot lately and it has been putting a serious damper on my sexual activity. I work very odd hours and will continue to do so until this mission is complete. So my schedule has been to wake up early, go workout, chill and relax, get ready for work and then get home exhausted around 11pm. So naturally, that leaves very little time for sex.

Two days ago I was chatting with some guys on ManHunt when one of them mentioned Adam4Adam. I didn't think anything of it until later that night when I decided to check it out and boy did it turn our great. Within my first hour of registering and being on line with A4A I had two guys lined up to come to my place and breed my hole.

The first guy was in his late 20's/early 30's. He was on the lean/muscular side with a huge cock; one of those that has a nice thickness but swells at you get closer to the head. He said he wanted to come over, smoke a joint and take it from there. I had no objection.

Guy shows up and looks exactly like his pictures. We sit on the couch and make small talk as we pass the joint back and fourth as Halloween 2 is playing in the background. With the joint now nothing but a roach we start getting handsy with each other and eventually end up on my bed. We kiss, make out and all that stuff for a few minutes before I work my way down to his crotch. I was amazed by how thick his cock was and knew I would have trouble taking him down my throat. It took a few tries for me to deep throat him, but I did but I wasn't able to do it for very long. I guess he must have been horny as hell because the next thing I know, I am on all fours with a spit-lubed hole and he is slowly pushing in. It felt great as the first half of his cock entered me, but once he push the thicker part into my cunt, I felt like my hole was on fire. I had him stop to hand me the poppers and took a big whiff and told him to "just do it."

And he did. Within a few seconds he was balls deep in my hole and moaning in pleasure. By this point I had given up all my tricks and just took his pounding. Luckily he didn't last too long and after about 15 minutes he asked where he should cum.
"Inside me." And without another word, he grabbed my hips and gave his cum a new home inside my ass.

He lingered inside me for a little bit before pulling out and getting his things together to leave. I thanked him and he said he would want to do it again.

I showed him out and texted the other top who wanted to fuck me but seemed to be playing a few games so I sort of wrote him off. I was just dozing off when he texted asking where I lived. I told him and he said he would be here in half an hour...45minutes later he was still MIA. So I figured he was a game player and resigned myself to the one load and went to bed. Again, just as I was dozing off, he called and said he was here.

Part 2 will be posted later today or tomorrow. I have to go shower and clean up for work.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend fun - 3 loads

I don't hit the clubs too much as I am fairly busy and am beginning to take my gym routine much more seriously but I took this past weekend off and had a good time with my friends. But besides some drinks and good times with friends, I also managed to hook up 3 times but it was the 3rd load that was the best of the 3.

A few weeks ago some friends came into town and I bonded with this girl pretty quickly. I ended up coming out to her but what is interesting is that she told the friend she came with that I was gay which I didn't know about until this past weekend. James, the guy she told, is a hot guy. A little over six feet tall, about 180lbs with tattoos covering both arms and with a fair amount of muscle. The moment I saw him I couldn't stop thinking about having sex with him but I wrote it off almost instantly as I thought he was straight as they come.

Fast forward to Saturday night. We all get back to my buddies apartment around 4am from a night out on 6th Street and it turned out that me and James were the odd men out and had to crash in the living room. I thought nothing of it, at all. The only sort of hint that I got from him was that he would make gay jokes directed toward me a few times throughout the night.

I stripped down to my boxer briefs, grabbed a blanket and laid on the couch, ready to call it a night. I am just about to doze off when I feel James' presence standing right next to me. He is in a pair of gym shorts with no shirt and is just staring down at me.

"What are you doing?"
"Lauren told me you were gay."

I was alert instantly but tried to hide it and was at a loss for words. I sat up and waited.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. How could I when I've been guilty of the same thing too from time to time."

And again I was floored. This alpha-male muscle guy had been with guys!?!

"You're gay?" I asked him.

"Ha. Not even close but an ass is an ass if I am able to get off in it."

I was beginning to get more confused as the conversation continued but it also began to dawn on me that I had a chance of hooking up with him as all of our friends were asleep around the apartment unknown to what could happen.

With those words, he stepped between my legs and sort of nudged them apart and I instantly knew we would have sex though my mind was racing.

"Don't get the wrong idea, I just want to get off, that's it."
"That's fine with me."

Before I was even finished with the sentence he grabbed my head and shoved it into his crotch and I felt like I was home. I hooked my thumbs into his waist band as I nudged his cock with my face through his shorts and then pulled them down and was pleasantly surprised. Out sprang a decent sized cock with just the right amount of thickness. I took him into my mouth instantly and let my throat do it's magic.

He skull fucked me for a while as drool and spit dribbled out the sides of my mouth, all the while he played with his nipples. He abruptly pulled out of my mouth, picked me up and bent me over the arm of the couch.

"I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

I thought to myself, "I doubt that."

He positioned his bare cock at my hole and just left it there. I was about to look back and see what he was doing but just as I did so, he grabbed my left arm and twisted it behind my back, causing a lot of pain and instantly he shoved his cock in my hole. He knew I would yell out so with his other hand he shoved my face into the couch. Holy fuck! I was caught between literal pain and pleasure. I wanted him to let go of my arm but I knew if he did the sensation in my ass would end with it. But luckily it didn't last too long as he seemed to be getting close pretty fast. He let go of my arm, grabbed my hips and hammered into me hard and fast. He pulled me up to his chest and whispered,

"I am going to cum inside your faggot hole."

And he did. He spasmed and his cock twitched and he let loose his load in my hole. And very unceremoniously, he pushed me back onto the couch, pulled on his shorts and lay down on the makeshift bed on the floor.

"Thanks, slut. This is just between you and me." And he went to bed.

I was dumbfounded and lay there, bareassed bent over the couch wondering if that really happened.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tag Teamed

It has been a very busy past two weeks. I have been working 7 days a week and will continue to do so until the end of October. But regardless of my work schedule, I found time to set up a three-some with me being the only bottom. It was with two brand new tops who I never hooked up with before so it was a good experience. Top1 and Top2 were two friends visiting from out of town who I messaged on Craigslist. They were of the bear-daddyish type and they had my mouth watering. Each had a cock that was 7inches and fairly thick. Top1 was cut while Top2 was uncut. We exchanged emails and pics and told me to head over. I took a little extra time to clean up and was knocking on their hotel room door about an hour later.

Top2 greeted me and I walked in to find Top1 on the bed, naked and jacking his cock. Without even stripping down I was on the bed taking his hard cock in my mouth. I worked his cock over as Top2 came from behind and pulled down my gym shorts to expose my jockstrapped ass. I sucked on Top1 as Top2 ate my ass. It was a hot chain we had going on with Top1 and Top2 changes places getting my hole lubed with their spit.

It had been a while since my last 3some so I enjoyed sucking on their cocks as long as possible. I told them to lay next to eachother so I could go back and forth between the two as they played with their nipples. I went from deepthroating Top1 to taking Top2 down my throat in one swift swallow.

I had satisfied my appetite so I got off of Top2 and straddled the other and lowered myself on Top1 very slowly. I wanted to feel as much of his cock as possible and closed my eyes and felt him as he entered me. The head was at my cunt's opening and I pushed down just a little harder and he popped in. I looked around and found some poppers on the night stand and told Top2 to help me out. I had him douse some poppers on a cloth and hold it over my face and push me down on his friends cock at the same time. Top2 held the cloth hard against my face and at the same time Top1 thrusted up and Top2 pushed me down. I was in pain but was in my element. Top2 let go of me and began to finger my hole as Top1 had his cock slide in and out of me.

"You want both our cock's inside you, boy?"

"Yes sir. Double fuck me."

Top2 was behind me in a flash and was inside me even faster. Taking a cue from earlier, he held the cloth over my face and shoved his cock inside my aching hole in one, hard, punishing motion. I screamed out and he took the chance to shove the cloth in my mouth.

I didn't put up any fight at all as this is what I wanted. It was hard to work my hole around the two cocks as they stretched my hole in every direction, but I tried. I bucked up and down, getting lost in the fuck until Top1 said he was going to cum.

"Take my load."

I pushed myself down as far as I could on his cock and waited for his load. Top2 picked up the pace as Top1 let loose. Top2 was still pounding away when Top1 squirmed out from underneath and had me clean off his cock as Top2 let me know he was getting close.

So, within 3 minutes I had two loads in my hole and was cleaning off two cummy cocks. I quickly got dressed as I had to get home and rest for work.

I've been talking to two POZ guys and will hopefully be taking their loads sometime soon. I'll keep ya'll posted.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Anonymous load

I had a fairly busy day yesterday and decided that I would forward my emails to my phone so I could correspond with contacts throughout the day. I went for a run, fixed a few things around my place, made dinner and vegged out and relaxed. It was around 11pm when I lay down to get some rest when my cell phone chimed to inform me I had received an email. I was, at first, pissed that I forgot to turn off the forwarding system because I didn't want to hear that chime all night.

So I decided to check it before I went to bed and it turned out it was from a guy I had been talking to on MH for about two weeks. We had never met but exchanged some pretty hot emails and a few pics. Earlier in the week he had wanted me to go to his place so he could work over my hole with his array of toys and shoot his poz load in my hole but our schedules never got in sync.

In the email he asked if I wanted to head over for some play but I couldn't but offered him a different idea. I said I would be in bed, in my jock with the door unlocked and he could come in, no talking or anything, drop his pants, fuck me and then shoot his poz load deep in my cunt. As I thought, this excited him and he agreed. I cleaned up and told him to head over.

He got to my place and I opened the gate via my phone and jumped in bed and waited. A few seconds later I heard the door open and close and heard footsteps making it to my bedroom. All I then heard was, "Fuck yeah."

From the rustle of his clothing I was guessing he had gotten completely naked. I heard him jacking his cock to get it hard and saw his hand reach to the lube and poppers I kept at my bedside. Within seconds his cock was lubed and he was inside, working his poz cock in and out of my hole, holding the poppers under my nose to send me over the edge. He got my ass going as I squirmed and bucked to meet his strokes and every now and then I reached back to pull him deeper inside of me.

This went on for about 15 minutes and he said he was getting close. I worked my ass muscles the best I could around his cock and that sent him over and he pushed me down with one hand and grabbed my shoulder with the other and shot his poz load deep inside my cunt. I milked him as best I could and collapsed on the bed, panting as I heard him get dressed and leave.

I got up, locked the door, turned off the light and slept with his poz cum in my cunt all night.

I this morning with an email: "Hot time last night. You milked my cock like a champ. Can't wait until next time."