Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Weekend - Part 2

One of the standout fucks from that evening was rather unexpected. It was from a 19yo twink who, in his short time on this earth, knew how to fuck like a champ. He stood about 5'10, 120lbs, brown hair, dark eyes and had a very nice cock of what felt like 8 inches.

Right off the bat he knew he was in control and had my head in his hands and was pushing me down to his crotch as he sat on the couch. Within seconds I had this thick, white meat out of it's prison and down my throat. As a cock sucker I always try to elicit moans from the top as I take them down my throat without a gag reflex and that is just what I got from the young stud. Having my head between his legs got me all hot and bothered like I haven't felt before and was horny as all hell to get him in my man cunt.

I worked his cock over and got it nice and wet and in a fluid motion I stood up, straddled the 19yo and lowered myself onto his rock hard cock and watched his eyes roll back into his head as I worked my hole, flexing around him.

I slid up and down on his pole until he told me to stop as he said he was about to cum and didn't want to just yet. So he had me get on all fours and he went at his own pace, sometimes withdrawing all the way and shoving it back in one thrust. When I yelped in pain, he hooked two fingers in my mouth and did it over and over about 10 times. I knew he wouldn't last too long so I had him fuck me missionary so I could draw him in deeper into me with my legs and kiss him and look into his eyes as he loaded me with his DNA. He didn't give much warning other than, "I'm cumming" as he shot deep in my hole. I wrapped my legs around him and flexed my hole like never before. He collapsed on top of me and I let him rest for just a second before I pushed him off and did the gentlemanly thing of cleaning his cum covered cock off with my mouth.

He was a great fuck; haven't had him since but have been texting back and forth and hopfully I get to have him in me before I head to Indianapolis on Monday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More writing to cum

I owe y'all some writing here pretty soon but I am so busy with work it's crazy and I've started training so it's even more hectic than usual but trust me, I'll get something posted soon.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy Weekend

And I am sure what most of you can guess what my "busy weekend" entailed. But to be fair it was actually Sunday and Monday. I got back from my trip on Saturday afternoon and just relaxed the rest of the day will full intentions of sexual depravity the following days.

And that is exactly what I got.

I can only imagine what my neighbors thought, if they even noticed, the men cumming and going from my apartment.

Grand total: 8 men, 12 loads. Very respectable if I say so myself. If y'all want details just say so and I'll divulge but I need to get running as I have to prepare for 2 tops that will be here soon.