Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot fuck!

It's hard to put this encounter into words as it was like most but the chemistry was amazing. Quite possibly one of the best fucks I've had all year.

I met this guy online, as usual and we exchanged emails, pics and numbers and set something up for later in the day. I showered, cleaned up and was on my way with my new poppers in hand. I arrived at his place and he was in his boxers and we began to make out immediately. We made out for what had to be about 15 minutes all the while disrobing leaving both of us naked except for my red jock. He had some really hot BB porn playing in the back ground but I didn't need it to get excited.

I worked my way down to his nipples and took his cock in my mouth and worked it over really slowly. I sucked on the tip and marveled at the thickness. It wasn't the thickest cock I have ever taken but it is for sure in the top 3. I slobbered on the shaft and worked my way up and down until he was nice and spit-lubed and I took him all the way down my throat; and he loved it. He began to face fuck me and I played with it. I don't know if it was the poppers or what but we were all over each other. He ate my hole as I bent over the couch he ate my hole as I sucked his cock in a 69 until he was ready to fuck my cunt. He spit on his cock and slowly slid in. I thought it was going to hurt a lot but my hole gave way for his cock and he fucked me into a state of bliss over the next half hour until he asked me if I wanted his load and of course I said yes. He grabbed onto my hips and let loose his sperm into my guts and I loved it. He pulled out and I turned around and cleaned him off. I got what was left of his cum down my throat, got up, dressed and left. I hope to hook up again with him soon.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Apartment complex FB

Isn't it funny how things work out sometimes? I was fairly busy over the past week and half getting my apartment together, getting called in by the military and a few other things that I had not found either the time or the stamina to hook up, but all that ended this afternoon.

I was on MH and was cruising the profiles. A few caught my eye so I cast a wide net to see what would bite. As I live in a different part of town now I will get to experience the local flavor...

I got hit up by a few guys but at this point I was looking for something closer to home and that narrowed it down to one. We got to talking and it turned out he lives in the exact same apartment complex as me; I couldn't have asked for a better situation. He was good looking, a nice, thick cock and loved to shot a load into an eager bottom.

I was caught up in the moment and told him what apartment number I lived in and told him to head over in about an hour. Now that I think about it, I am not sure if that was the best idea. I am sure he won't drop by when he feels the need as I feel most people these days have a sense of decency. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

So Apartment Guy shows up and I am very impressed though it looks like he just got up off the couch and headed over. Fairly tall, about 6'4", 200lbs with a nice, solid build. We made small talk, I offered him a beer and we sat and watched t.v. for a few minutes when he made the first move. He reached for my crotch and I was hard in an instant. He put his beer down and went for my crotch as I swigged my beer. In a few seconds he had my cock in his mouth. If none of you have ever gotten head while drinking beer, I suggest you do it. It was amazing.

After a few minutes he lifted me off the couch and we stood in my living room making out, stripping the clothes off of each other and in no time we were on the floor, naked, making out. I glimpsed his cock and knew I was in for a ride. He was about 7inches, cut but was very thick. I rolled him on his back and mouthed my way down to his cock and slowly took him in my mouth. My jaw was stretched to the max but I was able to deep throat him. As he hit cock bottom, he grabbed my head and held it down on his crotch as I worked my throat around him and I could hear that he was loving it. But I think he loved it too much as I was starting to gag and had the need to come up for air, he simply held me there. I was a little forceful and grabbed his hands and separated myself from his dick.

"Sorry." Was all he could say as he put his hands on the my neck and nudged me back onto his cock. And as I never say no to sucking cock, I went back down and did my mouth magic and had him moaning oh so gently. My ass was feeling neglected to I rotated around into a 69 position and he fell for the bait and began to eat my hole as I devoured his cock. I was writhing as he worked my hole with is tongue. He then put both hands on my ass and pushed me forward and I was in a sort of doggy position but not all the way as my legs were stretched out all the way. He spit a few times on his cock and once on my hole. He put one hand on my neck and guided his cock into my hole with only his spit as lube. I knew it was going to be painful but I was prepared to take it. Luckily he was aware of his thickness and entered me slowly, ever slowly. It was hot as hell. He leaned forward and was whispering as he entered me.

"You're taking my bare dick with nothing but spit as lube. You like that?"

I tried to reply but my breath was taken away as he stretched me as I had never been stretched before. After about 5 minutes he was all the way in and stopped all movement and began to flex his cock in my hole and it drove me crazy. All I was thinking was how my poppers were on my nightstand in my bedroom.

"Damn man, you've got a tight hole."
"I haven't been fucked in almost two weeks."

And that got him going. He grabbed my hips and began the fucking. He slowly with drew, almost all the way out, then entered me in one fluid motion. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and let my body take over. I began squeezing his cock as he withdrew.

"That feels amazing."

I began to get used to his dick and started to fuck myself on it, meeting his thrusts with my hole. We stayed in that position for about 15 minutes when he said he was about to cum.

"Not yet, flip me over."

He did what I asked and had me in missionary and began to plow my ass good and hard. My legs on his shoulders and he leaned in to kiss me and told me he was over the edge and was about to fill my hole.

"Do it stud, fill me up."

And he did. He must have orgasmed for about 2 minutes because my ass felt full like never before. We made out as he was still in me until he slowly withdrew and I did my hardest to keep my hole clenched tight but he was so thick a few gobs of cum leaked out. He reached down, scooped them up, fed them too me and kissed me. We passed his cum back and forth for a few seconds. He got up and we both got dressed. I showed him to the door, we shared one more kiss and he said he can't wait to do it again.

Short and sweet and not much effort. This could be a regular thing.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lack of sex

It has been a very busy past few days and my sex life has suffered. I have moved from my old apartment complex where I had two roommates to a different place where I now live alone. I can't wait to break in the new place with a stud to come by and breed my hole. I've just barely gotten around to getting more of my things put away but I've got a military obligation for the rest of the week so I don't know when my next fuck will be. I am hoping to have a few load in my hole by Friday. Wish me luck.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The results are in...

I recently had some tests done at a local clinic here and I am still HIV negative. Some people always see this as a taboo subject in terms of having bareback sex, taking poz loads and HIV testing. Not everyone agrees with how I live my life but as it is my life they shouldn't care all that much. I am happy with who I am and when the time comes I will man up and face the consequences. I don't think I will change the way I do things so the stories will keep coming and if the day comes in which I do test poz, you all will be the first to know.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Roadside sex

I usually don't find too many hook-ups off of but I had some luck earlier this week. I ran into his ad and he was interested in plowing my hole in uniform, which worked perfect as I was doing some work out of town on Monday. So I worked out the details with him, we'll call him Toby. He sent some pics and I was impressed. Toby was a tall guy with decent definition to his frame and a nice 7incher to go along with it.

As my lunch hour came closer I texted him to set up the details. I was going to pick him up at his place, drive to a remote area and he would seed my hole, plain and simple.

I arrived at his place and he jumped in. He was dressed for the occasion, gym shorts, flip flops and a tank. As we drove he kept feeling me up telling me how hot it was that he was going to breed a military guy. He then took out his cock as we drove and he got it to full hardness and he had me salivating. I couldn't find a good place so I just decided to pull over on a side road with a good view of any cars that came our way. I then leaned over and took him in my mouth. And he sat back and enjoyed a 10 minute blow job as I worked his shaft and balls as good as I could. He gently peeled me off his cock and motioned to the back seat. I kneeled on the backseat and faced the rear window and dropped my pants to expose my ass. He shimmied toward the back and ate my ass as best as he could in the cramped space. This didn't last too long as I soon left the head of his cock push against my hole. I relaxed as he slid in, my hands braced against the headrests. He placed his chest on my back and began thrusting inside me, opening me up and working his shaft in my hole really good. I knew I could let out moans and yells since it was a pretty private area. So I let out my moans to let him know he was hitting the right spot. We were both working up a sweat but it felt great. He pushed my legs further apart with his knees and leaned back against the center console and pulled me back onto his chest and I rode his cock as best as I could in that strange position but I think it was just right as he announced that he was going to cum in my hole. I rode him harder and faster until he held on tight and let his seed loose in my hole. As soon as he was done he lifted me off his cock and pulled up his shorts. I followed suit shortly after and began the drive back to his place. I dropped him off and he thanked me.

It was a short and sweet fuck and I went back to work with his load in my hole unbeknownst to the the rest of the soldiers around me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July is brought in with a bang

I finally have a few minutes to write about my very eventful 4th of July.

I went out the night before to celebrate my friends birthday and wasn't in too festive of a mood on the morning of the 4th, but I sucked it up and went about my planned routine. I posted an ad stating I was looking for a few tops to breed my hole that night while my roommates/friends where out on the town. I left the ad to it's own devices and headed to a bbq and pool party.

The whole time I couldn't think of anything more than who had responded to my ad. I finally got home and immediately jumped online and checked my email and received a fair amount of replies. I sifted through them and found some very promising ones but decided on one that got my attention quick.

"Hey stud, me and some of my friends are looking for a hole to breed tonight as part of our 4th of July celebrations. Attached is a pic, the other 3 guys are pretty similar to me, all total tops. Get back at me so we can get this going."

Attached was a pic of a leather daddy type. He had a hairy chest full of thick black curls, a half harness and a solid 7inch cock with a silver cock ring at it's base. I thought if the rest of the guys looked like him I would be just fine with having my hole used and abused. I quickly responded and set things up. I showered and cleanup in record time and was quickly on my way.

I arrived at the house but gave a quick call to make sure it was the right one and was told to go to the side gate, into the back yard and strip by the door. I got nervous and hard at the same time and did as I was told. By now, I think most of you realize that I get turned on by being dominated. I strip at the back door, leaving only my jock and step inside.

"In here boy." Is all I hear coming from what I think is the living room. I step in and see 4 leather daddy/bear type guys sitting on a long couch, stroking their cocks as they watch a porn, I'm thinking it was a Treasure Island Media flick as I recognized some of my jack off material. I was in awe. I recognized Guy1, who emailed me and he was right, the rest looked pretty much like him. Guy2 was larger and less hairy with what looked like a 6.5cut cock, Guy3 was pretty much like Guy1 with a 8inch uncut cock and Guy4 looked the meanest of them all. He had a gut, but one of those muscular guts and a black mustache and stroked a 7inch cut cock. I didn't know who to go to first until Guy1 told me to get on my knees and crawl to his cock. Let the games begin!

I sucked down Guy1 and got him nice and slippery as he sat on the couch and enjoyed my deep throating. He sat between 2 and 4 and I jacked them as I sucked 1. I think since 3 felt left out he got down and ate my ass which caused me to gobble down 1's dick and he began face fucking me. 3 was lapping at my hole and poking a finger in every now and then until he had one in and was pistoning it in and out.

"More!" was all I could say and I felt him begin to work more fingers in my hole. I got off 1's dick and went to 4 and he spared no time in taking control of my throat. He had me in kind of a choke hold and forced his cock down my throat even as tears began to form in my eyes. And then I felt a cock prod at my hole. I wasn't sure right away who it was as 4 wouldn't relent on his vice grip on my throat and neck, but whoever was fucking me was doing a great job. He had his hand on my lower back, pushing me down and he lets his balls slap against my cheecks as I tried to push back to meet his strokes.

4 finally let me loose and I took that chance to look back to see 1 fucking me. Damn, this guy knows how to fuck, I thought. I then went back and worked over 2's cock. For the next hour or so, the 4some took turns plowing my hole, holding off on cumming. At this point I didn't care how long they fucked me as long as I got their loads in my waiting hole. 2 and 3 were taking a break as 4 fucked me. True to form, all night, he was aggressive as all hell. Slapping, biting, punching; total dominance of my entire body. He wrapped his hands around my throat and began choking me and coming to my ear to whisper,

"I'm going to seed your hole tonight. You ever taken poz cum?"

My eyes widened and I began to work my hole around his cock, trying to get more into me.

"I'll take that as a yes!" And 4 gave a weird laugh. He withdrew, slapped my ass and told me to ride him. I turned around and sat on his cock and began working over his nipples.

"Scoot up." I looked back and 1 had his dick in his hand and it was obvious what he wanted to do. I lowered myself onto 4 to get chest to chest to make room for 1. I braced myself for the pain and it came shortly afterward but was gone just as soon. 1 grabbed my shoulders and began laying pipe. He rode my hole hard as 4 thrust up inside me. I tried as hard as I could to clench my hole but it was hard as one cock was pushing up and the other pulling down, but I gave it my best. 1 then grabbed my hair and announced he was going to cum. I didn't really feel anything because 4 picked up his pace and began fucking me harder as 1 slipped out of me. 4 then rocked up and over and I was on my back as he gave me a true fucking. I was on my back as he held my legs wide and plowed my hole.

"Here comes my seed. Take it all!" And he gave a few weird thrusts and collapsed on top of me. 1 then came and kneeled next to me and told me to clean him off. I gladly did. 4 did the same as one left my mouth, but he was gentler this time. Cupping my chin in his hands as I licked the mix of cums and ass juice off his cock.

"Good boy. You got a nice hole." I thought I would take a break but 2 and 3 jumped up and stated it was their turn. They double fucked me in the same fashion as 1 and 4 but it was less intense and lasted longer. Though neither one came in that position. 2 fucked me doggy style as 3 stroked his cock and 2 tensed up, gripped my shoulders and annouced he was cumming in my hole. He stayed in me quite a while and slowly worked his cock in and out, mixing the 3 loads. He pulled out and I clenched down to keep all the loads in me. I cleaned off his cock too as 3 took his turn on my hole. He didn't last as long as the others and I was enjoying the taste of 2's cock, 3 unleashed in my hole but he kept his pace up. He fucked me more then stopped, saying he didn't think he would be able to cum a 2nd time. So I whipped around and cleaned off his cock too. It was a great suck and fuck session. I went back outside and grabbed my clothes and thanked my host and exchanged phone numbers. I hope to do it again soon.

I tried as hard as I could to keep those loads in me all night but it was just too much cum. I scooped out quite a bit and tasted it and it had a sweet-tangyish taste to it.

I am moving into my own place soon so I won't have to worry about roommates so my load count should go up quite a bit over the next few months.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Group action

I had some really hot group action on the 4th. As soon as I get the time, hopefully tomorrow, I will recap.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope ya'll have some fireworks of your own today. It's early as hell but I figure some of you are already celebrating by fucking and sucking. I've got plans today so let's see how those pan out.

But I've got an idea for all you readers out there: I want to hear from you! I want to know your wildest, craziest story. Let the games begin, I can't wait to hear from ya'll.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two fucks - One bad, one pretty interesting

The Bad - It started off as a great time. I met this Italian guy on Craigslist and he said he was down for some hot bareback fun. So I arrive at his house and he answers the door in some sweatpants and a tank top. He had a good body. Nice and solid with some good definition. We began making out right there and he then led me to his bedroom. He stripped his clothes off and I saw a great looking cock. It had to be a little over 8 inches with an average thickness. I knew this was going to be a great fuck, but I was wrong. I sucked him for a little bit and then he wanted to fuck me. He put my legs over his shoulders and slammed into me in one motion. I was breathless but it felt great. He was hitting places that hadn't been touched in a while. We switched positions a few times and then I rode him. He was loving it, playing with my nipples as I jacked my cock. I was just about to cum when he sort of pushed me off his cock to the side of his bed and just laid there. He was motionless for a few seconds and then he started jacking his cock and eventually came all over his stomach. I was pissed. WTF? I got up, got dressed and left. It's not so much that he didn't cum in me it's the fact that I was thrown off his cock and the fucking lasted only about 15 minutes. Maybe I'm just being a whiny bitch but that wasn't my cup of tea, but the next story is. It happened yesterday.

The Good

A friend of mine came home for mid-tour leave from Iraq so I decided to take a little trip to his Army post to hang out with him. As I was getting ready he texted me telling me the plans for the night: dinner with him and his fiance and then we would hit the bars. Then he told me that a friend of his fiances would join us and that he was gay but he hadn't came out to anyone and was trying to hide it but most people knew. I figured if he was good looking I would try to get him to fuck me. I hopped in my car and drove to meet up with my buddy.

I finally got there and started pounding the beers until his fiance got home from work. Details were worked out and we headed out to pick up his fiances gay-but-not-gay friend. We got to his place and he came walking up to the truck and I made up my mind right there that I would somehow get him in me. Mike stood probably just over 5'10 with blond hair cut to fit army regs and from what I could tell he had a nice body. He wasn't a buffed out, gym rat but he had something going on. And he had a pair of tight jeans on that showed off a slight bulge. He got in the truck and flashed a killer smile and off we went.

The night was filled with lots of drinking, mechanical bull riding and dancing. I began to think about Mike and the situation I was in. I haven't come out to many people so I was wondering if my friends knew about me like they knew about Mike. So with the liquid courage going through my veins, I made the very loud announcement,
"I'm gay!"

It was right out of a movie, it seemed as if I made that announcement as the music stopped and heads turned toward our table. I was slightly embarrassed but more relieved that I was able to tell my friends. But I was more concerned with getting at Mike. I figured with that revelation it would give him a way to start a conversation or something. The guys and girls got up to dance leaving me and Mike at the table and he went right into conversation
"So, you're gay, huh?"
"Yep, it seems so."
And we continued to talk as they danced and he confessed that he was bi but leaned more toward men. It seemed to open up avenues of conversation and he asked what kind of guys I like and I said, "Guy like you." He flashed his killer smile again and said, "You aren't so bad looking either. So, what are two guys to do?" And then I knew he would fuck me that night. I don't know too many of the details as we continued to drink more and more but I remember him rubbing my leg under the table a few times and grabbing my crotch in the cab home. Mike told my buddy he would just crash at his place so the cab wouldn't have to make two stops. Everyone had rooms except me and Mike so we were told we would have to sleep in the living room. I remember all the lights going out and feeling Mike next to me on the couch. One thing led to another and he was fucking me missionary style on the couch as quiet as he could. He leaned down and whispered, "I am going to cum inside you." He then shot is load in me as we made out a little. He pulled out and went back to his sleeping bag on the floor and went to sleep and I slept with his load in me.

I woke up with a huge headache and then it dawned on me that Mike actually did fuck me. I was the only one up and decided that I should head out. I jumped in the shower and cleaned up. I got out of the shower and went to tell my buddy that I was leaving and when I returned, Mike was awake, sitting on the couch and he had my cell phone.

"I'm just putting my number in here since you have to call me to ask me to go to the lake this weekend for the 4th of July."

I was dumbfounded. Part of me was torn. I don't do the relationship thing but he obviously wanted to hang out. I decided to just go with it and see what happens. As it turns out we have been texting each other all day and he is coming to the lake with me this weekend. If it isn't love at least I'll get one more fuck out of it but I'll attempt to be sober so I can give you guys better details.