Sunday, September 27, 2009

Updated load count

I have been fairly busy and haven't had much time to blog and I do apologize. Over the past week I took 3 loads. As much as I love rough, wild and nasty/piggy sex, these sessions were fairly tame. Each lasted only an hour with a little dirty talk peppered in during the fuck session. Though, the hottest comment came from top who gave me load #2: We were face to face, my left leg was over his shoulder, he had one hand on my throat and the other on the headboard and was doing some serious work on my fuck chute. The whole time it was BAM-BAM-BAM, from the get go. Either this guy was straight and didn't quite have the finesse of a gay top buy or he just didn't give a fuck.

I think it was the latter because as he told me he was going to cum, he came down to my face and I wrapped my legs around his waste to keep pull him deeper inside me and he said, "Yeah, that's it, take my toxic seed, take me DNA." We had our eyes locked and I grabbed him by the side of the head and we shared a very animistic make out session. He nibbled my lip, I nibbled on his chin, he spit in my mouth. I tried reaching down to get some of his cum out of my hole to put in his mouth but wasn't able to. I am hoping these next two weeks will be fuck-filled because on around October 11th I am going to be gone for about 9 days.

So yeah, I guess the fucks this week weren't so vanilla after all, now that I think about it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

12 loads in one night

I am tired, sore and hungover but I celebrated my birthday in true bareback fashion: a buddy of mine hosted a gangbang and I had my hole fucked by 9 different guys and took 12 loads.

I arrived at my friends place, I'll refer to him as Max, and we hung out, had some drinks and got in the mood. I stripped down to my jock and watched some porn as Max sent out the emails and texts telling the guys that I was ready to go.

I won't go into all the fucks but I'll mention a few.

I was on all four taking a ROUGH fucking from a latin top, at this point in the night he was the 5th guy to fuck me and was making a show of it. He would stop, pull out, eat my ass, make me suck his cum-slicked dick and then fuck me some more. Max had already shot one load inside me and was sitting down stroking, next to another guy there waiting his turn. When latin guy pulled out I got up really fast and sat on the other waiting top's cock. He slid in easily as cum makes the best lube. Without missing a beat, latin top got up, pushed me down further on the cock I was riding and shoved his dick deep inside me too.

"You fuckin' slut. You got two dicks in your hole." He was really into the dirty talk and kept calling me a slut and a whore, telling me that I was born to take cum in my hole. It got me going. Those two pounded my hole relentlessly for what seemed like an hour. After having them both in my hole latin top said he was getting close and wanted to cum at the same time as the other top. Other top picked up his pace and after about 5 minutes I had loads 6 and 7. I hopped off the cocks and went back to Max. Max fucked me for a few minutes and said he didn't want to cum again since he wanted to be the last one to breed my hole once everyone left.

Later in the night I was pleasantly surprised when a fellow Army buddy showed up. It was awkward at first; he almost walked out but changed his mind when I said, "It'll be our little secret." He told me to get on my knees and take care of his cock. I didn't have much of a choice as he grabbed my head and put it to his still covered cock and I felt it growing and growing and growing. I had hit paydirt with this guy. Coworker/fuck bud with an amazing cock. I unbottoned his jeans and saw that he was wearing a jock and began to nibble and nuzzle his cock through the fabric. "Suck it." was all he said and I got down to business. I pulled his jock to the side and was rewarded with one of the most amazing cocks I have ever seen. A solid 8inches with a thickness that had my hole twitching. I took him in my mouth and down my throat as fast as I could. He didn't try to face fuck me but instead he let me do my own thing and I was grateful as I wanted to savor his cock for as long as possible. He reached over and began to finger my hole and gave his approval when he noticed the loads that had already been deposited. He pulled off his shirt and I heard the unmistakable sound of dog tags tinkling against each other and I got turned on as all hell.

He told me to get on my back. I looked at him and told him to breed my hole.
"Breed me, man. I want your DNA inside me." He stroked for a few seconds, spit on his cock and eased inside of me. He closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip to show his approval. He leaned over and his dog tags were dangling in my face and I got lost in our fuck. He fucked me for a long time in every position I could think of. He had me bent over the kitchen table when he gave me his first load.

"You asked for my seed and now you are going to get it." He grabbed hold of my hips and rewarded me with his seed. He stayed the rest of the night and ended up giving me 2 more loads. I couldn't have been happier because he was a great fuck and promised to make it a regular thing.

Overall, it was an amazing night. I was fucked eight ways from sunday and enjoyed every minute of it and have passed the 100 load mark this year.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feedback responses

I have gotten a lot of feedback in response to the Devil's Dick dilema I had and am still unsure on what to do as far as the load count goes. I think I will just keep that in a seperate category since I did have those loads in me for a while; the butt plug made sure of that.

I have a three some to report about that occured last night but also, as the 18th is my birthday, I have a little something planned and hopefully I can get my load count over 100 in a single night. I'll let you guys know how my weekend went.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Need some feedback.

I am not quite sure how to update my load count and I need some advice on the subject, if ya'll don't mind.

I recently played with a Devil's Dick and was told that it was made from between 15-20 loads. And I am pretty sure they were POZ. So right off the bat, I was aching to have it in me.

Do I count those loads as loads taken or is it considered something different. When the fuck session was done, my fuckbud put a buttplug in me to keep the loads in my hole until I got home.

When I got home, I stripped down and jumped in the shower and those loads came gushing out like nothing I've experienced before.

So what do you guys think? Let me know. In the upper right hand corner is a way to leave comments.

And on a side note to a fuck bud I play with: If you don't want me posting our play sessions, I would be more than happy to oblige. But if it's cool, let me know. I'll keep you totally anonymous.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tired, but in a good way

I know I still have some recent fucks to write about from a week ago, but I couldn't help but fast forward to the top who just fucked me; his load is still in my hole as he only left my place about 10 minutes ago. He is another new top that I met from my now favorite website, Adam4Adam.

I'll call him Lou as he is a tall, semi-muscular Italian guy. It was plain and simple. He asked if he could come over and breed my hole and I said yes.

He showed up on time and we went straight to business. We made out and I admired his lightly hairy chest and defined torso and then he pulled out a blindfold. He put it on me and made me suck his cock. And it grew, and grew and grew. Before long it was hard as steel and fairly thick. He face fucked me as I have never been face fucked before. He shoved his cock down my throat until I had his balls resting on my chin, all the while telling me to "get that cock hard and sloppy".

I did my best to do so and I would like to think I succeeded. I nursed his huge mushroom head when he spun me around and began the assault on my hole. I knew he wasn't going to go easy so I took a huge hit of poppers to help prepare for the onslaught. And I was right; with one HARD thrust he was in me and my hole felt like it was on fire but he didn't let up despite my moans and gasps. He kept up his pace for a good half hour, ramming me doggy style as the sweat began to drip off of him onto me. He then put me on my back and I could tell by his moans and groans that his cock was getting exactly what it wanted. He had one leg on his shoulder and the other was wrapped around his waist and then he rotated my leg up and off his shoulder and I was getting fucked on my side. Then he asked:

"You want my load inside you."
"Yes, sir" I replied.

And with very little fan fair he shot his load in my hole to rest along side the one that was shot earlier in the day by a guy traveling through. I milked him and he pumped me a few more times before he got up and go dressed. He took the blindfold off and said I could keep it. He kissed me again, slapped my ass and was on his way.

It's been a good day so far. I spoke to a POZ top earlier this morning and he says he is going to stop by and give me his load when he gets off work. So, we'll see if that pans out.