Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My recent trip

Hey guys, how have ya'll been? First off, sorry for the hiatus, I just got super busy with work, sex and life itself. But I'm back and will try to keep my sex life open to the public. I got rid of the load counter as I have no clue how many loads I've taken this year. But I can tell you, with about 98% certainty that on my recent trip I had, I believe, 9 loads busted in my guts. The numbers are okay. 4 days, 12 guys, 9 loads, a few drinks and yes, eeek, parTy supplies. I know a lot of you don't agree with parTying but I do it from time to time and have even slammed a few times. If you aren't familiar with slamming then look it up, it's intense had as provided for some of the most cum-filled, no holds barred, wilder than wild sex I have had. So, I went on a trip for work and ended up having a great time but one stud stood out because he was totally my type: older daddy, 45ish, tall, swimmers build and into leather. I show up at his place and we chit chat and he offers me the pipe filled with Mrs. Tina. After about 15 minutes of hitting the pipe we go to his bedroom which is already prepared for my arrival. The four post bed had ankle and wrist restraints attached, a blindfold and dildos are set out and some hot, nasty bareback porn is playing. I wish I had it video taped because it's hard to get all the details as I was pretty high. I was on all fours and he was rimming the hell out of me, making me moan and groan when he asked if I wanted a booty bump. Hell yeah I said. He left, was gone for about 3 minutes and came back and all he said was, "You're going to beg me to fuck the living hell out of you after this." He inserted the booty bump and what happened next was 6 hours of hardcore fucking. He had me tied down and fucked me and fucked me and fucked me and all I could do was beg for more. It was an amazing feeling. And I'm still pissed I didn't video tape it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm Back!

Sorry for the long time being gone, but I'm back.