Sunday, September 27, 2009

Updated load count

I have been fairly busy and haven't had much time to blog and I do apologize. Over the past week I took 3 loads. As much as I love rough, wild and nasty/piggy sex, these sessions were fairly tame. Each lasted only an hour with a little dirty talk peppered in during the fuck session. Though, the hottest comment came from top who gave me load #2: We were face to face, my left leg was over his shoulder, he had one hand on my throat and the other on the headboard and was doing some serious work on my fuck chute. The whole time it was BAM-BAM-BAM, from the get go. Either this guy was straight and didn't quite have the finesse of a gay top buy or he just didn't give a fuck.

I think it was the latter because as he told me he was going to cum, he came down to my face and I wrapped my legs around his waste to keep pull him deeper inside me and he said, "Yeah, that's it, take my toxic seed, take me DNA." We had our eyes locked and I grabbed him by the side of the head and we shared a very animistic make out session. He nibbled my lip, I nibbled on his chin, he spit in my mouth. I tried reaching down to get some of his cum out of my hole to put in his mouth but wasn't able to. I am hoping these next two weeks will be fuck-filled because on around October 11th I am going to be gone for about 9 days.

So yeah, I guess the fucks this week weren't so vanilla after all, now that I think about it.

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