Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Poz load in my hole

First off, I want to thank ya'll for taking the time to read this blog. It may not be the most technically sound or even the most vibrantly written but I appreciate the comments.

I will be changing the blog slightly sometime in the near future so hopefully that will fix the comments feature.

Now, for the good stuff.

Met a guy off Adam4Adam a few weeks back and exchanged numbers to get together sometime. For one reason or another we didn't have time to get together...until about an hour ago.

Nice body and great cock. But he had amazing blue eyes that transfixed me. I couldn't help but not look into his eyes as I devoured his dick.

No words were really said but our actions spoke louder. He had me on my knees and teased me with his cock head. He wasn't rough at all but rather gently. He placed his hand under my chin and slowly pulled me forward as he slid his cock down my throat. "Yeah, suck that cock." was all he said as he continued that maneuver over and over.

After a few minutes of taking his cock down my throat he said he wanted to see my ass. I went to all fours as he walked around and examined my jockstrap clad ass. He positioned himself behind me, fingered my hole just a bit to make sure I was lubed as he had instructed me to be and slowly, oh so slowly, slid into me.

He cock felt great. As he slowly slid in, it was as if I could feel every aspect of his cock: the head, the bulging veins and finally his neatly trimmed pubes as they rested against my cheecks.

He kept me in the doggy style position or in a slight variation of it. One hand on my shouler, both hands on my shoulders or around my neck. Pulling me in deeper as he dug his fingers into my hips, making me moan. Or pulling me up so I was on my knees with his chest to my back with his arm across my chest. It was an amazing fuck to start the day.

He pushed me down so my chest was on the ground and my ass slightly up and he picked up the pace and I heard the all too familiar sound of his breath getting shorter and more laboured. He didn't announce he was shooting his poz load in me with words but his gasps and thrusts and hand pressure let me know.

He pumped in and out of me for a few mintues, allowing me to milk his cock until he pulled out with an audible *pop* and walked around to my head and told me to clean him off...his cum slicked cock tasted even better than before.

He gave me a pat on the head, dressed and left. Half an hour later I recieved this text:

"You've got a nice mouth and a great fucking hole man. I am going to drop you a line this afternoon."

Round 2 hopefully comming soon.