Saturday, December 5, 2009

3 loads while the BF was at work

Yes, you read correctly: I do have a boyfriend...sort of.

I'm not the emotional type and really do not get close to people but it is good sometimes to have someone to do just sleep next too.

He has no idea (I do no think) about this blog or my "extra cirricular" activities.

He trusts me 110% and I believe he honestly cares about me. Do I care about him the same way? I do not think I do. I find it hard to deal with the "ooey-gooey" feelings but he is a good looking guy with a very nice body so I guess I will just let it play out and see where it goes. But in the mean time I will continue to play with others. If he finds out then he finds out, if he does not find out then all is well, I guess.

But now the matter at hand...

A fellow military dude hit me up on A4A on wednesday and simply said he wanted to fuck. I very rarely have time during the week these days so I told him to save the loads if he wanted to get together after I was done with work on Friday. His reply: "My place. 7pm." He gave me the details and I waited patiently until 7pm Friday came.

I rushed from work to my place to shower and clean up and in no time I was headed to his place.

I knocked, walked in and we got down to business. I got between his legs on his leather couch, got him hard and he slid in shortly after.

The next two hours was a series of positions, moans and grunts. Every time he shot his load in me it was with my legs at my ears and he bore all his weight down on me making sure to push each previous load deeper and deeper into. It was my mission to keep them in me until this morning (Saturda) so I would be able to be around all the military men with a 3 cum loads inside but I had to let them go this morning.

I am sorry these posts are not very detailed, but as I have said before, I have been very busy. I am about to head out to a Christmas dinner with some good friends and with any luck I will get a few loads in me before monday morning comes.

Side note: My personal trainer is a hot Italian guy with a HUGE bulge. Every workout all I can think about is him fucking me. He is as straight as they come...I think.

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