Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello Wisconsin.

Again, work has me on the road and I am currently in Wisconsin. But it seems a lot more promising than I thought as I drove from the airport to my hotel.

As usual I was horny as hell and posted an ad on craigslist and headed off to work this morning and when I came back in I had some replies and messaged back with a hung Italian guy not far from here. (About 5'10", 170lbs and a 7.5incher)

Quite possibly one of the fastest converstations that pretty much me giving him my room number and him telling me he was on his way. And a short while later he was at my hotel room door.

And shortly after that I was getting fucked with my pants around my ankles, against the wall as he had his hand over my mouth.

It was unexpected and was the hottest fuck I've had all year. He fucked me like that for about 5 minutes then told me to pull my pants off and he had my legs over his shoulders pretty quickly and was unloading his DNA into me. My knees at my ears he grunted and sent thrust after thrust into my cunt as he burried his seed deeper into me and I milked him as I was trying to regain my breath.

He stayed in me for just a little bit then pulled out, crawled up to my face and had me clean his cum-slicked dick off with my mouth. Hot! He ruffled my hair rather playfully and said "Thanks!".

I offered him a shower and we took a quick one together talking about random shit that wasn't really interesting but we did make out and that got him hard again. He fucked me for a little bit in the shower but said he had to leave but gave me his phone number and told me to call him on Sunday if I was free. I've got 10 more days here and it looks like it might turn out to be okay after all.

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