Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Wisconsin - Part 1

While at work the other day I had an interesting encounter that turned into a hot night of sex.

I arrived a the designated spot and checked in with the officer in charge and was led to where I would be working and introduced to sergeant in charge and left in his care.

At first sight of him (I'll call him Brady) I was drawn to him. Great smile, soft brown eyes and even in uniform one could tell he had a good body. I immediately began thinking about what he would be like in bed. We shook hands and he led me to my office. About half an hour passed of me working when he came in with a napkin in his hand and put it on my desk, "Here, I got this for you." And he left. I picked up the napkin and it was wrapped around a dinosaur shaped sugar cookie with red icing. Hmmm... I got up and walked around to see if anyone else had gotten a cookie and I saw none in sight. I decided to see if he meant anything by the gesture and got up and asked him for a tour of the rest of the building. I knew he would agree and soon enough I was following him around.

We exited the last room and I slowly closed the door behind me when he grabbed the handle also. His hand gripped over my hand for a good 5 seconds and he shut the door. Our eyes met briefly and I knew all I needed to know.

Fast forward a few hours. The day passed with Brady lingering in my office, light touches on the shoulder and even once on my hips. The day was winding down and I was packing up when Brady approached me and had a seat on the corner of my desk, very nonchalant.
"I appreciate all you've done today. You helped a lot." He said.
"Not a problem. It's what I'm here for."
I took the moment to finish putting my things in my bag and began walking around my desk to the door.
"I'm staying at the Holiday Inn, room #253 if you want to stop by and have a beer."
His eyes lit up just a bit and he smiled.
"Yeah, that sounds good. I'll stop by around 7 if that's cool."

I hopped into my rental car and sped back to the hotel to shower and clean-up before the fun began. Not to long after I arrived and I was clean and good to go, lying in bed with nothing on but a pair of boxer briefs on and drinking a beer.

To be continued...