Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jumping on the bandwagon

For the past few months I have read and jerked off to many blogs highlighting sexual conquests and escapades and felt that it was time for me to add my voice, even if it is a small one, to the blogosphere.

A little about me: I am a former military man who just recently got out but am still involved in the military on a regular basis. (One of the best fucks I've had was from a military friend). I am now living in Austin, TX and loving every minute of it. I go to The University of Texas at Austin and study my ass off when it's not getting fucked and filled with cum. But enough of that. Where are the stories, you ask? Here is one from last night.

A regular fuckbud of mine, who we'll call LV, travels alot for his job and gets to load my hole about once a week or so. He had been out of town for a little over a week and had emailed me on the road asking if I was free friday night. Of course, I told him. I'd rearrange my schedule for his cock as it is one of the most amazing I have seen. Nice and thick, about the size of a can of Red Bull and about 7inches long. As friday drew closer he told me that he had two friends that wanted to join. That got my attention and visions of cock sucking and double penetration filled my head. I was going to be in Cum Whore Heaven. But as with most hook-ups, the two others flaked out and it was just me and LV and he more than made up for it.

I get to his place and he already has some hot T.I.M. porn playing in the back ground. He sits on the couch and I go straight for his crotch and take his cock in my mouth. If there is one think I know I am good at, it is sucking cock. I've been told on many an occassion that I am a great cock sucker. So I went to town on his cock: deep throating, alternating working the tip as I jacked the shaft and sucked on his balls too. He was in heaven, calling me his cocksucking whore, etc, etc...

After about 20 minutes of me sucking his cock he decided it was time to eat my hole. He put me on all fours on the couch and dove deep inside tounging and flicking making my ass go wild. And he has a very slight amount of stuble so that added to the sensation, gently tickling my ass cheeks as he worked my puckered hole over and over. Then the time came for him to fuck me. We were on the floor at this point and he ordered me to get on all fours, which I gladly did. LV lubed his thick cock and slowly slid it in my tight hole. It took just a few seconds of me getting used to the pain when I mentally said, "Fuck it, deal with the pain." And I rammed my ass backwards onto his cock which surprised him and sent pain shooting through my lower back. He took that cue that I was ready to get fucked and he grabbed my hips and pounded me. He pulled out all the way and thrust all the way back in, making me yelp in pain. He then did a variation of this but instead of grabbing my hips he began holding me by my hair. I was in the zone.
"Make me your bitch, sir. Fuck me good."

"You want it boy?"

"Yes sir, fuck and fill me with your load!"

He then flipped me over on my back, spread my legs and drove his cock deep inside. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as he gave me a relentless pounding. All the while I'm talking about being his cum whore, bitch and personal slut to whore out. I look up and LV is looking down at his bare cock going in and out of my hole and we make eye contact. I lowers himself slightly to which I think he is going to kiss me but as he gets a few inches from my face, he spits on me and slaps me.

"Fucking slut, take me cock!"

With that he picked up his pace and fucked harder and faster. LV grabbed my legs and rolled me on my back so he could hammer into me.

"I'm going to seed your cum hole. You want my load, boy?"

"Yes sir, give it to me. Load me up." I said. And that was all it took. He grabbed my head and began kissing me as he shot rope after rope of warm juice deep in my hole. He stayed inside me for a few minutes, letting me milk the cum out when he finally sat back and told me to clean off his dick. I flipped around and went straight for his cock one more time and tasted a mixture of my ass juices, lube and cum. It tasted great. We made out for a few more minutes and got dressed and left. I slept with his load inside me all night.

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