Sunday, May 24, 2009

Behind my apartment complex

One of the pitfalls of always being horny is that I always don't have a place to fuck. I have two roommates who are straight and I have no idea if they know anything about my sexuality. One is my best friend and is always taking me out to meet I don't know if he is clueless or just hopeful. The other roommate is a nonissue as I don't like him one bit. But back to the story...

I put an ad on Craigslist stating I was a bareback bottom looking for loads. I get a few bites but one reply drew me in more than the others. His name was Seth and he was in his late 20's to early 30's and said he had a friend who wanted to play. I forgot about the rest of the posts once I got pictures of the duo. Seth had dark brown hair, kind of shaggy with a solid, muscular build: construction worker type with a thick piece of meat. He stood about 6'2 with a 7 inch cock. His buddy, who's name I didn't get was leaner than Seth and more rugged looking. He had a hairy chest and defined body. He was a little under 6foot and his cock was almost identical to Seth's except his had a downward curve to it and his crotch was hairless.

We emailed back and forth for about 10 minutes and decided we should fuck but both of my roommates where home. I was ready to call it off when Seth said he knew of my apartment complex and that we could fuck in the wooded area behind one of the buildings. It sounded hot to me and as I am trying to expand my sexual boundaries I gave in. Half an hour later I get a text from Seth and his friend telling me where to go. I walk out my building and pass a few others buildings in the complex to the area he said he would be waiting. Sure enough, behind the furthest building was a wooded area below a small hill. I walk up and find them both there stroking their cocks through their jeans and we get to it right away. I make out with Seth for a second and both smell and taste rum on his breath. That turned me on even more and I go for his crotch to release his cock. Within seconds of me arriving, I am down on my knees deep throating Seth while he friend eggs him on, telling Seth to face fuck me. As Seth grabs the sides of my head I hear his buddy fumbling with is jeans and feel him shuffle next to Seth. I look up and see him stroking his cock and he demands me to suck it. Trying to not disappoint his friend I give him all I got orally. I work the shaft and balls and take him all down my throat in fluid motions and this begins to elicit more dirty talk. I think he called me every name in the book trying to degrade me but only pushed me harder to do the best I could. As I am working on his cock Seth works his way to my ass and begins fingering it for a few seconds. I feel him work in two fingers using spit and precum as lube and then I feel the unmistakable pressure on my asshole. And then I realized this was not the first time they played together. As Seth grabbed my hips and thrust in, his buddy grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat. They worked in unison, working my holes in even strokes putting me in a state of bliss. Seth worked my cunt over really well; slapping my ass, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me deeper onto his cock. His buddy worked my mouth equally as well. Face fucking me and then allowing me to get some air while he slapped his cock on my face. After about 15 minutes they switched places and gave me more of the same though his buddy was more rough. He leaned on my back and thrust in whispering into my ear.
"Take my bare cock!" "You like that, slut?"
I couldn't really reply with words but gave a muffled, "Yes." And then he nibbled on my neck and shoulder and fucked me harder. That drove me crazy and I bucked on his cock in response.
Seth then pulled out of my mouth and laid on the grass and told me to ride him. I had a sense of what was going to happend and gladly lowered my self onto his cock. As I rode his cock, I looked up and saw the lights of the apartment complex not that far away. I knew no one could see us but it was hot knowing that I could see balconies and bedroom windows. As I rode him I heard Seth's friend say "Get ready." He pushed me down onto Seth's chest and Seth wrapped his arms around me, locking me into place and I felt his friends cock invade my hole too. And it felt great. He slipped in with only a little bit of pain and a whole lot of pleasure. He rode my hole with the only purpose to get him and Seth off. Seth was lost in the pleasure bucking his hips up into me and his friend had me by the shoulders plowing my hole, meeting Seth's thrusts. This went on for a few minutes when I heard Seth say he was close. Seth told him to hold on and I felt Seth pick up his pace too. These two knew how to seed a hole nice and good. When Seth said he was close too, they both went at my hole getting ready to seed it. Seth let out the moans and groans first and his friend shortly after. I felt the loads oozing out as their cocks stayed deep in my hole. His buddy began to move first and as soon as he slipped out, I squeezed my hole tight around Seth's cock to keep the cum deep inside. His buddy came around and told me to clean him off which I happily did and then it was Seth's turn. I got off his cock and immediately went for the clean up. His buddy was ready to go just as I finished up on Seth. We got dressed and walked up back the path and went our seperate ways, my hole nice and sloppy.

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  1. Fucking hot. I have had similar scenes behind apartment complexes, sometimes with an audience.