Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot fuck!

It's hard to put this encounter into words as it was like most but the chemistry was amazing. Quite possibly one of the best fucks I've had all year.

I met this guy online, as usual and we exchanged emails, pics and numbers and set something up for later in the day. I showered, cleaned up and was on my way with my new poppers in hand. I arrived at his place and he was in his boxers and we began to make out immediately. We made out for what had to be about 15 minutes all the while disrobing leaving both of us naked except for my red jock. He had some really hot BB porn playing in the back ground but I didn't need it to get excited.

I worked my way down to his nipples and took his cock in my mouth and worked it over really slowly. I sucked on the tip and marveled at the thickness. It wasn't the thickest cock I have ever taken but it is for sure in the top 3. I slobbered on the shaft and worked my way up and down until he was nice and spit-lubed and I took him all the way down my throat; and he loved it. He began to face fuck me and I played with it. I don't know if it was the poppers or what but we were all over each other. He ate my hole as I bent over the couch he ate my hole as I sucked his cock in a 69 until he was ready to fuck my cunt. He spit on his cock and slowly slid in. I thought it was going to hurt a lot but my hole gave way for his cock and he fucked me into a state of bliss over the next half hour until he asked me if I wanted his load and of course I said yes. He grabbed onto my hips and let loose his sperm into my guts and I loved it. He pulled out and I turned around and cleaned him off. I got what was left of his cum down my throat, got up, dressed and left. I hope to hook up again with him soon.

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