Sunday, July 12, 2009

Roadside sex

I usually don't find too many hook-ups off of but I had some luck earlier this week. I ran into his ad and he was interested in plowing my hole in uniform, which worked perfect as I was doing some work out of town on Monday. So I worked out the details with him, we'll call him Toby. He sent some pics and I was impressed. Toby was a tall guy with decent definition to his frame and a nice 7incher to go along with it.

As my lunch hour came closer I texted him to set up the details. I was going to pick him up at his place, drive to a remote area and he would seed my hole, plain and simple.

I arrived at his place and he jumped in. He was dressed for the occasion, gym shorts, flip flops and a tank. As we drove he kept feeling me up telling me how hot it was that he was going to breed a military guy. He then took out his cock as we drove and he got it to full hardness and he had me salivating. I couldn't find a good place so I just decided to pull over on a side road with a good view of any cars that came our way. I then leaned over and took him in my mouth. And he sat back and enjoyed a 10 minute blow job as I worked his shaft and balls as good as I could. He gently peeled me off his cock and motioned to the back seat. I kneeled on the backseat and faced the rear window and dropped my pants to expose my ass. He shimmied toward the back and ate my ass as best as he could in the cramped space. This didn't last too long as I soon left the head of his cock push against my hole. I relaxed as he slid in, my hands braced against the headrests. He placed his chest on my back and began thrusting inside me, opening me up and working his shaft in my hole really good. I knew I could let out moans and yells since it was a pretty private area. So I let out my moans to let him know he was hitting the right spot. We were both working up a sweat but it felt great. He pushed my legs further apart with his knees and leaned back against the center console and pulled me back onto his chest and I rode his cock as best as I could in that strange position but I think it was just right as he announced that he was going to cum in my hole. I rode him harder and faster until he held on tight and let his seed loose in my hole. As soon as he was done he lifted me off his cock and pulled up his shorts. I followed suit shortly after and began the drive back to his place. I dropped him off and he thanked me.

It was a short and sweet fuck and I went back to work with his load in my hole unbeknownst to the the rest of the soldiers around me.

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