Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two fucks - One bad, one pretty interesting

The Bad - It started off as a great time. I met this Italian guy on Craigslist and he said he was down for some hot bareback fun. So I arrive at his house and he answers the door in some sweatpants and a tank top. He had a good body. Nice and solid with some good definition. We began making out right there and he then led me to his bedroom. He stripped his clothes off and I saw a great looking cock. It had to be a little over 8 inches with an average thickness. I knew this was going to be a great fuck, but I was wrong. I sucked him for a little bit and then he wanted to fuck me. He put my legs over his shoulders and slammed into me in one motion. I was breathless but it felt great. He was hitting places that hadn't been touched in a while. We switched positions a few times and then I rode him. He was loving it, playing with my nipples as I jacked my cock. I was just about to cum when he sort of pushed me off his cock to the side of his bed and just laid there. He was motionless for a few seconds and then he started jacking his cock and eventually came all over his stomach. I was pissed. WTF? I got up, got dressed and left. It's not so much that he didn't cum in me it's the fact that I was thrown off his cock and the fucking lasted only about 15 minutes. Maybe I'm just being a whiny bitch but that wasn't my cup of tea, but the next story is. It happened yesterday.

The Good

A friend of mine came home for mid-tour leave from Iraq so I decided to take a little trip to his Army post to hang out with him. As I was getting ready he texted me telling me the plans for the night: dinner with him and his fiance and then we would hit the bars. Then he told me that a friend of his fiances would join us and that he was gay but he hadn't came out to anyone and was trying to hide it but most people knew. I figured if he was good looking I would try to get him to fuck me. I hopped in my car and drove to meet up with my buddy.

I finally got there and started pounding the beers until his fiance got home from work. Details were worked out and we headed out to pick up his fiances gay-but-not-gay friend. We got to his place and he came walking up to the truck and I made up my mind right there that I would somehow get him in me. Mike stood probably just over 5'10 with blond hair cut to fit army regs and from what I could tell he had a nice body. He wasn't a buffed out, gym rat but he had something going on. And he had a pair of tight jeans on that showed off a slight bulge. He got in the truck and flashed a killer smile and off we went.

The night was filled with lots of drinking, mechanical bull riding and dancing. I began to think about Mike and the situation I was in. I haven't come out to many people so I was wondering if my friends knew about me like they knew about Mike. So with the liquid courage going through my veins, I made the very loud announcement,
"I'm gay!"

It was right out of a movie, it seemed as if I made that announcement as the music stopped and heads turned toward our table. I was slightly embarrassed but more relieved that I was able to tell my friends. But I was more concerned with getting at Mike. I figured with that revelation it would give him a way to start a conversation or something. The guys and girls got up to dance leaving me and Mike at the table and he went right into conversation
"So, you're gay, huh?"
"Yep, it seems so."
And we continued to talk as they danced and he confessed that he was bi but leaned more toward men. It seemed to open up avenues of conversation and he asked what kind of guys I like and I said, "Guy like you." He flashed his killer smile again and said, "You aren't so bad looking either. So, what are two guys to do?" And then I knew he would fuck me that night. I don't know too many of the details as we continued to drink more and more but I remember him rubbing my leg under the table a few times and grabbing my crotch in the cab home. Mike told my buddy he would just crash at his place so the cab wouldn't have to make two stops. Everyone had rooms except me and Mike so we were told we would have to sleep in the living room. I remember all the lights going out and feeling Mike next to me on the couch. One thing led to another and he was fucking me missionary style on the couch as quiet as he could. He leaned down and whispered, "I am going to cum inside you." He then shot is load in me as we made out a little. He pulled out and went back to his sleeping bag on the floor and went to sleep and I slept with his load in me.

I woke up with a huge headache and then it dawned on me that Mike actually did fuck me. I was the only one up and decided that I should head out. I jumped in the shower and cleaned up. I got out of the shower and went to tell my buddy that I was leaving and when I returned, Mike was awake, sitting on the couch and he had my cell phone.

"I'm just putting my number in here since you have to call me to ask me to go to the lake this weekend for the 4th of July."

I was dumbfounded. Part of me was torn. I don't do the relationship thing but he obviously wanted to hang out. I decided to just go with it and see what happens. As it turns out we have been texting each other all day and he is coming to the lake with me this weekend. If it isn't love at least I'll get one more fuck out of it but I'll attempt to be sober so I can give you guys better details.

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