Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July is brought in with a bang

I finally have a few minutes to write about my very eventful 4th of July.

I went out the night before to celebrate my friends birthday and wasn't in too festive of a mood on the morning of the 4th, but I sucked it up and went about my planned routine. I posted an ad stating I was looking for a few tops to breed my hole that night while my roommates/friends where out on the town. I left the ad to it's own devices and headed to a bbq and pool party.

The whole time I couldn't think of anything more than who had responded to my ad. I finally got home and immediately jumped online and checked my email and received a fair amount of replies. I sifted through them and found some very promising ones but decided on one that got my attention quick.

"Hey stud, me and some of my friends are looking for a hole to breed tonight as part of our 4th of July celebrations. Attached is a pic, the other 3 guys are pretty similar to me, all total tops. Get back at me so we can get this going."

Attached was a pic of a leather daddy type. He had a hairy chest full of thick black curls, a half harness and a solid 7inch cock with a silver cock ring at it's base. I thought if the rest of the guys looked like him I would be just fine with having my hole used and abused. I quickly responded and set things up. I showered and cleanup in record time and was quickly on my way.

I arrived at the house but gave a quick call to make sure it was the right one and was told to go to the side gate, into the back yard and strip by the door. I got nervous and hard at the same time and did as I was told. By now, I think most of you realize that I get turned on by being dominated. I strip at the back door, leaving only my jock and step inside.

"In here boy." Is all I hear coming from what I think is the living room. I step in and see 4 leather daddy/bear type guys sitting on a long couch, stroking their cocks as they watch a porn, I'm thinking it was a Treasure Island Media flick as I recognized some of my jack off material. I was in awe. I recognized Guy1, who emailed me and he was right, the rest looked pretty much like him. Guy2 was larger and less hairy with what looked like a 6.5cut cock, Guy3 was pretty much like Guy1 with a 8inch uncut cock and Guy4 looked the meanest of them all. He had a gut, but one of those muscular guts and a black mustache and stroked a 7inch cut cock. I didn't know who to go to first until Guy1 told me to get on my knees and crawl to his cock. Let the games begin!

I sucked down Guy1 and got him nice and slippery as he sat on the couch and enjoyed my deep throating. He sat between 2 and 4 and I jacked them as I sucked 1. I think since 3 felt left out he got down and ate my ass which caused me to gobble down 1's dick and he began face fucking me. 3 was lapping at my hole and poking a finger in every now and then until he had one in and was pistoning it in and out.

"More!" was all I could say and I felt him begin to work more fingers in my hole. I got off 1's dick and went to 4 and he spared no time in taking control of my throat. He had me in kind of a choke hold and forced his cock down my throat even as tears began to form in my eyes. And then I felt a cock prod at my hole. I wasn't sure right away who it was as 4 wouldn't relent on his vice grip on my throat and neck, but whoever was fucking me was doing a great job. He had his hand on my lower back, pushing me down and he lets his balls slap against my cheecks as I tried to push back to meet his strokes.

4 finally let me loose and I took that chance to look back to see 1 fucking me. Damn, this guy knows how to fuck, I thought. I then went back and worked over 2's cock. For the next hour or so, the 4some took turns plowing my hole, holding off on cumming. At this point I didn't care how long they fucked me as long as I got their loads in my waiting hole. 2 and 3 were taking a break as 4 fucked me. True to form, all night, he was aggressive as all hell. Slapping, biting, punching; total dominance of my entire body. He wrapped his hands around my throat and began choking me and coming to my ear to whisper,

"I'm going to seed your hole tonight. You ever taken poz cum?"

My eyes widened and I began to work my hole around his cock, trying to get more into me.

"I'll take that as a yes!" And 4 gave a weird laugh. He withdrew, slapped my ass and told me to ride him. I turned around and sat on his cock and began working over his nipples.

"Scoot up." I looked back and 1 had his dick in his hand and it was obvious what he wanted to do. I lowered myself onto 4 to get chest to chest to make room for 1. I braced myself for the pain and it came shortly afterward but was gone just as soon. 1 grabbed my shoulders and began laying pipe. He rode my hole hard as 4 thrust up inside me. I tried as hard as I could to clench my hole but it was hard as one cock was pushing up and the other pulling down, but I gave it my best. 1 then grabbed my hair and announced he was going to cum. I didn't really feel anything because 4 picked up his pace and began fucking me harder as 1 slipped out of me. 4 then rocked up and over and I was on my back as he gave me a true fucking. I was on my back as he held my legs wide and plowed my hole.

"Here comes my seed. Take it all!" And he gave a few weird thrusts and collapsed on top of me. 1 then came and kneeled next to me and told me to clean him off. I gladly did. 4 did the same as one left my mouth, but he was gentler this time. Cupping my chin in his hands as I licked the mix of cums and ass juice off his cock.

"Good boy. You got a nice hole." I thought I would take a break but 2 and 3 jumped up and stated it was their turn. They double fucked me in the same fashion as 1 and 4 but it was less intense and lasted longer. Though neither one came in that position. 2 fucked me doggy style as 3 stroked his cock and 2 tensed up, gripped my shoulders and annouced he was cumming in my hole. He stayed in me quite a while and slowly worked his cock in and out, mixing the 3 loads. He pulled out and I clenched down to keep all the loads in me. I cleaned off his cock too as 3 took his turn on my hole. He didn't last as long as the others and I was enjoying the taste of 2's cock, 3 unleashed in my hole but he kept his pace up. He fucked me more then stopped, saying he didn't think he would be able to cum a 2nd time. So I whipped around and cleaned off his cock too. It was a great suck and fuck session. I went back outside and grabbed my clothes and thanked my host and exchanged phone numbers. I hope to do it again soon.

I tried as hard as I could to keep those loads in me all night but it was just too much cum. I scooped out quite a bit and tasted it and it had a sweet-tangyish taste to it.

I am moving into my own place soon so I won't have to worry about roommates so my load count should go up quite a bit over the next few months.

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