Monday, August 3, 2009

Anonymous load

I had a fairly busy day yesterday and decided that I would forward my emails to my phone so I could correspond with contacts throughout the day. I went for a run, fixed a few things around my place, made dinner and vegged out and relaxed. It was around 11pm when I lay down to get some rest when my cell phone chimed to inform me I had received an email. I was, at first, pissed that I forgot to turn off the forwarding system because I didn't want to hear that chime all night.

So I decided to check it before I went to bed and it turned out it was from a guy I had been talking to on MH for about two weeks. We had never met but exchanged some pretty hot emails and a few pics. Earlier in the week he had wanted me to go to his place so he could work over my hole with his array of toys and shoot his poz load in my hole but our schedules never got in sync.

In the email he asked if I wanted to head over for some play but I couldn't but offered him a different idea. I said I would be in bed, in my jock with the door unlocked and he could come in, no talking or anything, drop his pants, fuck me and then shoot his poz load deep in my cunt. As I thought, this excited him and he agreed. I cleaned up and told him to head over.

He got to my place and I opened the gate via my phone and jumped in bed and waited. A few seconds later I heard the door open and close and heard footsteps making it to my bedroom. All I then heard was, "Fuck yeah."

From the rustle of his clothing I was guessing he had gotten completely naked. I heard him jacking his cock to get it hard and saw his hand reach to the lube and poppers I kept at my bedside. Within seconds his cock was lubed and he was inside, working his poz cock in and out of my hole, holding the poppers under my nose to send me over the edge. He got my ass going as I squirmed and bucked to meet his strokes and every now and then I reached back to pull him deeper inside of me.

This went on for about 15 minutes and he said he was getting close. I worked my ass muscles the best I could around his cock and that sent him over and he pushed me down with one hand and grabbed my shoulder with the other and shot his poz load deep inside my cunt. I milked him as best I could and collapsed on the bed, panting as I heard him get dressed and leave.

I got up, locked the door, turned off the light and slept with his poz cum in my cunt all night.

I this morning with an email: "Hot time last night. You milked my cock like a champ. Can't wait until next time."

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