Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tag Teamed

It has been a very busy past two weeks. I have been working 7 days a week and will continue to do so until the end of October. But regardless of my work schedule, I found time to set up a three-some with me being the only bottom. It was with two brand new tops who I never hooked up with before so it was a good experience. Top1 and Top2 were two friends visiting from out of town who I messaged on Craigslist. They were of the bear-daddyish type and they had my mouth watering. Each had a cock that was 7inches and fairly thick. Top1 was cut while Top2 was uncut. We exchanged emails and pics and told me to head over. I took a little extra time to clean up and was knocking on their hotel room door about an hour later.

Top2 greeted me and I walked in to find Top1 on the bed, naked and jacking his cock. Without even stripping down I was on the bed taking his hard cock in my mouth. I worked his cock over as Top2 came from behind and pulled down my gym shorts to expose my jockstrapped ass. I sucked on Top1 as Top2 ate my ass. It was a hot chain we had going on with Top1 and Top2 changes places getting my hole lubed with their spit.

It had been a while since my last 3some so I enjoyed sucking on their cocks as long as possible. I told them to lay next to eachother so I could go back and forth between the two as they played with their nipples. I went from deepthroating Top1 to taking Top2 down my throat in one swift swallow.

I had satisfied my appetite so I got off of Top2 and straddled the other and lowered myself on Top1 very slowly. I wanted to feel as much of his cock as possible and closed my eyes and felt him as he entered me. The head was at my cunt's opening and I pushed down just a little harder and he popped in. I looked around and found some poppers on the night stand and told Top2 to help me out. I had him douse some poppers on a cloth and hold it over my face and push me down on his friends cock at the same time. Top2 held the cloth hard against my face and at the same time Top1 thrusted up and Top2 pushed me down. I was in pain but was in my element. Top2 let go of me and began to finger my hole as Top1 had his cock slide in and out of me.

"You want both our cock's inside you, boy?"

"Yes sir. Double fuck me."

Top2 was behind me in a flash and was inside me even faster. Taking a cue from earlier, he held the cloth over my face and shoved his cock inside my aching hole in one, hard, punishing motion. I screamed out and he took the chance to shove the cloth in my mouth.

I didn't put up any fight at all as this is what I wanted. It was hard to work my hole around the two cocks as they stretched my hole in every direction, but I tried. I bucked up and down, getting lost in the fuck until Top1 said he was going to cum.

"Take my load."

I pushed myself down as far as I could on his cock and waited for his load. Top2 picked up the pace as Top1 let loose. Top2 was still pounding away when Top1 squirmed out from underneath and had me clean off his cock as Top2 let me know he was getting close.

So, within 3 minutes I had two loads in my hole and was cleaning off two cummy cocks. I quickly got dressed as I had to get home and rest for work.

I've been talking to two POZ guys and will hopefully be taking their loads sometime soon. I'll keep ya'll posted.

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