Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4 hour Tag Team session.

I received some feed back from Dan (Matt and Dan's Sexual Adventures) about posting on the gang bang I had a while back. I had every full intention of writing about it but I sit here now, just getting home from 4 hour tag team session, and what do I have to show for it: 5 loads in my hole, bite marks, newly forming bruises, scratches, red wrists from being restrained and a VERY sore asshole. So, all in all, it was a GREAT 4 hours.

I friend of mine came into town to visit and as me, him, his fiance, my best friend and his girl were eating lunch I received a text from a hot fuck bud of mine, SC.

"Can you cum over now? I have a friend who wants to play!"

It was not the most opportune time to head over and get fucked as I was eating with some friends. I texted him back saying later if he was free. He replied that he would be free around 9pm and to head over then. I agreed as it gave me 8 hours hang out with my friends.

8:30 rolled around and I jumped in the shower to clean up as he always compliments me on how clean and welcoming my hole always is. I head on over and in no time I'm at SC's place. He answers the door naked and ushers me in where I see his friend standing in the living room, who was clothed from the waist down but seeing them two standing there got me hornier than all hell. SC is a muscled out, punk rock dude with tons of tats covering both arms and a few on his back and stomach. Even with the stomach tats he has a very defined 8pack that drives me crazy. And swinging between his legs is a 7 inch, cut cock that has worked my hole over really well in the past. His Friend is no slouch in the looks department either. He has a slightly hairy chest with great definition and really hot nipples and I'll found out later that his cock is just barely smaller than SC's but it is uncut with a great hood to cover the head. We get straight to business as SC knows I love it rough, hard and raw. He starts barking orders for me to suck his Friend's cock which I gladly do. Though his friend wasn't feeling the "dom" vibe at first but quickly learned to abuse me just as well as SC was. I sucked him good and hard, with SC telling me to "work for that cock, show this guy how big of a cock whore you are." I get him hard, working my tongue under his foreskin, making him buck his hips. I was horny as fuck and was ready for a good ride so I released my self and straddled his cock and lowered myself on it with only my lube as spit and did he love it. He fucked me hard in that position, thrusting his cock deep in my hole as I lowered myself onto it each time. SC then stood on the bed and skull fucked me as Friend plowed my hole: Load #1 was in my hole in about 15 minutes from walking in the door. Friend grabbed my hips and held my down on his cock as he unloaded. I let him stay in me for just a little bit before I decided to get off and clean it up with my mouth.

As I was sucking, noticing him getting harder, SC entered me. He sort of pivoted me around to the side of Friend and had me flat on the bed. He placed one arm at my throat and the other on my neck and slowly choked me as he pumped my hole. I was lost in the moment, just barely hearing words "Cunt, whore, cum slut" and a few others but I took his cock like a champ. I knew he was getting close because his arms clamped harder down. I was having just a little trouble breathing but not enough to cause any alarm. He then removed his arms and planted both hands on my head and shoved it into the pillow as he gave me load #2.

"TAKE IT YOU FUCKING WHORE!" He yelled pretty loud and then he spit on me. He grabbed me by the hair and put my mouth on his cock and made me clean him off. SC then wanted to get a little more physical. He was hard again in record time and had me ride him. As I rode him, he started just lightly jabbing me in the chest with his fist. I sort of knew I had the upper hand as I was on top riding him, so I placed one hand on his throat and squeezed and the other I gently slapped him. The harder he punched me, the harder I slapped him. We were going wild. I love nothing more than hot, raw, abusive sex. So we went at that for a while as his cock was buried deep in my hole then Friend stepped behind me and began to enter me too. At that point I just gave up and let SC do whatever he wanted to me. SC told Friend to grab my arms and put them behind my back. So there I was, my legs locked between theirs and Friend had my arms held behind my back as I had two raw dicks in my hole. So I said the only thing that I could think of:

"I want both of your loads in me."
"Yeah?" SC said.
Then whack, he slapped the hell out of me and I couldn't do anything as I was pretty much immobile.
"Yes, sir."
"That's more like it you fucking cock whore. Squeeze your hole and let us know how much you want it."

I flexed and clenched my hole like it was going out of style and did everything I could to get those loads in me. Friend eventually let go of my arms and placed his hands on my hips and rocked me back and forth on the two cocks inside me. At this point I had lost track of time, simply being lost in the fuck. Friend announced first that he was about to cum and SC asked him to hold off for just a few seconds so he could get close and SC then pumped his hips harder and faster and with in moments my guts were juiced with two more warm loads.

We disassembled and SC order me to 69 with Friend so he could taste my freshly loaded hole and so I could clean off his cock. As I did this, SC got up and left the room for just a few minutes but then came back with leather restraints. I got off Friend's cock to get a better look when I was rewarded with a back handed slap on my cheek.

"Keep sucking his cock, boy. Put your hands out in front of you."

I did as I was told and felt the thick leather envelop my wrists and heard a click as he locked them in place. I tested them to see if they were sturdy and sure enough, they were. SC was serious about me not moving my arms. He then told Friend to roll me off of him and I rolled across the bed, face down and SC secured my wrist restraints to the metal frame of his bed. As I laid ass up, Friend said he was done and needed a break. SC, always the gracious host, did not object and told him sit back and enjoy the show.

And what a show it must have been. From somewhere SC pulled out a leather flog and began working my back, legs and ass over. He didn't wail on me, but just hard enough to make me wince every time. I'm not sure how long he did this but after a while it felt good. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Friend jacking his cock and then SC got up on the bed and told me to bite down on the handle of the flog, which acted like a gag. He then entered my hole and used every bit of the metal bed frame as leverage to get deeper and deeper into my hole. He rode me good and hard and then told Friend to come over and finger my hole as he fucked me. I felt a slight pressure of one finger enter me along with SC's cock then the pressure built as SC egged him on to add another and another. Eventually I had four of Friend's fingers in my hole along with SC's cock. I was in slight pain but it felt great.

"Yeah man, jack my cock inside his hole."

I did the best I could to buck my ass to meet their strokes. At this point all of us are dripping with sweat and I can hear Friend jacking his cock with his free hand and out of nowhere I get that feeling and I had a no hands cum and shot a huge load into my jock. My orgasm caused me clench down on SC's cock even more and that put him over the edge, giving me the 5th load of the evening. He collapsed on top of me and Friend removed his fingers. One last time, SC worked his way up to my mouth and forced me onto his cock to clean it off.

He then let loose the restraints, tousled my hair and began one of the most sensual make out sessions I had ever been a part of. Our mouths met and it was like we had become one. It's hard to explain but there was a pure connection when we kissed unlike any other I have ever felt.

I got up to get dressed and noticed that I had been there for 4 hours and had my entire body worked over like never before. One of the best fucks I have ever had, period. I'll be seeing him again once my hole feels better.

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