Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Freshly fucked - 11:40pm

I just took one of the biggest cocks in my history of fucking. As I stated earlier, I had put off getting fucked due to the extremely rough fucking I got two weeks ago. But as I went through my daily training here my hole eventually felt 200% better and decided to jump back into my old, cum-whore ways.

Before I even left to come to this military training, I put an ad out and got quite a few responses but I had no doubts I wanted the 10-incher that just fucked me first.
I got a few pictures from Big Dick but they didn't seem to do it justice. I was hesitant at first that he was maybe lying about his endowment but decided that I would give it a go and see what the deal was.

Big Dick and I texted back and forth over the past few days and he decided he would get a motel room and leave a key for at the front desk. So after work today I went to my hotel room, cleaned up and headed to the designated motel. There was no problem getting the key. I immediately stripped down and put on my red jockstrap and lounged around for a few hours. It was only 5pm and he wouldn't be free until 11pm. So I jumped on line, looked at porn and finally decided to get a little bit of sleep.

10:50pm came around and he said he was on his way. So I began to get ready. I placed a pillow underneath my hips and put a blindfold on. A few minutes later I hear the key card enter the door and it opens. All I hear is a "Fuck yeah!" and the rustle of clothing. Big Dick then goes straight for my hole and begins eating me out. Every now and then he gives a nibble and puts me in the zone. He goes at this for about 10 minutes all the while getting off my hole and giving a good hard slap to my ass as he says, "Just so you know who is in charge."

He then climbs up on me and whispers in my ear, "I'm going to fuck you down good and hard!"
He then removes the blindfold and slides it down to my mouth and tightens it, making a gag, grinding his cock into my crack, making me moan for it. He takes off the gag and tells me to suck his dick. I turn around and I take him in for the first time. Big Dick is a big black man about 6'3, 250, solid, muscular build with nipple piercings, shaved head and a huge, huge cock. He was indeed not lying about his cock size.

I pride myself on being an extremely good cock sucker, always able to deep throat any and all cocks but I knew this was going to be a challenge. I did the best I could. I licked up and down the sides first to get it good and slick and began working the head. He didn't face fuck me like I thought he would which made me happy because I probably would have choked to death. I gradually worked my way down his cock, minutes at a time; hearing him moan in pleasure. After about 10 minutes I knew I was getting close to taking him fully down my throat. I knew the time was coming and as I lifted off his cock, working the head, I relaxed my throat and took him fully down my throat. He sat up, just a little bit and said "Fuck yeah man, work that cock." I deep throated him for a few more minutes before he took me off his cock and said he wanted my ass. He laid back on the bed and told me to ride him. I grabbed the lube, slicked up his cock and my hole and began to lower myself onto his cock. I was nervous at first since the last time I got fucked I was sore for two weeks. I felt the pressure on my hole and stopped. I told him to fucked me on my stomach. In one fluid motion he flipped me over, lubed up my hole some more and began pushing inside of me. It felt great and and horrible all at the same time. He took it slow and let me get used to it, all the while biting my neck and ear slowly pushing deeper and deeper.

After what seemed like an hour he was balls deep in my hole and began working me good. He made me moan louder than I had ever moaned before and I wouldn't be surprised if I woke the people next door. Over the next hour he fucked me in every position. Eventually I rode him and that was the hottest position. There was a mirror right in front of the bed and he made me look as his cock slid in and out of my hole. By this time all the pain and stopped and it was all pleasure. I pulled him up to a sitting position and wrapped my legs around his waist and rode him that way for a little while longer. He scooted to the edge of the bed and told me to hold on tighter. I had an idea of what he was going to do but it took me by surprise. He lifted me up, legs and arms wrapped around him and walked over to the door, cock buried deep inside me and fucked me against the door standing up. He was able to sort of thrust me off his cock and let gravity do the rest, getting deeper than before. At this point, sweat was pouring off of both of us, my jock soaked in pre-cum, lube and sweat and I knew he was close. He put me back on the bed, face down and entered me swiftly. He laid on top of me and began thrusting harder, making my eyes flutter and he then announced he was going to cum. And instead of it being a loud, shattering orgasm, it was quite tame. He pushed me down and and let loose his load in my hole. He stayed inside me for about 5 minutes before getting soft. He quickly cleaned up and told me I could stay in the room if I wanted and said we would do it again in two days.

So I'm sitting here with a nice warm load in my hole, which is slightly sore and can't wait for the next time. Big Dick said he has an 8inch white buddy who is interested in a 3some. I hope it works out.

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