Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1st Known POZ load

As the title states, this blog post is about the first known poz load I took.

It occur ed about a year ago when I was on active duty and stationed in a different state. I logged on to gay.com and began chatting with a few people with hopes to find a future fuck buddy. A few minutes into some conversations I got a message request from this guy who's only picture was of his bare torso and it was enough to get my interest. What I saw was a muscular, smooth torso that had all the muscles in the right place. We began chatting and soon the conversation turned to sex and I let him, Steve, know that I was into bareback fucking and that is when he told me he was poz.

At this point in my life I had never knowingly taken a poz load and his revelation turned me on. Something inside me stirred and I replied with, "It's cool, we can still fuck bareback." We emailed pics back and forth and I knew he was going to be a good fuck. Steve was in his mid 30's and smooth all over with a fantastic build. He had a swimmers body but with more muscle and his cock looked amazing. It was a solid 8incher with an average thickness, maybe a little thicker than most but not by much. He had me hooked.

We emailed back and forth for about two weeks before I finally got the courage to finally take his load. I cleaned up and put on my jock, gym shorts and a zip-up hoodie and drove over to Steve's place. I rang his apartment and he buzzed me up. He opened the door wearing only a pair of worn jeans and welcomed me in and I immediately noticed the odor of marijuana. He noticed and said he is allowed to grow medicinally and offered me a joint which I gladly accepted to help me relax.

After about half an hour of smoking he grabbed me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. As we walked I noticed he had a nice home gym set up in one of his rooms. (I smile at this now because I got quite the workout on his bench a few sessions later). We got to his room and his inner animal came out. He began to maul me and stripped me of my clothes in a matter of seconds all the while kissing, biting and nibbling my neck and face. At this point I let him take control as that is what I prefer. He had me completely naked except for my jock and pushed down on my shoulders. I got the hint. Before my knees hit the ground his pants were down and he was at full attention, his cock just grazing my face. I wanted him to know that I wanted it bad so I deep throated him in one quick motion and he began to fuck my face. He grabbed the side of my head and forced his cock down my throat over and over. Spit and drool began to leak out of my mouth as he used my throat.

In my sexual experience there are cocks that seem to be made for my throat and ass and Steve's cock was made for both. The shape, size and curvature made him great to deep throat. Just the right amount of gagging and swallowing. He was down my throat for a good twenty minutes before he lifted me up and put me on the edge of the bed on my back. He lowered himself and kissed me again. As Steve was kissing me he reached to his bedside and got some lube and lubed up his cock and my hole as his tongue explored my mouth. I wrapped my arms and legs around him began to make out fiercely, feeling his hardness against my hole.

"You still want my bare cock?"
"Fuck yeah, give it to me!" I moaned as I released myself and pulled my legs to my chest to give him full access to my hole. With one hand he grabbed and ankle and with the other he guided his lubed fuck me into my now slick hole. He entered me in one fluid motion; not too fast or hard, but with just enough force to make it feel good. My back arched, I closed my eyes and let out one of the most guttural moans that I can remember. I was loving it, knowing I had a bare, poz cock up my hole and at that moment I gave myself to him. He had warned me earlier that it took him a while to cum and that he could fuck for hours. I ran my hands over his body, noticing that he didn't have that "wasted" look that some poz people have. He was thin but the fact that he worked out on a constant basis made up for it.

Steve fucked me for almost 2 and a half hours. And he fucked me in every position I could have imagined. Toward the end he had me kneel on his couch backwards to expose my hole to him. He slid in and put on leg on the arm of the couch and with the other he placed right next to my rib cage and grabbed the back of the sofa and fucked me hard. He used the couch as leverage and fucked screams and moans out of me. I reached down and began jacking my cock, noticing the huge amount of pre-cum that had soaked through the cloth of my jock. He noticed my jacking and smacked my hand away and switched positions. He sat on the couch and had me ride him with my back to on his chest. I leaned back and let him thrust in and out of me. My hands reached back to grab his neck and he began to jack my cock. It only took a few strokes before he had me cumming volley after volley. Steve scooped up most of it, pushed me flat onto the ground and smeared my hole with my own cum. He climbed on top and again picked up where he left off, pumping and thrusting my hole. This entire time the dirty talk was flying left and right.

"You're going to get my poz load, you cum slut."
"Yes sir, load me up with your seed."
"You fucking whore, your cunt is mine."
"All yours, however you want to take it."

By this time my throat and ass were getting sore but I didn't want him to stop. I wanted him to stay in me for a few more hours but I knew it wouldn't happen. So I began to work my hole around his dick, flexing and squeezing at the right moments, milking his cock and gripping him with all my strength. This got him going.
"You're going to make me cum baby. You want my load?"
"Yes sir, give it to me. I want it bad."

With that he put both hands on my shoulders and began to thrust harder into me. With long strokes he exited all the way and dropped back into me making me yell out even more.

"Here it cums, whore!"

And with that he let out a low scream and let loose is poz load. I felt his cock twitch inside my hole as he thrust his cock and I bucked my ass to meet his thrusts. All the while I was gripping his cock, trying to milk all that poz cum out of him that I could. Steve finally collapsed on top of me and stay there for a few seconds before sliding out of me leaving me feeling empty, sore and juicy. He dove down and began to eat my hole which felt great. Then I felt a slight sucking and realized that he wanted his cum out of my hole. I obliged and let the cum flow from my hole into his waiting mouth. He then came back up to my face and shared his cum with me, forcing it from his mouth into mine. Back and forth it went, with bits of it oozing out the sides of our mouths mixed with saliva until I swallowed most of it.

He gently slapped my ass and began to get dressed. I did the same and thanked him for the hot time. After that we became regular fuck buddies and I actually plan to visit some friends in his city and he has already said I could crash at his place. The funny thing is, that after taking his poz loads I never caught "it". The last time we fucked about 10 months ago and I've been tested a few times since. So as of a few weeks ago, I am still neg.


  1. Lucky you. It sounds like he is a very hot fuck. If, like me, he is on meds and his viral load is undetectable, your risk is not zero but it is not high. I base that on a couple of studies I read in the last year.