Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sorry for the interruption

I know I was going to write about my few hours at the book stores on Monday but I just had a pretty intense fuck from a new top, the two loads he shot in my hole are still in me. So, I'll get back to the book store fucks some other day but for now here is the story of the new top who fucked me not even an hour ago.

I've been trying to get with this guy for months now. He responded to a craigslist ad I posted a long time ago and we've been playing email tag ever since. He is an older guy, early 40's maybe with a solid, muscle build. He sent me numerous pics of his cock and body and I've wanted to take a ride on it ever since.

I emailed him when I got back from my little road trip with hopes that I would get lucky and find a chance to get his cock in me. I emailed him and nothing worked out, until today. I got back from the gym and checked my email and it was simple,
"I'm working from home today if you want to stop by and get fucked."


I replied back that I would be there at 1pm and quickly jumped in the shower to get ready. I put his address into my GPS and was on my way. When I got to his street I couldn't see any house numbers so I drove down the block and parked and gave him a call. About twenty feet in front of me I see a guy walk out of his garage, answering his phone and I realize that that is him. I tell him I am on my way and I pull forward into his driveway. When I stepped out of my car, I swear that my asshole must have twitched because this guy was a serious stud. He was standing there in a blue tank top and khaki shorts. He stood about 6'2 and must have weighed about 215lbs, solid muscle. He lifted his shirt to wipe is brow and exposed his tight stomach. I wanted to go down on him right there in his front yard.

We made small talk as we walked into his house, which was quite nice. Though I think he was in the process of remodeling, but that's besides the point. We walk down the hall into his bedroom. It's a big room with a king sized bed and a chair at the foot of the bed facing a mirror. I only have a few seconds to look around when he grabs me and starts making out with me pretty hard. I was taken by surprise but just go with it. We are feeling each other up through our clothes, getting lost in the make out session. He turns me around and grabs me by the chin and makes out with me from behind. One hand on my neck and the other hand pulling down my gym shorts, exposing my red jockstrap. I kick out of my shorts and he lifts me shirt off of me and continues to grind into my waiting hole.

He then sits down in the chair and tells me to suck his cock. He helps me lower his shorts and he pulls off his tank top. I slowly take is cock in my mouth and feel it getting bigger. I suck on it for a few seconds before I release to see it at it's full size. He was about 7-7.5cut and THICK, probably a little smaller than the width of a beer can. I feel myself smiling as I go back down on his cock, getting him hornier and hornier. All the while I'm on his cock he is calling me "boy".

"That's it boy, that feels good."

I continue for a few more minutes before he gets up and says to get on the bed where we continue to make out a little more. I straddle him, feeling his hard cock beneath me as I kiss him, long and hard. He tells me to get back to sucking his cock, which I do with question. I'm in heaven, sucking on his cock and pinching his nipples at the same time.

He scoots up and tells me to lay flat on the bed as he gets behind me and begins eating my hole like it has never been eaten before. I'm moaning like a bitch in heat, squirming my ass in his face, begging for more and more. I'm clutching the mattress so hard my knuckles are going white as he devours my hole. I then hear and feel him spit huge gobs of spit into my hole and my hole gladly takes it. He spits some more onto my hole and he spits again but on his cock as I didn't feel anything hit me. He then pushes me deeper into his bed, pushing my legs together as he enters me in one smooth motion using only his spit as lube. I cry out in pleasure and he shoves his fingers in my mouth and tells me to suck on them. I do.

He started off slow. Easing in and out in smooth strokes. But it wasn't until I began rocking back to meet his strokes that his rhythm changed. He slapped my ass and said,
"Stay still boy. Your ass is mine and I'll make it move if I want it to move."
He then put one hand over my mouth and the other over my eyes and drilled me deep and hard. I'm trying to scream out in ecstasy but my cries are muffled by his hand. He then lets go and pushes the side of my head into the mattress while the other is holding my neck and he begins to pump faster and harder. At this point I'm begging for it, telling him to give me his load.

"Don't worry boy, you're going to get it." And then he puts both hands on my shoulder and shoves me down and pumps into my hole and tells me he is giving me his load. I egg him on, telling him to seed my hole with is cum all the while clenching my hole around his cock like a vice grip, not letting a single drop of cum go to waste.

"That's a good boy, milk my cock." And I do, we work in sync as he withdraws I wrap my cunt around his meat and squeeze, getting it all deep inside me. He lays on top of me gently thrusting in and out of me. He asks if I want another load.

"Fuck yeah, sir. Load me up, please."

He then gets back into rhythm and goes crazy on my hole. He hooks his arms under my arm pits and over my shoulder and fucks the living hell out me. I get lost in a series of curse words and phrases until he lets me know that he is giving me load #2. And same as before I milk him dry, not letting it go to waste. He lays on top of me again but for about 5 minutes this time, going soft in my hole until he pops out gently. He gets up and grabs a towel so we can clean up. We get dressed and promise to meet again and he shows me out. As I step out his door, he grabs me one more time and kisses me hard and slaps my ass. Quite possibly, one of the best fucks I've had as of late.

I will try to get my bookstore breeding story up here before I leave on saturday, if not you will have to wait as I will be gone for 3 weeks for more military training.

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