Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hot vid even though the top is wrapped up.

Though the top is wearing a condom, he seems to know how to work an ass over. It seems that all I have done for the past few days is look at porn as my supply of tops is very limited here. Though training is going great, I am becoming sexually frustrated. I lost my virginity at a young age compared to most (19) but it seems that even from that time I mainly barebacked. Very few times have I been fucked or fucked wearing a condom. So, sitting in this hotel room with nothing to do really except watch porn and go to the gym, I've been thinking about my past fucks.

My very first fuck was raw and he fucked me multiple times and dumped multiple loads in my hole over a two day period. We met online and he flew down from Seattle to meet me here in Texas. We traded pics before hand and I didn't really know what to expect. I just knew that he liked me and wanted to fuck me. So he, Scott, arrived at his hotel and told me to head over.

So as soon as I got off work I headed for his hotel. I gently knocked on his door sort of hoping he wouldn't hear and I could simply leave but he heard and invited me in. I took in the sight of what would be my first fuck and began to wonder if I had taken up the many chances to have had my hole fucked over the past few years if it would make this experience different. I had many chances prior to that night to have lost my virginity but didn't follow through. But once I had my head cleared by a few beers I knew I wanted Scott. He was a firefighter up in Seattle and he had a great body. He was dressed in gym shorts and a tank top and it showed off his muscles. As we got to drinking more and more he took off his tank top and I think I might have actually have drooled.

He had no hair on his body whatsoever and he was sculpted. He had a very defined chest, arms and abs. He had that sexy V-shaped torso and to top it all off he was a red head. So instantly I wanted to know if the carpet matched the drapes. Yeah, I was a slightly moronic teenager but I was horny as hell. I don't remember all the details but I do remember him telling me that, once I was naked, he was going to abuse my virgin hole and give me his loads. I didn't really know what barebacking was but he said he was going to plow me raw. And he did.

I remember various positions ranging from A - Z and he fucked me good. He even made me give him road head as we drove to get food that next morning. The weekend was filled with sex, booze and the occasional need to eat something other than ass or cock.

He left early in the morning two days later and as I stepped out of his rental truck and onto my lawn I remember being really sore and hoped that my roommates didn't see me because all I wanted to do was nap and take a seat in our hot tub.

We kept in touch and he flew down and fucked me a few more times and he introduced me to one of my favorite fuck buds who also happened to be part of a threesome where I had my ass double fucked for the first time.

Until I get out of this place, which will be in about a week, I'll post stories from my past fucks that left an impression. And as soon as I get some new loads in me I'll make sure to let you guys know. I already have a fuck session planned with a regular of mine who, as he says, is going to "annihilate my hole." I sure hope he does.

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